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  1. New world i feel gonna crash and burn in a couple months. There PvP system is kinda gutted when swapped to more PvE orinated game (might get a pvp server somepoint though) The PvE is unfinished due to originally being a PvP game so they skimp out on PvE combat/mechanics so those players will get bored when they hit max level Economy gonna crash the moment everyone gets T5 gear due to no gear decay so u only need to get items once and once you do that crafting becomes obsolete. Soooo lets see how well New world goes if they can see there problems and fix it before it hit the threshold of players maxing out, ill still be playing it till crowfall gets ontop of there game and gets it to the state it should of been at release (But they released or was force to release too early)
  2. maybe a steam release might ressurect it when they get there poorly made dergs in order and actualy finish the game to a decent standard before releasing it -.-
  3. 7.2 will be on live on the week of the 4th Oct according to there post with the VIP reward
  4. One off game prob won't make it till next year 😛 although i hope it does lol
  5. They need to hurry up with a token system where everyone get tokens based on the position they placed top 5 percent they get 950 token top 10perc gets 900 top 15 is 850 and so on. Extra 300/200/100 for 1st 2nd 3rd aswell for each category. Conquest, power glory wealth and so on. These token are tradeable or item U purchase tradeable this way guild leader can claim them and hand them out as rewards to guild members who did well. Token are used to purchase thing like current rewards. This will also reward skill more than numbers since zergs will often top the board but smaller guild that score high will have more token per player ratio allowing them to get more per player than zergs.
  6. well idealy the token be used to buy cosmetic but the player can choose what they want instead of being selected, problem is they have more problems to deal with atm so they have less time to make a bunch of col cosmetics for these vendors atm
  7. i want some tree variants too so i can get shards for woodoworking weapons lol
  8. People seem so one dimensional with the Stealth Q it always used defensively why open up stealth combo then Q then open up with another stealth combo shortly afterwards? im yet to see anyone use it offensively
  9. Being first is kinda pointless in divine favor only realy goal is being top 20% in each catagory, i do think divine favor should have a reward for 1st 2nd and 3rd like qonquest has since thats the field smaller guilds have more chance to compete on,
  10. I can tell u last season my guild did atleast 600 gryphon sacrafices, and 60-70 boulders crafted to get 5 points for those 2 categories
  11. Glory should be aimed for small group/guild, Wealth should be crafting and harvesting, power should be aimed at large guilds card wise. Boulder one kinda sucks but it just a gold sink which isnt a bad thing tbh to help economy. Wall one is in the right category for power for the zergs. However that being said do zergs need another thing to play for they already got Conquest with it current set up although that being said i would like to see mechanic to allow smaller guild to compete for conquest and have a card type for small scale, Crafting/harvesting and large scale guilds and then conquest can be played for by everyone
  12. well we all told them it was way to early to release sooo kinda there own fault tbh, but i guess they ran out of money or pressure from investors
  13. thats cause the money is in new world for them, Twitch streamers and people who make living from youtube and all that will go to the new hot thing to make the money from the excitment it comes with. Like chances of people viewing ur Newworld strema new shiny game is more likely to get donation than an older one and so on
  14. Wonder how many people we will loose this dregs without any kina of balancing pass for some classes that are way overtuned. Conquest point increase on keep also makes it pointless for smaller/medium guilds to even attempt to compete with conquest since the gap from keep wil be even greater aswell.
  15. Commented on purple in sections i wanted to comment on
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