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  1. It doesn't have to be full loot...tbh, I get that not being for everyone. Bag/item drop is enough tbh and forces movement in the world as people are going to bank their recourses a lot more, so they don't lose them.
  2. Open world pvp with loot drop and player owned cities that can be sieged and taken from them like in darkfall.
  3. Ahh...that sucks, I thought there was ff. Really without it, it makes it hard to beat zergs.
  4. I don't mind zergs, if they can be countered, so hope for friendly fire.
  5. Spoken like a true darkfaller...lol...but that in itself should make zergs beatable, imo any game that has aoe's and healers make it so zergs will have the easy road, only way around it is friendly fire.
  6. Isn't there friendly fire in game? That should help with zergs?
  7. I enjoy an element of skill in games, but I think sometimes what we call skill isn't as much skill as it is programs people can download and ping. I loved, LOVED darkfall, but eventually found out that some of the players I thought were so skilled had figured out pixel detection programs etc and no company can fully keep those out of the game. With that said, as much as I loved darkfalls combat, I prefer something a little less of an exact aim as some will figure out pixel detection/bot/programs and then you have the ping issues, so I prefer more of a tera or BDO style combat. More of a larger hit box where a program isn't going to always determine the outcome and ping isn't as big a deal. It's so rare to see no lag in an mmo anymore, so that would be my preference. I will say, friendly fire makes it so aoe spam isn't going to win all fights, makes it so small groups can be large groups if planned well. 1. So aim to shoot yes, exact pin point aiming like an fps no 2. Friendly fire yes 3. Extra damage for attack in the back yes 4. Limited crowd control That's what I'd like :)
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