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  1. Guild hall differences

    Cant tell you the difference appart from they look different in some way. Everything other building/parcel in the store is obtainable in game via crafting so i dont see why these wouldnt be aswell (Havant looked at 5.8 so not sure if there already in there recipe list though)
  2. Play style

    Negative, pistols are pretty much a guincean only thing
  3. your 3am is the start of my prime time Also dont forget the overnight workers aswell for US players
  4. Cause general for those players the option is a 360 ping Euro server or a 220 ping US server they are playing on the most options server they have. And if aussies pic a faction as a guild generaly speaking iot affects all US players on the faction too since they generaly get a lower popyulation during US prime times and get hammered during prime time from my experience from other games, the off peak times generaly counter act this inbalance with the higher pop that faction has at that stage. also dont underestimate the population in the SEA time zones
  5. These all US servers clusters you do however get internation players playing on them too since they dont have there own clusters aussie players for example always play on US generaly due to lower ping than Euro and there like 10-12 hour difference time wise.
  6. Games have done so in the past, locking factions that are over populated till the other ones catch up to keep it balanced has happened in other games. Does sometimes have backlash though when people factions get locked and guildies or players cant join friends but spose it depends on how things get handled more than anything else, tbh for me it worth trying to balance factions because no one like playing the faction thats underpopulated its just no fun and diminishes fun for other 2 faction since they just be fighting eachother
  7. Why not just create crafting classes?

    Crafter will still have to be able to fight, since crafting is gonna be moved more away from EK and ,ore into campaigns, and when your keep your stationed at gets attack you probaly want some way to defend yourself
  8. Ive played GW 2 WvW and coming from that the system is identical to a degree, server that were heavily populated by Oceanic players would get hammered to the point of owning nothing during prime time and the other 2 sides would hold half the territory each if the close match ups if it wasnt close one side would own it all. However when oceanic peak times rolled round they would own 2 thirds of the map with the other 2 sides holding onto a few territories each and when ever the oceanic players would push one side they would loose territories to the other faction. They balanced out point wise most of the time the maps were just a different colours basicly during different peak times. This is assuming each servers in the WvW has roughly the same population. From my experience from this kinda system from GW2 it tend to balance out point wise overall over the 24 hour period and they didnt have the crafting bonuses from Keeps or timed lock out on the largers castles which crowfall might have. I did a GW WvW map where all 3 servers on a map were all different times zone and it was still dead even score wise one team just owned the whole map for bout 7 hours each with 3 hours that was actualy fought over by 2 sides at a time when there times zone power shifted to the other faction favor. From what ive seen the main thing is balancing factions/sides to be roughtly the same population and it tend to balance out
  9. How innovative is this MMO?

    1. Leveling low level vessels (Low quality characters yes characters have quality level you make better ones via crafting) will level very fast to max level however they come with less stats and less stats allocated from leveling they do however let you try/test builds quickly to see if you like something before getting a higher tier vessel which will level much slower. There is definitely a bonus higher level vessels however a lvl 30 white vessel i think will be better than a lvl 20 blue vessel dispite the blue vessel getting more stats, you will be missing important talent points you get from higher level vessels, so may wanna stick with whites while you level the blue ones up and so on. There is enough of a difference between powers between say a low quality and a decent quality vessel to make you wanna get higher tiered vessels but not a big enough gap to feel like you cant do anything as a low tier vessel agaist a higher one (Take modern day MMO 5 levels difference usualy meant u couldnt possible win due to massive hit/armor penalty) 2. i havant tried 5.8 yet however 5.7 combat was a bit like a moba imo when it came to holy trinity as in healers/tanks definetly helped however they were required, just had to think bout stratergy when you were playing a full dps like assasins had to hit there back lines at the same time front was getting hit kinda thing. 3. Crafting is so good compared to other MMO's, a world/map only lasts so long till somone wins and then you get a new map to explore so it feels like a new game each time (From my experience in say darkfall the best time of these types of MMO is the first month or so when there land rushes/territory/boarder claming they tend to grow stale after that though however this should fix it), the leveling and talent system you probaly havant seen in other MMO. Each campaign can have different rule sets aswell
  10. Lets say all sides have the same amount of players lets say 1000 since thats ideal outcome balancing factions. Generaly speaking timezones player base should be rather even across the board in most situations (Unless large guild from different time zone join that campaign) Now if this is the case generaly speaking there player base during the peak times would be lower than the other 2 factions so they wouldnt have as much influence during those time zones so they loose alot of there places. however they would then have the advanatage during the off peak times when there side is largers so it kinda balances out. However if you are correct in keeps only attackable during prime times type scenario those off peak guild would have a disadvantage since it be alot harder to claim said keeps for points and other bonuses they be at a disadvantage especially considering the keeps have better quality crafting stations and generaly higher quality resources around. So i dont see a reason to disadvantage players that play off peak times more than they already will be.
  11. Powdered Stone

    Any fancy stone so no cobble stone but any other stone being ground down will be powdered stone
  12. Pvp Rewards

    GW2 system i think would be nice, when taking points in the WvW you get a reward usualy a bit of coin and some XP, occasional some crafting items aswell.
  13. Is Release any closer

    I think 5.8 marks the end of pre alpha and move into the alpha phase so thats something. I suspect beta will happen around mid next year maybe May times with patch 6.0 and you probaly expect a release around Oct/Nov im gonna guess. Beta usualy not too long though generaly speaking thats usualy final tweakes and things though so maybe 3-4 months of beta but thats a guess
  14. 1 problem with that is it screws over leather workers since 90% of people who have to use leather will use the mail proficency again since its so much better than leather. Being able to use Mail over leather is so much better than pretty much 90% of the minor runes, reason why it 5.7 literaly everyone had mail or up for armor.
  15. Maybe they took bows off assasins since ranger now get a stealth class aswell which is somewhat similar to assasins if sins could have bows still, im guessing they want to reduce the amount of classes that can use bows to allow for rangers to feel more important with the range attack aspect but who knows