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  1. I would be all about fully armored women. So damn refreshing after so many iron bikini games.
  2. PERCEPTION REALITY Do you feel that insecurity? DO YOU FEEL IT!?
  3. I actually agree that Crowfall should not be that game (in terms of the complicated stuff). . I got a little ahead of myself in that post in my lust for magic. Right on. Totally agree. I am getting so sick of games that use 15 variations of the same spell. Can YOU spot the differences? [Firebolt] - Launch an orange glowy ball that deals damage to a target. [icebolt] - Launch a blue glowy ball that deals damage to a target.
  4. I'm completely the opposite -- I only have historically enjoyed PvP where a single player can really make or break a match. I feel like people play better when there's more individual accountability. That's why I'm hoping Crowfall won't be a mush-crowd kind of siege warfare.
  5. Haha I had coworkers who used to say that after I started playing D&D with them... ... ...Brian?
  6. OH MY GOD THAT RED GUARD GUY SHOUTING! That was so perfect. That is exactly what should happen.
  7. Yeah, you are totally spot on about not being familiar with it. A big part of me not being able to tell who is doing what is that I'm not super familiar with that game, as it has been a couple years. I get that there was an acquired taste there, but the specific "painterly" aesthetic of GW2 was really not conducive to a clear playing field, or a clear anything really. So we just chalk that up to a learning experience. The industry learned some things from GW2, and so now other, hopefully better games can come from that. That's pretty rude. Even if you don't agree with him there's no reason to condescend to him like that. We're all people here with a common interest.
  8. Haha with all due respect to your opinion and experiences, that did not look clear, personal, or varied. That looked like a particle effect fustercluck in which you couldn't really tell if the player was doing any serious damage or even hitting people. On another note, I see a lot of people making statements like "Crowfall is <statement>" or "Crowfall won't be <statement>." Neither of these things hold much water at this point, because as of now, Crowfall simply isn't. It doesn't exist outside of isolated pre-alpha testing. The devs might have the technology, and have dabbled with implementation, but for all we know (hold your pitchforks, please), it could be that none of these systems really work out in the end. Crowfall is aiming to make an experiment, and break new ground. There is risk of failure there, but it's part of a larger learning process that the industry desperately needs to undertake. What ACE is doing is for the betterment of video games as a medium. For that, we owe them our support, but not the blind fanatical type. My intention with this post was to see if it was even possible to create a large scale pvp game that doesn't get absurdly messy and impossible to read. What's got me most excited in Crowfall right now is player Mass and their physics engine, which could LITERALLY eliminate clusters of players, which is a massive step in the right direction. It might also come with untold issues that cause other terribly unpleasant situations. We'll see. In any case, I appreciate what ACE is doing and I'm happy to be here, talking about it with other hopeful people like yourselves.
  9. Hello there! I made a big ol' post last night expressing concerns with large-scale PvP. I won't even link to it, but I'll paraphrase: How are you going to ensure that epic scale PvP (upwards of 100 players on screen) doesn't turn into a chaotic mess where nobody feels important, threatening, or threatened? (The responses I got in that thread were, effectively, "it will be great! Don't worry. They know what they're doing." Which was lovely to hear, but I'd love to hear more).
  10. Hello everyone, my name is Timothy and I love magic more than anyone I've ever met. First off, magic can not be properly done in a game. If it were perfect and satisfying and tangible, it wouldn't be magical. Moving forward from that, there are a lot of really awesome avenues that I have not yet seen in many games, let alone MMO's--where nitpicky flavor-crushing mind-numbing BALANCE is the reigning lord and master. There are a few things I have been craving to see in a game for a good number of years. Let's take a little walk. 1. Finite Magic I would love to see a game that makes use of finite magic. If you've ever played D&D 3.5 / 5e, you'd be well acquainted with Vancian casting. In this method, magic is much more academic and thought-out. Here's the basics: You have only a limited number of powerful spells to cast between rests. For a video game, this could be cut down to a 10 second visit to a temple/fountain of sparkles that refreshes your inner font of magic. These spells are overpowered. They deal more damage to more targets than any swordfighter could muster in the same amount of time. Without these spells, the caster's primary goal becomes not to fight, but to get their spells back. They should hardly stand a chance without them. Cantrips, or second-nature easy-peasy spells, punctuate these powerful spells. These are itty bitty firebolts and the like that a caster can use in between bigger efforts as suppressive fire. 2. Group Casting I have never seen group casting in a game (if you have, that's awesome! Please tell me about it, but don't be a condescending %+@&#33;&#036;#?