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  1. Could add it to crafting as a stat, maybe stealth speed rings/necklace for example or armor ingot/hide combo provides it as a stat
  2. veeshan

    Druid Armor

    Anything but leather cause thats a gripe to farm/make
  3. Fall dmg does have a counter, barriers the problem is devs decide that you cant use any skills while airborn which sometime make it clunky feeling not to mention thats kinda what created the issue with getting stuck inbetween small rocks since jump seems to be classified as a skill aswell. if you could cast while airborn then it be much easier to counter play fall dmg. There was suppose to be a weight stat which reduced knockup effects mainly on heavier armor types and tank classes and so on but seem they did away with that.
  4. Maybe instead of a flat out item reward we current get with this campaign what if you are rewarded currency instead which can be used to buy the item if you get enough if you dont you can save it up for next campaign? i feel this gives you a little more versatility in the reward structure since you can alter what you get to a degree which could help reducing zerg mentality that we currently have this campaign. For example you can reward faction x currency that gets split up between there contributing members of that faction. For example 1st may get 10k, 2nd get 5k and 3rd gets 2.5k this will all get split with everyone in the faction that has actively contributed to the score board. It also means if somone zergs it up with lets say 100 players and the other 2 faction have lets say 40 players each on the remaining two, This would actualy be an incentive to not zerg up because in this case 2nd place would actually be receiving more coins to go towards there reward which tbh I think is fairer because lets face it to win when you over double the other faction numbers isnt much of an accomplishment. And it also gives incentive to kinda balance out the factions a little more to maximise coins you get as rewards since it not spliting between as many players.
  5. You can pretty much mine anything with a +50 tool with no training, +20 will get you R7s which is the best node to harvest early on since anyone get get +20 picks easy. Get +20 picks with 1 knotwood, 4 slag, 3 cobble stone and 13 dust, large reroll basicly garantees i tool around +20 and by using the slag/knotwood and all that you make it cheaper dust wise to reroll with no noticable affects using the worst materials can craft these with 0 skill and just a runecrafting disc+crafting minors disc there is a catchup mechanic planned but not in yet
  6. Personaly i just want a map where iron actually exists in wtb R10 iron nodes
  7. Random question but did you have an advance weapon equipped at the time, opretty sure all weapon and armor tree only give the stats if you have the equipment on. I could be wrong though.
  8. Forumfall was fun till Pann shut it down
  9. treated steel stacks are for when blueprints become a thing where u can make blueprint and have a thrall craft x amount of the exact same.
  10. Swordsman Passive Has a chance to cast mighty surge on you when you perform any non-basic, non shield melee attack while wielding a sword. It doesnt seem to work on 95% of disciplines melee attacks Works with Tenderize (Atleast first chain) Dazzling Blade Bloodstrike Every other one it doesnt seem to work with (used each skill atleast 30 times to test.
  11. I got 4 pip in one power effiency and now im at cap at 40% sooo yeah for me those efficiency pips are useless
  12. and if alts were worth 1 point due to not being high on score board where anyone else playing the game may be worth 10 points 5 kills isnt hard to get when actively playing an hour. You can also allow this as a catch up mechanic and have it so u can only get score via killing somone in a faction thats ahead of you, so loosing faction gets 2 targets while 2nd gets 1 target and first gets none to boost there score/faction score.
  13. His post was regharding Euro server btw not NA
  14. Sad but true i spend more time alt tabbed in this thread than in the actual game
  15. You can put like a 1hr debuff one somone when they die by a player so they dont provide score next death. You can also have people higher on the scoreboard worth more for killing. or have killing spree reward more score when it gets broken so harvesters arnt worth much unless there killing people that jump them
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