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  1. They can also see the flare so they can go around it
  2. The book is my favorite drop lots of XP for blue vessels
  3. King should be 1 blue and 2 greens or 3 greens. Chiefs should be 90% green 10% blue Captains should be 50% chance green Elites 5% chance Normals 0.5% chance If they drop on normal tribes somewhat often ull get peopel farming them and there be pvp content there more
  4. Would be interesting to see one that give an ability that makes you invis briefly like a 5-10 seconds where there invunerable and cant attack during the stealth, name it plains shift or something along those lines
  5. Speaking of weapon skins it would be interesting if each weapon skin had a small bonus in something to make em slightly different, For example one race arcane bow might get a +1 Crit chance, another might get +1m Range, another could have richoche shots where arrows bounce to one additional target but had a 5% less base dmg that the other for example. A Fae dagger could have 75% base dmg + 25% poison dmg on aswell or nethari could have fire dmg option. Some class specific weapons like pistol/2h sword could add bonuses to certain skills and so on
  6. In every game ive played with alliances darkfall for example zerg fests alliance never last long either the rest of the server allies up to combat the zerg fest and then it disbands or they get so bored because they cant kill anyone cause most of them are allied they get bored and disband there alliance. Soo thats not a concern of mine darkfall huge mega empires always fell not to long after they formed. Alliances here should be focused on maintaining the lower population guilds and allowing them to compete without merging in with another guild this is allowing them to ally other guilds and be green to eachother so they are able to get roughtly same numbers as the large guilds and sit on roughly equal footing. Most player base in MMO generaly sit in lots of smaller guilds not 1 huge one so you need to keep smaller guilds happy aswell if they feel there not treated fairly or cant compete you will have alot of the player base quite simply cause they cant compete with large guilds and they dont wanmt to loose there guild tag they have carried for years though muiltipul games. In darkfall a game realy similiar to crowfall in some ways, Hyperium formed shortly after release consisting off a huge player base, Goonsquad gets formed to combat the mega alliance, Hyperium falls, Bunch of guilds drop from goonsquad alliance since the agenda of toppling the mega zerg is over and things go back to normal for awhile. Then we had another alliance that took over a whole subcontinent but people stopped going there due to being zerged and then they got bored and a coupe happened which split there zerg alliance in half where the new half wanted to take the cities down there and give to other guilds so there more PvP on that island again sooo yeah im not convered with mega alliances being formed they always burn themselfs out managing a huge alliance.
  7. Doesnt it show combo cooldown under the skill on the hotbar, it small but it should be there atleast it was last i looked
  8. thing u gotta be carful of in alliance victories is people joining the winning alliance last day type thing
  9. Realy have 2 options depending on how they want alliances to function Option 1: Have alliance just function in basicly making them green to each other and alliance chat scoring will still score per guild, this promote alot of tempory alliances Option 2: Have alliances function as a guild when it comes to scoring all alliance members score counts towards an alliance score, if they leave the alliance the alliance keeps the score but that guild score contributes to there guild score from that point onwards if an alliance win all the alliance guilds get the benefite. This promotes long term alliances however to prevent exploiting of people joining last minute to get the win bonuse have it so alliances can only be formed during spring and summer once fall hits your locked in till rest of the campiagn (You can still leave the alliance) but no one can join from that point onwards.
  10. probaly just an auto clicker with a char logged in to a secondary PC/laptop
  11. They should make time seiges get extended by 20 minutes when it gets captured too, this allows people to counter attack seiges captured last minute so the window gets extended by 20 minutes if somone else captures it in that window it gets extended by another 20 minutes.
  12. One of the duelist can kinda with the 5 pip peppershot it takes like 3 seconds to get 5 pips so it spamable. unless they added a CD since i last played them a couple patches ago. Frostguard needs a nerf in some way without a doubt they have good dmg, there tanky, they support there team with frostarmor and they have great aoe and CC soooooo yeah
  13. Hey i would love a spot if im allowed fighting over GR spots suck
  14. I would make start vessels grey quality and have vendor sell grey minors and ingected/godreach only drops grey minors, Have whites and above drops in campaigns and there all upgradeable Or have minors in campaigns drop green minors in place of whites.
  15. Cc classes need a way through retaliate stam drain screw tanky classes though since they require stam to block i rather having it force put retaliate on CD however if they give retaliate a CD in the first place it wont be a problem since CC spec have muiltipul hard CC normally. so they will be getting some off, often. But yeah hard CC like stun knock down need to be removed from range kits in favor of slows, silences and roots (This should be there heaviest CC in most cases available to CC spec) Frostweavers in a weird spot cause frostguard technically a tank which means they get alot of CC however they do way to much dmg for there tank roll which is a different problem all together.
  16. Forgot to put in ranged attacks shouldnt have hard CC, roots/slow and supress the CC they get melee get the knockdowns and stuns the hard CC skills. Slayer and Frostweaver are the only one that have hard CC from what ive seen Knight completly counter archers but no one plays them and in large scale there pointless to play.
  17. Well no one plays melee to dive atm due to being aoes spammed AoE spam classes allows people to finish people at a range without potentially suiciding in there giant group to try and finish somone off where they can just play a aoe class and deal with large groups and able to finish people off. u either need a bunch of melee to dive or none at all.
  18. Most people are doing AOE build/classes because its almost impossible to finish people off with single target attacks because they run back behind there front line which all the attacks aimed at the low hp guy gets blocked by other people.
  19. tbh the problem with rangers is woodelf, take away there dodge its become much harder to keep distance and then alot harder to actually do dmg without being interrupted. Give melee reliable hard CC aka nerf retaliate with 30 sec cooldown or something would be a huge buff for melee so it easier for them to do dmg/combo after stuns without being retaliated and dodged away from. Also seems like a high tension bow on 3rd auto attack which for what ever reason does double the dmg than every other left click from every other bow.
  20. like i would make retaliate 1minute CD (No stam cost) and any CC affects leave u invun to CC for 1 second after it wares off (Enough time to dodge and prevent complete lockdowns). Then have Minor/Major disc or even talents that can drop retaliate down to 30 seconds maybe 20 on some classes like mobility ones like assasins.
  21. tbh i feel the biggest problem for melee atm is there hard CC that most melee have to unload dmg on ranged units just get retaliated off instantly. cant land combos either cause retaliate and dodge usualy happens. I feel retaliate how it is right now is biggest bane for melee and if they put it on a 30 sec cooldown or something it would help alot probaly remove all hard CC from ranged attacks and leave them with roots and slows instead.
  22. Crowfall - ACE Q&A for June: Tuesday, July 6, 11 am CDT | 6 pm CEST - 6 hours ago Somone messed up the twitch title for the video guess they didnt update it
  23. When im not stuck at work ill have to watch it 😛
  24. Remove timers full stop, Add seige system where guilds need to wager gold or chaos embers to declare (Depends on how built the city/fort is) a seige on a target, they then have 1 hour to plant bane tree seeds (X distance i think 1000m from fort/keep), 24 hours after seige has been declare it becomes vunerable defenders get 30 minutes to destroy the bane tree of the attacks before there fort/keep becomes vunerable to capture which the attacks get an hour to try and take it. Walls/building are vunerable when attacks tree become vunerable. If defenders win they get the wager of the attackers had to pay, Attackers win they get the keep/fort Timers suck especially when fort/keep take so much effort to build up, spend all this time/resources to build it up only to get it flipped in 3 days in most cases for 0 cost to the attackers. they dont feel like guild bases when they get flipped so easily with no risk for the attackers. Edit: we also need to be able to bind recall to forts/keeps
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