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  1. Thanks for this. Have been not following Crowfall for most of the summer, just too much going on. Hopefully I can get something figured out in the next day ... What are most people doing as far as buying/trading in parts of their pledges? I was thinking about trying to upgrade from the 3 parcel fort to maybe a small castle by dumping some VIP time and the Collector's Edition. Still not sure exactly what I am getting ... but need to act soon. Argh!
  2. I have been way out of the loop. Now I am scrambling trying to figure out what to purchase in the last day or so before this ends. I have an amber pledge, and a 3-part stronghold, so medium fort? Any good information on what would be wise to purchase and redeem from accounts? Overall, I am really not enjoying all this change with next to no information to go off of ... but here we go!
  3. Sounds good, can't wait for my chance to get in on some action, but it will probably be a while. Not sure how I feel about the Stealth mechanics, as I despise it in basically every game that has it, as it is much, much too powerful. Will have to wait and see how ACE implements it. Keep up the good work and am glad to hear testing is going well thus far. *Initiating Lurk Mode*
  4. I can't wait to see what crafting is like in Crowfall. I am a long time MMO player as well, and could see myself becoming a full-time crafter if the system is done well. It has been a while since I have done this, I think Vanguard: Saga of Heroes was the last MMO where I was literally a full-time crafter (at least, I spent significantly more time crafting than adventuring, and was one of the best armorsmiths on my server). While I do love PvP, being able to craft like a maniac, and possibly support my team some in combat (though I will be weak), sounds like something I would really enjoy. We will just have to see how it plays out. I will see to you at the crafting tables. Cheers!
  5. Disciplines will be something you use to specialize your character. A crafter will most likely have full crafting disciplines, while a combatant will have more related to what their role in combat will be. Also, I don't know if you will be able to bring multiple characters into a campaign, so you will have to have dedicated crafters or you will be screwed. The more hardcore rulesets will not let you bring in equipment, so you will have to craft it with the characters that are in that campaign ... and the characters you are not fighting against. There are a lot of questions still to be answered, but like combat oriented players, I am sure crafters are going to be a big part of any campaign for a guild.
  6. There is so much they could do here too. Too many MMO's allow perfect aim with a bow while you jump in mid-air, spin around and fire, spin back around and keep running with no speed decrease. How much sense does that make? Zero. Accuracy debuffs for ranged attacks, while also making them weaker overall, basically needs to happen. If a ranged attacker can achieve the same damage as a melee attacker, that isn't balanced. Risk vs. reward. I hope they can dial things in so everyone can have fun! I think ACE has the experience to get it right.
  7. Fixed. Honestly, I think how they are going about it with the rulesets, to be the best way. I have played far too many "PvP" games, and the majority of time is spent taking empty castles/forts/whatever. It isn't PvP, and it gets very boring.
  8. I would imagine these could also be disciplines that you could find to unlock and practice these trades on other classes/races. I am not sure how specific a "weaponsmith" will be. Will it be divided into Gunsmith, Weaponsmith, Artificer (or whatever)? I think they definitely need to provide enough recipes to work with for each crafting discipline, so it can't be split up too much.
  9. So the table is simply a list of how each armor's statistics compare to the amor's other statistics? Plate armor would most definitely be Slashing>Pierce>Blunt resistance wise. What an absolutely terrible way to display it As I said, I will await to see it before passing anymore judgement. I am glad to hear that it is overly simplified.
  10. After an initial read, I don't really like the idea. It isn't realistic from what armor actually does and the purpose of it. I would much rather see restriction in movement, and attack speed when balancing these armors. Plate armor is weaker than all other armors at resisting crushing damage? Please, do some tests in the parking lot with some cloth, leather and chain, vs. a helmet, and bring a mop! I am also concerned, as seeing you have a small team, you are opening yourself up to 4x the amount of work when it comes to balancing things. You now have to worry about many more variables, which is going to add a lot more work. I also think this is going to cause issues with player silhouettes, and identifying the groups of players you are engaging (from a distance). Is a mage class in full plate going to look like a Knight? Is a Knight in Cloth going to look like a Mage? A lot of this is going to come down to "how it feels", like anything. I could go on and on with issues I see, but I will hold off until I can get my teeth sunk into the game to pass further judgement. I like how they are trying to jump into uncharted territory with this, but I think they are jumping backwards attempting a double back flip ... and I am not sure they are going to stick the landing. Anyways, I look forward to your attempt at proving me wrong and changing my mind. It will definitely be a good thing to try out early on, rather than a few months before release, hah! Good luck!
  11. Sounds like my experience with SquareEnix payment systems.
  12. The original group of testers, AKA, the first 500 people to play the game, were amazing. This was only in the first 6 months or so of testing. The testing then expanded into the thousands, then they had founders packs and it drug on and on for over 2 years. By the time the game was "released" everyone had already played it that was going to play it. It was a huge combination of things (and choices by the developer) that drove the game into an entirely new direction. Basically nothing that was talked about at the beginning (what I paid for) turned out to be that way in the end. Basically, it was a huge, long, drawn, out period with no clear vision. That was the number one problem. Crowfall is basically going to be starting out in the "Founders pack" section of my story, that is why I am worried. Then again, the founders of ACE seem rock solid to me, and I think they have a very clear vision for the game. I just hope they don't roll over (or quit) too easily. Trust me, there are a multitude of things that can go wrong. We will just have to see how it plays out.
  13. Interesting, thanks for the link. Being an engineer, a lot of that is still horribly wrong, but I won't be overly critical. I will be interested to see how this progresses.
  14. It is a hard thing to choose. I would choose people who are active on the forums, and propose good ideas, or talk about good topics in game design. The best alpha/beta I have been a part of was in Firefall (though the game has changed so dramatically since then, I would say it is pretty bad now). It was probably the best group of testers I have seen. I am sure they could come up with some sort of survey about gaming/logic/analysis, and go from there. It isn't just bug reporting, this is alpha, these testers will be helping shape the game into its final form from day 1. Can they think about things logically? Can they analyze a problem/mechanic they find unsavory and get to some sort of resolution (rather than just complaining about it). There is a big difference between reporting bugs and analyzing a game and the mechanics in it and molding them into something better. These are the kind of people they should be targeting for early testing, IMO. It will work itself out over time, people will stop playing, people might not even be interested in playing, etc. I just want testing to be as beneficial and efficient as possible.
  15. Apparently, I need to read up on this "Hit Location" system, is the game moving into a more Projectile/Physics based realm now? I hope so, all the videos I have seen look like Wildstar combat with ground painting of effected areas.
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