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  1. everyone should get 1 more slot Humans should get 2 slots cause thats there racial is the extra slot.
  2. What if making an ace it uses a mob dropped piece as a base in the recipe and you add stats onto the mob dropped gear instead of how it is now So instead of 1 hilt 1 blade on finally craft it be 1 mobdropped sword + 1 hilt and blade and you'll get the stats from the mob sword+rest of stats
  3. the basic tree lines are way way too slow to aquire, atm it like here the game guys but you cant really do anything for a month while you work your way through the basic lines
  4. The patch on test is definitely alot better than the old one on live atm, hoping it comes over to live soon
  5. The basic trees need to be so much faster so were not twiddling out thumbs for first 2-3 weeks before we can make something somewhat useful.
  6. They also nerfed the keystone, it use to be 50% basic attack dmg + 50% basic attack cap now it 50/20 so any basic attack bonuses on knight are pointless cauyse the base cap is 30% +20% = 50% which they get all from the the passive keystone which kinda sucks. So any basic attack dmg from the passive tree/items are useless which was there main form of dmg output.
  7. They do require 5 points to train them now instead of 1 btw in case thats the reason. Also changes to swordmans knight line keystone kinda screw them with the basic attack cap since it caps at 30% bonus the swordsman passive is +50% and 20% cap so all these passive training and jewelery/equipment stats is pointless in that regard just something to keep in mind i feel it should b e reverted back to +50/+50 so you can get the 30% from items/passives
  8. Should try with both daggers and see it it just cause one an axe and for some reason they swing slower dispite being less weight.
  9. May or may not be bug just seems rather high. Weapons training all Basic attack dmg plus 60% per rank up to 300% in combat, Melee and range tree
  10. What is dis!!! im intrigued!
  11. It going normal speed for me which is ulta slow australian internet rip downloads
  12. https://imgur.com/a/WKjpp7R I would wanna do something more like this when it comes to class talent tree, Shift the class split much closer and add more skill behind each one so there more specilised. Benefit it allows for more skills to be place in specialise class area front of class split weill be general skills and after the split it be more focused on what there suppose to be focused around. Also dropping it down to 2 classes each atm and adding the 3rd one later down the road might be easier for the devs too.
  13. There no reason now to not have 9 slot baseline since they removed the passive that adds 1 slot and then human passive add the 10th slot so everyone can have 1 extra slot to work with would help.
  14. I kinda wish they pushed the class split into the first section the tree splits, move important active skills up to the very front and specilise the classes a little more in the regard to space for skills/talents that make the class specialised
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