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  1. I ... I like this idea. After reading the news on the EK today, I was a bit disappointed, to be honest. Everything else about Crowfall got me pumped, but EK has always been the point of hesitation. I was hoping that they would do more and expand on what their original vision was with respects to how it integrates to the world at large and I think that your idea more-or-less covers it. One of the things that I felt was lacking was the impact of one EK to another. In Eve, corporations / alliances would control system(s) and have their territory expand/contract/shift based on ongoing wars, re
  2. Congrats on the 1m mark! I'm really hoping to see the Kickstarter campaign surpass the 1.3m mark I also wanted to say that the bonus rewards are a really nice touch. There was a thread from last week (I believe) that touched on the stretch goals and how, while they were good, practical goals, they weren't something that benefited the backer directly (as in: "here is a gift"). I think that the bonus rewards rectified that sentiment and will hopefully inspire more potential backers into putting their pledges behind Crowfall. Good choices all-around and I'm confident that the new goals will
  3. I really can't argue with that. It will undoubtedly become more apparent and start to 'click' as the builds start rolling out. Having multiple campaigns with different rulesets will, at the very least, give players a chance to jump into something different than what they are used to, which I think is a great notion.
  4. LOD will help, as it can apply to models, Physx, and FX, but I am still curious to know what should be attainable, even at a pre-alpha stage. So yes, I can agree with you that it is somewhat concerning if they only have a few programmers. Hopefully there are a few more lurking in the background somewhere coding furiously.
  5. I'll admit, the idea of previously exported goods not having an impact on future campaigns is my concern. I understand part of the design / appeal is that players are dropped into the world on (relatively) even ground, but I still feel that there should be some carryover. Whether it is items that you can equip after a certain point (ie: bring your Sword of Mediocrity with you, but you can't use it for 24 hrs (or something)) at least it will give us in-campaign value of participating in campaigns. But, that is just my opinion.
  6. I would not argue about adding additional programmers. And yes, the Unity engine is good about hashing out the base idea quickly, but takes a fair amount of time to refine and optimize (like any engine). The topic of programmers has brought a question to mind though which is: how many players on screen is Crowfall aiming for? Since PvP is such a core focus of the game, I'd honestly be worried about incurring crippling lag between the destructible terrain, effects, and raw number of models running around.
  7. I could see an "intro" movie that involves voice over and perhaps dynamic art (something akin to some of Diablo III's 'filler' cinematics). Something that explains some core components of the game (The Hunger, The Gods, etc). Beyond that, I wouldn't expect more than the sound effects a character makes as they are striking, defending, or dying.
  8. I believe there are a few factors to this: They are using a game engine that has a large community (Unity) and is backed by a large catalog of 3rd party toolsets, such as animation, effects, etc which make the entire process much faster than developing an engine from the ground up. The programming language is pretty accessible and robust (C#) Typically, having 2-4x as many artists as programmers/engineers is necessary due to the amount of assets that need to be generated. Basically: it doesn't matter how flawless the code is, if the amount of assets is limited or their quality sucks, that is
  9. To the high-roller backers: thank you. I'm looking forward to see how this game develops in the coming months and over the next two years. That being said, I wonder if one or more of those purchases were done as a guild to try and establish themselves as a major power.
  10. That is a reasonable fear. I do hope that there is enough time / energy put into the character customization to make them semi-unique beyond armor appearance. I'm not too concerned that ACE will drop the ball on this, but I am interested in what they'll showcase regarding this.
  11. Yep, I think that is the feeling of a number of people. The game is still pre-alpha, so a lot of stuff might be sitting in various forms (sketches, game design docs, cocktail napkins) and it may be hard for them to tell us something definitive, but it would go a long way.
  12. I think that hits the nail on the head, so to speak - that right now EKs seem to be too nebulous. In a not-great way, they remind me of PlayStation Home apartments, which were basically just environments that you could decorate. Obviously there is a little more to it considering that the user can build/design their own space to a certain degree, but it becomes a minor time/resource sink with the sole purpose of ... what? Hanging out by the hearth? There isn't stake in it, there is no motivation beyond build a great hall and a bedroom and hoarding your treasure there. There are a lot of ide
  13. Really fantastic progress so far. I'm looking forward to the steady march of hitting the stretch goals over the coming weeks.
  14. It was stated that there would be more character customization, but they opted to showcase the various races and archetypes instead of only a few with different appearances, etc. I would like to see a set of examples though (let's say a Human Knight for ease) that showcases different outfits / armor / weapons / etc. to give a feel for how characters will look as they progress.
  15. I can see them being relevant for guild operations on the various worlds. Considering the threat of other players, a single person cannot safely venture out, mine in a quarry, and haul their goods back. So you put together a party of several miners, maybe a caravan or two, and then a dozen 'security' personnel to help fend off any players / npcs. At least, that is how I think of it.
  16. Ah, I must have missed that. In that case, awesome! I love the Unity engine! In that case, it has a lot of physics / lighting / effects features built in, which is very nice. I believe the royalty-free license is something like $1500 per user. $100k for unfettered access to the source code for the engine. Overall, a very 'cheap' engine compared to some of the others out there.
  17. Unity is one of the best engines for budget-conscious companies. Unreal has different pricing models and is obviously very popular (Tera, for example). At the end of the day, it entirely depends on the goals of the project. I believe Crowfall uses a proprietary engine though (I could be wrong), so that typically means it takes a lot more time/effort/money to add features in, etc. and that is usually where pre-built game engines come in.
  18. Hair is more difficult to do than cloth, I agree. I wonder if a mix of animation / physics would work in this case? (I have no idea, I'm in no way an artist). I would think that cloth physics should be more doable for cloaks, capes, banners, etc, however.
  19. Hmm, this is an interesting question. I would love to see cloth / hair physics to help bring the world alive instead of the static / pre-animated models we generally get in a lot of games.
  20. That was my feeling. While I was a little (and I mean a little) dismayed that mounts were not part of the "core," I figured they would be added within a couple months of release. This just means that we get them sooner (if the stretch goal is met).
  21. Oh, absolutely. I worked for a small game studio for a couple of years and while they didn't pay top-dollar, it was easy to see all the little things add up. Once you factor in a high degree of skill + everything else, 200k is actually very reasonable!
  22. I appreciate the Devs taking time to answer questions here on the forum and that, in turns, reveals a bit more of their vision of the game. I think that some of these need to be pushed out to the Kickstarter page to help pull in additional funding, but I am sure it is a little nuts over at the ArtCraft office right now. That being said, I would love to see more videos because ... well, it's entertaining.
  23. If you figure there are another 2 years of development, it becomes 100k per year. There are cheaper FX artists out there, but to get the best quality, you tend to have to pay for it. So, in general, actually a very reasonable goal, funny enough. Also consider that this includes a new race model and all the accompanying animations, armor, etc for that race/gender combo.
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