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  1. There gonna release too early imo however everyone these days releases to early -.- That being said with a bit more balancing specifically around gather/crafting, adding in a territory system with handshake seiges and some small changes it could be in an ok release spot but without those addition it could be a rocky release if they do. Territory system and handshake seiges is kinda a must imo (Also a guild UI system would be good too cause using the website it dumb)
  2. either half a second of invun or like a 1second 50% dmg reduction buff (Could then add minors that do other bonuses when you dodge like extra 50 AP after dodging or next attack does 50% bonus dmg, or heals for 2% hp when you dodge)
  3. i think they should give you half a second of immunity or like 50% dmg reduction (Glancing blows)
  4. tbh you should hand some more of those out when 6.4 hit to help build some population. if you think 6.4 is in a good spot for that ofcourse.
  5. im more curious about an eta of when we might see 6.4 for ourselves on test 😛
  6. no matter what you do gamers will find a way to game the system. Its pretty much impossible to stop since if you fix one thing they find a new way to do it The path of least resistant is kinda plague on the MMO market and we cant stop doing it, its like we forgotten about the journey and just focused on results rather than how we got there, we become a bit of a machine in that regards.
  7. Im fine with 1 card set being orinated for large guilds owning keeps and points and things like that, however they need the opposite to benefit smaller guilds so one card set need to be mainly per player type cards to have an advanatage for smaller guilds and then you kinda want the 3rd card to be a little bit inbetween where both large and small clans have evenish chance. Glory imo should have alot of per mamber cards power should be more of the keep cards and things Wealth should be harvesitng/crafting/farming mobs kinda deal some should be per member aswell. imo atleast
  8. possibility of a wipe or partial wipe is cming next patch so people tend to takes breaks when that happens. High elf models are kinda bad they look like drug addicts
  9. yeah but they dont mention faction v faction anymore cause it not a thing atm
  10. it be an option i think for any campaign type that drops inventory on death and so on so FvF when they come back at some point will be an option aswell not just GvG maps
  11. Good bye population till 6.4 word wiped was mentioned
  12. Ok before i get started this will be a long one and im not the best as explaining things in text so ill do the best i can. I wanted to get in early since you apparently working on one and will be talked about next month or so and its a key feature for the game your trying to make. System we have now that we will be using So we have three main system we will be using for this and these are the Parcel system, the camp system and the keep upgrade/building mechanics. The Basics of how the system will work - Every Parcel will have a capture point located somewhere within them some will have
  13. A thought when watching the Q&A in regards to the attribute section. Lets use the knight as an example since it pretty base line what if you get new passives unlocks based of your high your stats. After obtaining 150 str for example knights attacks might now cleave for 50% dmg After obtaining 250 str the cleaves now do 75% dmg instead of 50 After hitting 150 Dex you can now use both dodge and block (Holding down the block/dodge key will block where clicking it will dodge) After 250 Dex you might get an extra dodge roll After hitting 150 Con your blocks now reflect 10% of th
  14. There doing lobby next patch and then there doing a character creation one after that atleast thats what there Q&A said today
  15. Im guessing it be something like an XP bar where once u fill up the crafting XP bar you will get a discipline or craft x amount = a disapline or something along those lines, Atleast in regards to the RNG with crafting and harvesting
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