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  1. Alot of that comes down to zergs being zergs they need a system that makes zerging a little less prevelant like debuff when your alliance has more than 50 players in a zone like 1perc HP per player over 50
  2. They kinda have the right idea tbh now with all on one server to keep population and prevent people doing other dregs for easy scoreboard score the problem is the map needs to be like 4 times the size lol I suspect they double it again next dregs but with 40 maps tiles with spread out seige and fort timers for all timezones it a good start maybe rotate the server dregs on so it goes East then west then euro then australia then so on
  3. They need to swap to a token reward system where said token are used to purchases things off a vendor aka conquest token power token wealth token glory tokens. This is easier to balance reward wise too and allows for solo rewards not just guild There be token vendors in temple for each kind and what not
  4. Cant reoll durability on quivers when crafting, and cant see quiver durability on the items itself. base dura on them rather low but cant see values im guessing 500 dura
  5. They should give us all the assets on test server for map creation and let us make parcels and keep for them
  6. Suggestion for Campaign rewards You need a reward for the solo player not just the guild leader. My suggestion is to reward players Campaign tokens/coins depending on there score and how they do and so on in that campaign, these coins are non tradeable and can purchase items from vendors these items can be thing that are normally in the campaign rewards along with other things like cosmetics, armor designs, parcels EK props and so on. You can even make the guild rewards into tokens to Conquest tokens, Wealth tokens, power tokens and so on which can purchase thing in the temple off the corresponding vendors this also makes it easier to balance rewards since peope can buy what they want instea dof handing out all crafting disc for example instead to cover all your basis.
  7. lots of people complaining smaller guilds get shafted here but on my server top 20% conquest was legit 1050 points if u cant get 1050 points in a campaign then there something wrong with you there since you can get it solo there if you realy wanted.
  8. well think 7k crit followed by 1k attack right afterwards, its rufio stream video where he basicly rage quite he died in 1.5 seconds from full hp
  9. Either that or she theory crafting a new build that works instead of the meme oneshot TBH when a build only counter is to hit q within half a second of piercing invulnerability debuff popping up on you to reduced the 8k crit thats about to happen its kinda silly
  10. they defiantly were being used quite a few people made 1 man guilds to score on the scoreboard usualy a couple hours could yield top 60% since all u needed on my current server was 41 conquest points to get that. that being said u only need 2462 point to be top 20%, 601 conquest to be top 40% and 331 point to get top 60% now whcih sint much either tbh
  11. u can get 100 conquest point as a solo player so easily lol literaly 25 outpost ticks in winter lol
  12. Campaign scoring and reward should be alliance based and the large shield gets to claim the reward and divide it up with there sub guilds (or betray them and keep it). This is to reward smaller alliances and solo guild and help pursuade people making mega alliance might not just be as benefititial for them when they need to split rewards with other guilds. Atm it to easy to score in to p20% so everyone in big alliance get the 20% reward so there no reason not to mega zerg since u all get everything anyway in most cases.
  13. Do runic frost caster exist yet ive never found a frost caster runic book yet not sure if unlucky or they never got added since frostweaver came after the runic weapons and got forgotten
  14. werewolfs to go with Make them human and as racial they transform into a beast with new melee tray when they get to a % hp threshold
  15. Dont take my archer melee tray away its great the problem is the tray swap clunkiness give us one button toggle between range and melee tray or atleast the option
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