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  1. Im getting 2-12 Embers in 20 minutes off R10s. Purple resources are actually rely easy to get too legos arnt to bad either and i roll 100-115AP on small reroll necks so its not a huge upgrade on the rerolls I do run 175 odd experimentation though, unfortunately cant get higher than that due to lack of ways to get experiment difficulty reduction equipment. i just wished total reroll jewellery cost modifier was high enough to be useful 5% on legendary isnt realy enough when things take 5-10 embers
  2. Chaos is a bunch of small guilds that only realy come together when seiges time other than that there playing solo or with there guild so u wont get large groups.
  3. You would get fights if you walked around in smaller groups.
  4. From other game large amount of nametages always cause a fk load of lag, juts having an option to remove enemy/ally name tags would substantial help lag imo
  5. From my experience from other games name tags actualy cause alot of lag when it comes to larger scale stuff.
  6. Yeah just mean anyone anywhere in the zone can make it to a fight when somone get attacked in your zone espcialy when its a Templar or pitfighter. 2 harvesting (a paladin and swordman) can fight for 15 minutes agaist 4 winter blades aswell before they finally die and thats not even in combat gear. In most large fight it seem to come down to who can hold most people in a bomb area only time people tend to die. like take the fight at the keep today at the bane tree im in green equipment and i didnt drop below 98% hp the whole time and i was in the middle of a sea of red, Only time i saw people loose HP was when they were hit by druid bombs thats only time people seemed to have died. and thats probaly heavily due to not many people have a great deal of protection against nature dmg.
  7. You simply proved my point one the people your fighting arnt geared where you guys are rather geared. TTK gets stupidly long when u start going into purple armor/weapon, not to mention you guys seem to be abusing a bug that allows you to get more dmg on your weapon than you normaly would be bale to, 194 weapon dmg for example that you guys posted the other day at the seige. During that fort fight there basicly was 2 templars taking all the hits at the door way while your druids bombed it, 2 templars shouldnt be able to with stand 25 odd people hitting them. Pretty much non of you guys lost HP.
  8. Ok thanks for the info count find it anywhere ^.^
  9. It seems to me TTK people starting to get a little too long as you get geared. As in the benefit from high end armor outweigh equivalent the bonuses weapons give as you start moving up in tiers. its can take an increadbly long time to kill anyone when it 2 people in epic gear fighting each other, especially when they have self healing abilities lol. ive seen paladins take on 5 geared people for like 20 minutes before he dies (Fair enough he a tanky healer but still the other 5players had roughtly same gear level. I feel weapons need a minor buff although maybe Runic weapons will probaly fix this when we get them. the game is definetly in the tanky self sustaining class meta atm. Mitigate dmg and heal it up with your self heals cause weapon s just arnt doing the dmg required to break through it.
  10. Have they posted the rewards and requirment to get said reward yet for this campaign. I know it was top 30 for 1st 20 for 2nd anf 10 for third last time is the same this time or different?
  11. Rather not have green resource taking up space on the R10 loot table 😛
  12. im getting 1-12 chaos embers in 20 mins solo mining atm
  13. For Spies allow for block interaction option this command wouuld block somone seeing you in /who, your chat messages aswell and block them from using equipment you place. (Love when spies jump on your seige equipments.
  14. I dont want one tenth of my faction slot allocation filled with balance spies. There currently a minimum of 3 watching the zones were in every siege,
  15. sold a gold ring today on my vendor. I craft jewellery for mats+tip for chaos faction members aswell, made a few 125+ AP necklaces for chaos members
  16. only realy need elemental devour from elementalist
  17. I tend to find alot of the disaplines take way to many pips to use effectivly I run runecaster and elemenalist on my paladin. Although elementalist is ran by basicly everyone during seiges
  18. You wont find much in balance since most of the population on balance is winterblade and HoA and they tend to keep anything decent they craft to there guild (Which is fair enough no warning bout talking bout a guild please) as for other faction they dont tend to sell anything to balance if they can help itatleast thats the situation on the NA side of thing i dont think euro has a high balance populatio either but i could be wrong since i havant check Euro population between factions recently
  19. Dont think any guild filled 3 groups appart from u back then in the seiges
  20. Your guys fault for that with HoA gutting 1 faction Bonus thing there not gonna be stupid amount of friently fire at keep seiges now
  21. Kinda Hoa Fault on how thing went, leaving order for balance fk order up and all the order guild no longer wanna be there and rolling chaos it seems cause they dont wanna be with you guys.
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