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  1. except aoe spam is pointless cause its limited to 5 targets generaly max and there selected at random where heals either hit everyone or have a cap but selects the most dmg people first it seems.
  2. Like for one campaign test to see what would happen if they removed the cap limit. No harm tbh at this stage of the game. This is the best time to try these things out.
  3. legit what im thinking just so i can use dodge in the range tray and keep block for melee. Initial suggestions from what i see: - Add 1 more skill slot next to consumable for 1 out of combat skill like wood elf camo, Alt+4 for example. (You can add a minor disapline that gives you a 2nd slot if you wanted, there definetly appear to be room for these. - Add a minor disapline that allows you to equip a dodge skill on your action bar this way templar and knights still have there option to dodge roll and there parry/block ability however they loose a combat slot instead the skill stil functions exactly the same way as it would normal but instead of right click it be on like number 8 instead it basicly allows you to drag it from the dodge slot to your combat bar instead. - Show a timer for going out of combat after combat ends in the debuff/buff section? so if you go out of combat 15 seconds after being hit or hitting somone you get a buff saying 10 seconds till out of combat so you can see.
  4. On regards to your aoe reply, even no graphic and a red outline helps in that regard you know it bad (Dunno how bad) but in huge fights it better than nothing. tbh the problem i have with AoE is there a cap on the amount it can hit so it promotes the zerg ball tactic alot and rushing to the tree and stacking up.
  5. Darkfall was great the first month or 2 when there were so many people in there but the lack of good pve content and high skill ceiling made 80% of the population quit. Tbh as funny as it sounds PvP focused game need to be 70% or so emphesis on other elements to keep the population be it crafting/PvE/City building and so on. Players are the content for PvP players so if you design the game to be pvp you want alot of other elements that work with the pvp you want to produce in your game, sadly darkfall for example was one that went basicly all into pvp and suffered because of it. I still wanna see open world bosses and dungeons in this game (No instances of course though)
  6. Can possible add tall bushes similiar to moba where people outside cant see in (aka invis) and people inside can see out (Can make bushes 50% opacity when inside it) or something
  7. I would like to see some skill disapline that convert how a skill might function. couple examples Disapline for archery left click may reduce dmg output but give it a piercing affect to hit 3 targets in a row instead of 1, or converts a healing spell to do dmg instead or vice versa.
  8. One would think there armor method would carry over but who really knows some comfirmation would be nice. I think it should cause some classes cap crit way to easily. Like my ranger crit capped without even trying to put points in dex.
  9. I reckon they should bump it up to 4m and see how that plays. Or minor Discipline could do it we need more non passive slot minors
  10. atm most fort fights consist of nothing happening until the last 5-10 mins where somone will come in and try and fight for it so the enemy cant retake it back before timer runs out, so basicly in the 1 hour period the only action you may or may not get is often the last 5-10 mins here a suggestion to potential make the fights last a bit longer. Accelerate the point gains during the siege timer have the score tick every 5-10 mins instead of 15 mins and have the keeps that are vunerable worth 3 times there normal points per tick while the siege is active, this way there more incentive to attack a keep at the start of the vulnerability times and hold it till the end of it, even if they loose it last minute they still get alot of points for holding it the rest of the 50 or so minutes
  11. I think your just feeling the pain of the seasons there, if your getting nothing after fully harvesting it its cause the plentiful harvest is like 0-1 pips
  12. You welcome mate (Also stats affect certain things aswell like str increases dmg on mining and dex for Wood) if you hover over thing in the detail tab it will tell you what stat affects it aswell Also the season in Fall atm in the campaign will has lower drop rate on resources, you realy wanna get all your harvesting done in Spring and Summer where you will get more resources from each node, Fall and winter is hell with 0 training in harvesting skill tree. Seasons reduce your plentiful harvest stat (Diamonds when you hover over the node there a max of 5 and 0 is lowest you basicly get nothing if it has 0 plentiful harvest.
  13. Harvesting nodes are all based off you harvesting skill (From passive tree, Tool+jewelery) level has nothing to do with it. Tool for example will say Logging+30 this will increase your dmg over a tool that says logging +10 (which is your intermediate tool basics i think are +5 dmg. There harvesting jewelery that increases your dmg for X harvesting aswell. you probaly wanna have +50 total stat for R9/10 (You can see it in your detail tab in exploration section if you scroll down till you find harvesting) of course the closer you are to 100 the quicker the node will go down. There often runetools being sold on merchant that have +30-50 for 1k-1.5k gold per normally. Takes some training in the crafting tree to make your own that decent though. Although Runetools even with no training should be better than basic and intermediate if thats what you using.
  14. There more likely leveling 3 character up each to log them out in each individual keep.
  15. they can always do it post launch 😛
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