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  1. Champion suggestions

    Champion could benefit from not having to rely on the team for stuff and instead bringing more to the team. People are not saying to there friends hey man get on your champion that would be greatly benefit our group.
  2. Shadowbane 2.0

    The music and sound effects of this game stir my soul. Please import these. And add all the same sound sound effects.
  3. Champion suggestions

    C ability is to weak and needs to be better the suck in effect would be cool. If the ability had a short targeted range that would make it better and harder to dodge and easier to hit.
  4. Champion suggestions

    I feel like theres way to much stuff in game to make sure your not going to get hurt by these telegraphed abilities, and way to many immune's. The added suck in would make people want to have champions in there GVG fights. Right now they are unwanted, and there 2 most powerful abilities are very hard to hit.
  5. Champion suggestions

    Hurlbat - throw a second hurlbat if the first hits at 0 cost. add snare starting at 80 % increasing to 5% over 5 seconds This will be equal to hitting the hurlbat lottery. This ability is hard to and needs to be more rewarding. Champ needs a chance to recover from kitting. C ability - instantly suck enemines in pulling them into them into the center. Then does the same thing it does now. This ability as is is nearly impossible to hit as is. Just some suggestions.
  6. Templar abilities

    Please give Templar similar abilities they had in shadow bane Aoe fire nuke Castable fire dot and drain dot Sword fire dot Bad ass transformation I really miss playing my deflar! Let me know if I'm missing anything