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  1. Dead eye gets the passive Careless whisper however you get no bonus with it an archer due charging bow shots take so long to charge u never hit 5 stacks before 1st stack drops so ur constantly at 3-4 stack unless u spam ur shots but then u dont do dmg soo food for thought there.
  2. especially when we dont have legendary minors so we dont get a nice stat bundle that we do on some of the minors
  3. Cleric throwing hammer sit directly overtop of there melee weapon, probaly wanna shift hammer or mace onto the other side if you wanna keep them qaccess to both trays
  4. You need new tooltips for everything when a skill changes. it shoudl work much like how radical transforms Flash of light into searing light you get a new tooltip with the values on it. Holy symbol does not it just says remove healing and makes it dmg instead who knows the value though since it doesnt specify so this should get changed to Symbol of fire or something with the new description of it doing dmg instead. Inquisitors have the same issue since you know 0 of healing values on there skills.
  5. btw if your so content in keeping thorn shield in the game make it do more than 10dmg Maybe reflect 10% of melee dmg would be suitable but not 10 dsmg when people are hitting for 100+ with basic attacks with basic weapons
  6. They need to work like they do in GW2 or even WoW. GW2 bleeds stacked and in WoW all bleed stacks cause they were there own affect instead of a generic one so one bleed was called rend and another could be serrate both had different icons and both did bleeds with different dmg values bleeds of the same type also stacked with different players. As it stands now any DoT dmg builds are not worth trying because ur dmg will be reduce or you will reduce other players by overriding dots
  7. Inquisitors healing attacks need a different animation colour so team mates know to go into them not away from them 😛 all you gotta realy do it change inqusitor tornado colour to something else that isnt the orange, could be a whiter tornado or something. (I still dont like how i loose my heal from fire aura and force it on a cooldown if i use tornado chain though considering thats 2 of my 3 heals in my kit.) My suggestion is have fire tornado reset cooldown of fire aura in some way either flat our reset the cooldown when used or reduced cooldown of fire aura by 1 second per ally/enemy hit
  8. there one stake that had the old animation i think it was the Attack power one where it takes like 3 seconds to place the darn thing
  9. did you try piercing because before piercing quiver were only usable with quiver profiency, slashing/crushing/fire/ice were considered exotic while piercing wasnt
  10. 6.2 doesnt allow it in the list of traits required, there quite a few minors that people can equip where they dont meet listed requirements
  11. Yep i mention this earlier when i went warden i felt forced into dark because thats where all my traps bonuses were and the entire class promotion is trap based (Maybe make it archer/Dark) as a choice
  12. I wont be as an inquisitor you get like 5-8 minor as an option and most arnt that useful especialy when there low quality so the bonus stats wont be very high. So i definetly wont be taking a 3rd disc on a confessor until there more minor options that are good or i have a high quality minor disc, only 2 minor realy worth taking is Reaper and Glamour weapon it seems for me i currently have stay in the fight or Sun elf heritage but there kinda ok but i feel an extra talent point could do more. Like is Stay in the fight better than 3% crit/Crit dmgi dont think it is.
  13. Some domains have alot of options where others not so much. For minors there seems to be alot of Death/Dark minors for example and there like 5 choices for light/storm/fire domains i didnt even take a domain for my confessor cause there just weren't any good options. other classes get a whole lot more choice though
  14. Inquisitor is a bit awkward to use because your 3 heals are Fervor, fire aura and fire tornado Problem is fire aura gets removed when you use the next part of the combo so you loose out on a healing skill basicly, i feel fire aura should get removed when you use fire tornado.
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