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  1. Size comparison, if you relate this to WoW 25 sq Km is actually quite big. http://tobolds.blogspot.com/2007/01/how-big-is-azeroth.html
  2. Also it would be a great addition to have an "Arena asset" that you can specifically flag for pvp so that, if you desire, you can have a pvp area in your EK without flagging the whole zone/parcel/EK.
  3. Questions for the devs... Our your tax free parcels the Tetris pieces you refer to? Do we get to choose the Tetris pieces that will be tax free? If we all start with a 3x3 starting cell, but we have (as in the case of the big pledges) 300+ Tetris pieces, do we have to open the appropriate number of cells to place it all? Can we get tax free (or non tax free) parcels from resources in game? How does the medium fortification compare to the medium keep? How does the medium castle compare?
  4. Crowfall, "Yes...Let the hate flow!" That might already be copyrighted. Crowfall, "Its like a soccer match" No wait that will never work. Crowfall, "Crush your forum enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their gonzos." Perfect.
  5. Yes please, I would love to hear Tully fake a Texas twang with a British accent and not get called on it.
  6. OCC is recruiting. We are usually a small to medium size Shadowbane guild that, I believe, has managed to make a positive impact on the game thought its history. We believe in working as a team and that succeeding as a group is paramount. We played as lore before there was a loreplay server (for the challenge that brings) and then led as a rallying force and leadership against the zerg tactics of other larger guilds. We are always in it for the fight. You can find us at theburninghorde.com
  7. ummm, they already said you can join a 3 or 6 month campaign so there will already be a time limit. The victory condition idea is to make it end FASTER, but it will end regardless when the time is reached.
  8. that was a really good video. I will have to show that to people who want to know why I am so excited about this game.
  9. Someone dig up a Caliman rant thread to see the real deal.
  10. In pvp you never say, attack the guy with the black short cropped hair. You say attack the knight in red armor with the blue shield named "caliman"
  11. don't forget you also commanded the guards, lol. they were quite effective when not left to their on devices.
  12. This is an interesting question since it is supposedly 1 EK per account.
  13. In Shadowbane, base Strength directly increased your size. Will this be the case in Crowfall? My 210Str. HG Templar needs to know. Dwarves didn't even come up to her knee.
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