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  1. <Question> More and more small and medium size clans are trying out the game and leaving because the game currently has systems that force you in to large clans and alliances. Do you have any plans in the game (not outside of the game like battle royals) to break up massive zergs or to add content for small/med size clans?
  2. Yes, they do need to do something for stealthers I agree, but they need to be totally reworked.
  3. The game player base isn't going to grow anywhere as zergy as it is. When it's so zergy that even players in zergs are saying it's not fun...that's not good. I mean, you have groups of 15 people running into villages to see if they can find 2 people grinding, wtf?
  4. Absolutely, right now specifically assassin, what a waste of a class, it's just a troll class that does very little. I remember when I was in death one of the guys said, "dude, you are an assassin, friends don't let friends play assassins." I laughed, but poorly made dergs he was right man. unless you are just wanting to be a jerk for hours and do nothing, its silly
  5. That's actually pretty cool, and maybe have perks that smaller guilds could get that allow extra defense and damage against larger groups, thats really cool actually
  6. No, you can't stop people from joining together, but when game...actually i'll copy and paste exactly what I said as I covered this: "Before anyone says it, I know people can still have siege pacts, etc, but if the game mentality changes many players will as well. Allowing so many numbers in clan and alliance makes others feel as they they have to do it to compete. " So yes it'll still happen, but at least they will suffer friendly fire and it changes the feeling that you have to do it. There are zergs out there right now that feel like they have to do it even though they don't want to. The game will suffer like right now, the bulk of people I have talked to in the large zergs don't like being in as large of groups as they are, they just have to. The game can change the mentality. Yes, some will still do it, but it will help
  7. I know, i'm all over the place, but just some thoughts that I think would really benefit all aspects of the game. Topic 1: Zerg Obviously people want to play together and some want to be in large scale groups for ZVZ. They number of people allowed in a clan as well as the number of people allowed in an alliance makes each group need a LOT of players as each group is going to be concerned that if they don't bring the numbers, then the other group will. So it makes sense that people feel the need to zerg/mass group. If people want those types of numbers it could be done via faction v faction, but making alliances as big as they are in dregs is literally like making mass factions. This can easily be combated by changing the mindset of clans and alliance by limiting numbers. Max clans at 50 and max alliances at 3. That still means an active alliance could field 150 people. Before anyone says it, I know people can still have siege pacts, etc, but if the game mentality changes many players will as well. Allowing so many numbers in clan and alliance makes others feel as they they have to do it to compete. I really think this would be a great way to break up the super large groups and get more competition. One of the things advertised early in this game was that as it gets stale, the server resets and it's fun again. It won't be fun again if each time is restarts the same massive zergs field all the numbers. Topic 2: Stealth The stealth mechanics are terrible in this game, being able to keep going in stealth over and over is just not fun. Maybe put timers on stealth, perma stealth isn't fun. Topic 3: Heals and Damage Limit heals to only work within party, allow damage to hit as many people as the skill fired off hits. This can also help a smaller group compete Still, larger groups will have the advantage as they should, but at least these ideas will help smaller groups enjoy the game. That's all, discuss
  8. The early advertisement of this game I loved, small scale Amd large scale would have their place, but all input is coming from zergs and small scale has nothing. Game was fun for a few days, but I have no desire to go through another Zerg setting like I just did and that’s with only 150 people logging in. Sadly a lot of it is controlled by our own player base
  9. Gorath - Nemajneb Yesac BH/Rifleman/Med BHG
  10. yea...if they even do it close to that system it'll be amazing
  11. Would love to see more of a Darkfall style siege system in this game, actual ownership of holdings and instead of siege timers, make it so when clans drop a siege on your holding, it starts 22 hours later. By doing this you can split up the masses/zergs that just want to work together in masses. Allows small scale clans a chance to split large groups. Here's some of what darkfall did: Initiating a Challenge The one area of the siege-system that remains identical to the previous system is the initiation of challenges. To initiate a challenge, a high-ranking member of a clan must enter the holding that they wish to challenge and activate a clan-shard in the vicinity of the holding’s clanstone. The only addition to this process is the inclusion of a new confirmation dialogue, which will request authorization to remove the total value of the clan’s wager for the challenge from their clan-vault. Progression of a Challenge At this point, it’s worth briefly laying-out the structure of a challenge, as it progresses from start to finish. In the new system, as with the previous one, a challenge will last for up-to 24 hours from the initial attacker initiating the challenge to the end of the fighting. This is split-up into 2 main sections, or “phases”. An initial “count-down” phase of 22 hours, to allow clans time to prepare for the challenge and rally their members and allies. During this phase additional attackers can join the challenge if they choose to do so, and are at “war” with the clan that currently owns the holding. The 2nd phase is the 2 hour “fighting” phase, where the holding becomes vulnerable to attack. Specific to attackers, there is also a “siege-stone placement” phase, which is that attacker’s 1st hour after joining, or initiating, the challenge, during this time the attacker clan must place their siege-stones; failure to place any siege-stones will result in that attacker being removed from the challenge. All siege-stones placed by all attackers will become vulnerable to attack 1 hour before the start of the “fighting” phase; if this hour coincides with an attacker’s “siege-stone placement” phase, then siege-stone that they place will be immediately vulnerable to attack when they are placed. No siege-stones can be placed after the end of the “count-down” phase, so if a clan joins a challenge with minutes left before the start of the “fighting” phase, then they only have those minutes to place all their siege-stones. These are just same basic ideas, but just changing the siege around as far as the set timers which just allows mass zergs to run across the map, which can't be fun to anyone including them, will really make things a lot more fun.
  12. It's not like you are defending in order to lose a keep, it's defending the build up between, which allows small scale pvp to occur. Have a player camp the node and to repel attacks.
  13. Well, I hope you are correct, I believe in a few months that I will be correct, but I'd love to be wrong.
  14. I'm actually sitting her this am thinking about how this will literally be the end of Crowfall...saddens me. You are basing an ow game on pvp, then adding a battle royal, what are you thinking? If you don't make the battle royal limited to once a week or a short window, the mmo part of this game is gone. Sadly, I think you guys probably know this, so many companies advertise a great mmo and then turn it into a battle royal and come out to say, "we never expected so many people to love this part of the game so congratulations this is where we are heading!" Sucks...
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