&amp;*^ just because I haven't played that game). I would go nuts over the ability to join hands with other casters and launch a devastating spell as a combined effort. Let's run through an example of what I mean. A caster alerts her battalion that she's casting [big Effin Kaboom]. She stands still and suddely there's a big flashy spellcircle that extends out from her. Guess what? There are 2 other points on the circle with open spots for other casters to stand in. Two other casters take up the queue, and step into position. Ending A. After a channeled duration, there is a sudden and violent burst of fire and rubble as an enemy fortification is blown to bits and its inhabitants just die. They just die. Ending B. An assassin creeps up behind one of the casters. She slits their throat and and cackles with glee. The cast is fudged--but it doesn't stop there. There remaining casters are overwhelmed with magical energy, as they lose control of the spell. They are engulfed in flames and run screaming into the fields beyond. 3. Puzzle Magic Not like doing sudoku while you channel a spell, but magic that you can screw up and fail. Using magic should never be easy--if it were, everyone would do it. I would love to see spellcasting that requires very specific movement patterns, like tracing or line across the ground before it completes the ritual and brings downa thunderstorm. 4. Non-Combat Magic One of the greatest spoils of being a g-d wizard is that you live a life of convenience. I feel this idea should be reflected in a game someday. Travel, housing, comfort, food and security should all be a spell away. 5. Learned Magic What if, instead of looting a sweet skull-clad broadsword, or some dope ass shoulder armor, you looted an ability? Tearing a page out of a fallen caster's spellbook would be so much more satisfying than taking his poorly made socks or what have you. (Did I use that right? I'm seeing it everywhere.) I'm going to stop there, but be warned, I will someday continue. I have an endless love for caster classes. Brakebills class of 2012 OUT!
  11. Well dang! Seems like I already got what I came for. It Sounds like I neednt worry at all about these things. Nice to meet you all anyway! I am crazy excited to learn more about this game.
  12. Okay, so, I have read the FAQ material provided on the site, but the standing fact is that Crowfall is still largely conceptual, and they have not proven to be different quite yet. And, checkyotrack, that is super not helpful. Could you please share with me what you know about other games' PvP systems that help them avoid the pitfalls I experienced in other games? I obviously don't know any better, so I'm not quite sure why your knee-jerk was to be a...jerk... Fill me in! What don't I know?! What has been spilled that's not in the FAQ or the news? I'm completely new here and I'm dying to fall in love!
  13. First off, this is my first post here. I have been quietly weeping in cautiously-optimistic awe over the promises of this game. One of my biggest concerns, frankly, is that large scale PvP doesn't work. Or, hasn't worked. Yet. Let's take WoW for example, why the hell not. Think of large scale PvP in WoW--You're at the final bridge that chokes into the Alliance stronghold in Alterac Valley. You and 20 other ranged DPS are flinging aoe's back and forth. You don't really know if you're hitting anyone. You don't, AT ALL, feel like you're making an impact. Ultimately, some sneaky unpleasant person worms his way through the crowds and caps a graveyard--or the enemy healers go AFK. Not exactly riveting stuff. I am so sick of "YEAH, 100 v 100 battles, massive PvP action! All out WAR!" When it always, always boils down to Zerg fests and ranged hate-wars. So let's work on a solution. These are what the priorities need to be. 1. Combat Must Be Clear It is imperative that the player can parse the battlefield. You have to be able to see what is going on. You have to know why you are dying, and You have to know whether or not you're making a difference. If these things aren't clear, you might as well not be playing at all. 2. Combat Must Be Personal You have to be engaged. It's a game, you have to care. You should not be able to sleep through a kingdom takeover. You should be able to pick someone out of a crowd and make their life terrible. You should always feel accountable for your own survival. You should, to some degree, be able to visually register other players and get a sense for a threat they pose. 3. Combat Must Have Variables Simply put, there needs to be something that breaks up stalemates. Whether it's a random act of nature, a completely forced game mechanic, or a player-driven event, something needs to be able to make people scramble. There must be risk and reward. Players might have a split objective, or have a chance to pull a very fancy coup that could make a break a campaign. Cinderella stories are consistently better than "We beat them by getting more kills." Because this game is split into campaigns, something has to ensure that it won't get solved. Because people are going to try to solve it. There will always be a group of people who will mastermind the behind-the-scenes mechanics to cheese the game so hard that it's not fun for anyone-including themselves. You can't keep them out, and you can't join them. So beat them. Please, lovely community of Crowfall, lets put our heads and hearts together and see what we can come up with! Maybe we can get a dev in here to tell us it's all going to be alright, or some other calming words to let us know that they are very aware of this obstacle. What I'm trying to say is, Guild Wars 2 WvW was just so bad, guys. It was so bad.
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