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  1. Can she only use her abilities while standing still or is that a coincidence? I love the abilities that she has, it looks like she has an amazing set of different abilities. I do however think that the combat looks pretty boring / slow. I rather want to play a Lars Andersen archer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEG-ly9tQGk
  2. Besides the things that have been mentioned already what usually bothers me is a lack of specific information. When it says increases attack damage for example you basically don't know anything because you don't know by how much. It's like you're gambling all the time. Can you guys please add specific details like range, speed, amount, duration etc?
  3. Darkfall movement speed was fast, Mount & Blade movement speed was slow. Both were perfect, what do they have in-common? Freedom and smoothness.
  4. Am I right to think that we won't be able to kill mounts in Crowfall because It refers to figurines instead of skins? I highly doubt they'll give away goodies that people can lose in a split-second. Edit: Nvm, there's already a post about this. Some clarification would be nice though.
  5. Most people will be able to adapt if they put their mind to it. I believe that people from Tera will have more difficulty adapting to DF than vice versa. That is because I think that games like TERA are a lot more accessible than DF. The big question will be if people are motivated enough to continue playing. That's my biggest fear personally, lack of entertainment and/or challenging aspects.
  6. I don't like fake exaggerated heroic fantasy stuff either so I agree with the OP. My preference is something more realistic. Is it my main priority? No, the combat mechanics itself are.
  7. Hahaha It's pretty weird that in real life I'm into green politics but when it comes to gaming I want all the hardcore and highly competitive aspects.
  8. Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -9.0 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.77
  9. I've been using M&B / Warband in a lot of examples as well, it would be nice if Crowfall uses some of the same mechanics instead of just focusing on a TERA clone.
  10. They're just showcasing the VoxelFarm technology as far as I'm concerned. It's not like you can destroy an entire castle as an individual within a matter of minutes when the game goes live.
  11. I'm against the display of names above the characters for practical reasons. 1) you cannot properly hide 2) it gives zergs a bigger advantage because they're more easily able to differentiate their allies First vote: No names at all Second vote: Only player names on mouse-over Third vote: Player names above the character Fourth vote: Player and Clan name above the character I'd love to see no names at all (first vote) but you're going to need to introduce proper items to make it possible to somewhat differentiate each other such as tabards, cloaks or banners with clan emblem
  12. What kind of technology is preventing you from making your dream game?
  13. I think that games like Warband, Chivalry Medieval Warfare and Skyrim are good examples where the combat isn't crazy fast like Darkfall and where attacks have more weight and where your character doesn't have it's freedom taken away so much like TERA. In my opinion TERA is way better than WoW in almost every aspect besides the movement freedom. I don't think that more movement freedom excludes attacks from having weight to it.
  14. I'm unsure if it's already been linked before but perhaps people find this link interesting as well: http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo/
  15. I love the depth of EVE but I was never a big fan of the combat myself. It's one of the top games I've played nonetheless.
  16. I personally care more about in-game customization options such as resizing and moving around windows for example. Some games really forget these basic things.
  17. I'm really trying to ignore rude or offensive behavior but my mind isn't strong enough to completely do that yet. If you stand still without recently having moved then it shoots in the center indeed but if you move and then stand still it's off-center. You cannot move and shoot in TERA in this specific scenario. Look closely at the video or try it in-game yourself. I'm not moving when I'm shooting yet it still shoots off-center. I've called it auto-aim for lack of a proper name so thank you for correct me on that. Perhaps I should've used large hitboxes with an accuracy feedback icon.
  18. I've seen this video before, it's a nice video that describes the mechanics of different games pretty well (I've played all 3 of them). A few flaws regarding certain minor things but it's a decent video nonetheless. I can live with some movement restriction but the example I've showed basically means you're almost entirely stationary. The person in the video mainly addresses melee combat in PvE and how all of these abilities have mobility functionality rooted into the actions. I rather not want to purely get caught up into the animation locking and rooting though. More importantly for
  19. From my experience most Dutch people have no issues with speaking English whatsoever. The amount of people that speak Dutch is also relatively small so I would definitely not focus on it. I personally prefer to speak English over my primary language (Dutch). What surprises me however is that it isn't certain that there will be European servers considering that the Europeans will definitely be a considerable amount of the playerbase. I understand that it requires a whole lot more resources but still.
  20. What makes you think this? If you've watched my short video I clearly protest against any form of "locking" or" targeting".
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