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  1. Was enjoying this till they said they had no plans for open world pvp, sadly thats the best part of MMOs atleast for me keeps you on your toes
  2. Problems i have atm Crafting - Requiring other crafts is good to crafts thing problem is no one selling components and guilds cant easily transfer things to get thing crafted, if there were guildbanks and things to make it easier for guild to pass components and things around to crafters who need it, will greatly fix the issue here - Blacksmithing i strongly feels need to be split into 2 crafts simply to help reduce the workload for these crafters having 1 crafter to do 2 different types of armors along with weapons for basicly every class is a little demanding as the game expands the burden on this craft will increase exponentially . Vessels/Disc - leveling atm is too extreme especially when you want a different major/minor disc you have to remake and relevel a new vessel, which just takes to long forexample i accidently deleted a vessel this campaign and no motivation to get and relevel a new one and get the discaplines. - Disciplines are such a pain to farm right now especially getting certain ones that are vital for your class here a minor solution that could work for this, give people the ability to break down Major and minor disapline people dont want into shards, combining 10 shards together will allow a runecrafter to make any discipline, this way your guaranteed to get a discipline you need on your 10th discipline this way you atleast know you will get what u want eventually instead of getting millions of useless ones. Equipment - With quipment current durability the resource cost is way to high in my option you should keep the lower durability on equipment so crafters are in demand however the resource cost to craft equipment should be reduced this can be done by simply reducing the cost to craft the base component, so basicly instead of 3+3+3 ore = 1 ingot make it 2+2+2 = an ingot or what not this way gear is 33% less this may be a little to high still but you can always change it to 2+1+1 per ingot and what not if need be and so on. Doing it this way wont affect stats on the equipment since it still using the same amount of items with stats on them aka ingots. This can literally be done to all armor and weapon crafts. Easier to craft equipment that decays at a good paste will be good for the economy and crafters. as it stand now gear cost doesnt work with the gear durability and the lower durability option is probaly better that gear that lasts months.
  3. From my understanding horse shoes were spose to be the mount for centaurs or something
  4. Dont worry we didnt like you either you tend to run leaving allies behind to cover you when an evenish fight breaks out. Good thing you dont have to worry bout even fights anymore over there. Remember multiply occasional you did this, one when a castle wall got dropped and there was a reasonable force of winterblades on the other side you went to go through the breach but decided to pull back leaving half your facton force there to hold the point as you backed out at which stage the fight was then loss due to loosing to many people at the breach while u turned tail. Another time was winterblade pushed on us and HoA ran off while a couple of the order faction who wernt HoA stay and held a ridge which a few minutes later you guys are like ohh there holding we can win this and eventually came back in and cleared them out. Your first action in any situation that seem challenging is run to get a grasp on the situation but by doing so you loose fights that way because you loose players on your retreat to get a grasp on the situation. I remember another time when both HoA and WB attacked a fort with bout 15-20 people and there were 12 chaos defending it HoA backed out leaving WB in there which died while you guys backed out for a number check to see if you could win at that stage u lost over half your force and was no longer winable. Same thing happened with one of the keeps a few campaigns back you guys broke through winterblades rushed the tree you guys stood back which cause that push to fail horribly when if you all pushed it probaly would of been in your favor. I myself are glad HoA is no longer in the same faction as myself however as a game/testing standpoint in this stage of the game i dont like how one sided it has gotten due to your choice in allying the WB this basicly meant the 2 largest and most familiar guild with the game are on the one side which created a horrid balance between the factions which just cause more people to flock to balance for the satisfaction of so called winning a campaign which realy means nothing at this point.
  5. i saw a few order names on balance this time around along with some chaos ones soo yeah
  6. Yep when HoA went to join balance to join WB it through the population of the factions out of whack which gave them basicly free run of the campaign then player who thought it was hopeless to try fighting the zerg joined that faction so they can "win" if you can call it that which then caused a bigger faction pop issue and those still in the other faction no longer see a real reason to play appart from some minor testing each patch before stopping again waiting for the poplation between faction to fix themselfs so the game becomes fun again. No reason to play a game that is no longer considered fun due to simply huge unbalance between faction population. Seems like all balance is vsing atm are new player coming in and picking a random faction not knowing the difference. tbh those 2 guilds deciding to play to crush at this stage of the game by mega zerging it up in the respect of the current population is actually doing the game harm at this stage and causing new players to drop it after the first campaign they play. So instead of the game growing its tend to stagnate and possibly even be reducing atm. But hey thats there choice to make.
  7. i dont think he does, he rather ruin the gameplay experience and turn people off the game to win some pre alpha campiagns, the whole balance faction ordeal is kinda ruining the game for most people
  8. So then no chance of winning i shouldn't even try then gotcha.
  9. on full loot servers they can just up the resource drops rate or reduce the materially cost to craft items. prob reduce the dura on equipment slightly too if there easier to craft.
  10. Balance 115 vs Order 53 vs Chaos 48 as of scoreboard People with score on the scoreboard (People with Score, Kills or Crafting) Balance 109, Order 47, Chaos 41 So yeah balance has over half the population so there no wonder why they have all the keeps. Called this long before this campaign even started.
  11. Problem more than anything there only 1-2 useful stats per class if the other stats were more relevant and reason to get them then your fine with the current stat caps.
  12. Cant jump over most of the fort wall (Non built ones) either kinda annoying
  13. Exploration tree could have unlock pin slots, the ability to reveal resources on there maps and things like that. (Also feel the game should have fog of war at start so you have to locate everything at start so explorers can get larger reveal distance aswell and things.
  14. Orbs from my understanding are frostweaver base weapon btw
  15. there should be a pop up in character creation imo for the first character to select the 2 out of the 3 so newbies dont miss out and is prompted about it.
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