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  1. I cant use 1 button to swap between ranged/melee tray in ranger? why not? why most it be 2 different keys? (super super annoying) Still cant beleive they havant been able to do this yet -.- how hard can it be code a toggleable buttong instead of 2 seperate ones
  2. they want you to press more than 1 button? it would seem 😛
  3. it funny cause the talent point are literaly my archer build no forest step with the melee majors is kinda a big oof though whats the point of faire fire when u take ppoisoner which changes ur attacks to poision anyway?
  4. Woodworking statue buff is still broken and will not remain on a character for more than 6 seconds when entering a parcel with the statue, Sooo still locked out from doing woodworking since cant acquire the statue buff -.-
  5. its more to give people something to do when they wander around aimlessly
  6. Repeatable quests wouldnt be a bad thing like a couple quests a day that u get from temple or player cities, these quests should all be the same thing for the day to draw peoplein certain area to create a hotspot persay. I would reward it a bit of gold and maybe a token that can be used to purchase cosmetic items or thing like the racial crafting recipes pages. If they can connect world band together it would be pretty solid tbh god reach end quests take u to portal to go to infected then there a portal in skypoint that takes you to a world hub (So a map with many portals (atm it be like
  7. the only huge one is realy the first vessel going from poor to white then it not that huge after that, especialy with the nerf on vessel recently
  8. you do know i said alliances size not guild size the fact that it guild base is silly right now and u know large guild like to take small guild keeps to obtain a fully build bell tower for conquest points or R3 building for cards, now if they all go poof or disabled it not as appetising for them since they would then need to rebuild them. If big alliances wanna split there forces in to multiple alliances to be able to get all 3 well thats fine cause 1 the guards will attack them if they try and defend, 2 friendly fire would now also be a thing if they split forces to compete for them all an
  9. I think they need thresholds on the rewards based on alliance size (Rewards should be score by alliance imo aswell for conquest and reward goes to the leader of that alliance and they can split up the winnings with other guilds or keep it themselfs) Best reward (So current 1st place) goes to alliance size 100+ (Numbers can vary this is just an example) active members who entered the campaign. 2nd best reward (Current 2nd place reward) goes to winner of alliance between 50-100 players in the campaign 3rd highest reward goes to winner of alliances with less than 50 players This way all
  10. best bet is to search market, trader or bazaar most people will name there EK to somethign with these 3 words in if there trying to sell things I know walmart trader and Aeryth traders often have vessel in white and green quality up there often
  11. You dont gain bonus stats off leveling or talent points after 30, you get 50 hp however and thats it from the leveling process it realy just unlock the abiolity to use the next vessel up quality which will provide you with maybe a 5% increase in stats from the previous one (with exception of the first upgrade form starter vessels cause the starter vessels r bad) Your vessel itself has some stats on it but thats just like how equipment has stats on it in that regards (only huge difference is between ur basic vessel you start with and the very first crafted one) after that the increase might
  12. Btw you know the difference between lvl 30 and 35 is a whole 250hp right? which is often less than 1 left click.
  13. When you dodge you should get 50% dmg reduction for 1 second (To simulate a glancing blow) Can add a minor to boost this to say 75 or 100% reduction for 1 second when u dodge. i would also consider dropping CD on 20m dodges by a couple seconds say 18 instead of 22sec to take it account of the slight buff to 10m dodge users with this change.
  14. i feel biggest problem is stamina regen gets disabled for like 3 second when u use stamina so sprinting make it so you never regen stamina which i dont think should be the case seeing how fast it actually consume it then stop u from regening it even with stamina regen increases. i think it be better to stamina always regen even after just using stamina consuming abilities and then have retaliate consume more stamina to counteract the base regen rate.
  15. Feedback on the offensive music skills you can maintain these songs and be out of combat (until you hit something) so why does casting them put you into combat originally when u first use them only to be dropped out of combat 3 seconds later if u dont hit anyone. Imo bard offensive skills shouldnt put you into combat unless u affect a enemy with them, will make it less annoying to maintain some of the bard skills while moving around and might make things smoother entering combat with people. Dirge of Dissonance seems a little underwhelming aswell even twisting it it doesnt do a whole lot
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