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  1. Through a little bit of testing when iwas on my templar it seem to increase the templar execute ability dmg by somewhere between 0-10% roughtly, hard to good a calculation with the wide variance of dmg.
  2. Its rather easy to get a set of blue leather armour with all the R10 mobs around still a pain compared the blue plate though.
  3. Material cost requirement on leather seems to be less than the ore/wood counterpart atleast when it comes to weapons where stitch leather is a 1/1/1 recipe instead of a 3/3/3 recipe, armor though i think still roughtly the same which sucks alot -.-
  4. You should change forts into mini seiges. Have cheap seige equipment that is used on wooden walls and make the immune to weapon attacks.
  5. atm no. I beleive there gonna allow some kind of player building in the campaign at some stage in some way which then stonemason will be much more important.
  6. It doesnt though not for everyone, Ranger for example is 13 for a set, thats assuming u dont have extra slots like cloak/neck/ring slots
  7. I only saw R2's there in the beachhead although i didnt go out and explore beachhead
  8. 12 imports arnt enough for a ranger set 2 weapons + quiver+bow (4 slots for weapons) Chest, helm, boots,gloves (4 slots) Neck, Ring, Ring, Mount, Badge (5 slots) 13 imports for a ranger set.
  9. Black lines please between them or something that goes better with the light/whiteish background
  10. My theory is they went o we fked up with GR now that no one harvesting in the campaign, well lets stop people importing thing in there so they have to get thing from the campaign world now.
  11. I'll relish in the fact on of those death was from me in a 3v2. I just dislike I have 6 death from pve out of my 20 or so.
  12. If there were more small scale stuff which this campaign did not have due to r8s in God's reach melee would of been higher on the kill list. Large scale stuff definetly benefit range more and even healers in a way due to assists.melee get screwed in large scale except for templates imo due to executes and there rather good survivability and aoe to wrack up kills and assists.
  13. Only time I really used arrows was to test types out since there cheaper than a quiver of that type
  14. As an archer if there in execute range a 80%charge shot will probably kill them anyway. As for quiver you will tend to get more dmg bonus overall with a piercing one which is also more reliable
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