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  1. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    All you realy need is green weapons and armor tbh. vessels dont do a whole lot tbh in comparison to gear.
  2. State of the Knight 5.8

    U may as well be a mym when there pull get fixed if u want that gimmick
  3. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    Many players have 40% armor penetration aswell, had a mym kill my knight in 6 hits cause he was hitting me with 40% pen so i basicly had 3% dmg reduction. double striking for 2.5k non crit 3.2k crit. Would of been better with leather in that situation cause then i could do some kinda dmg back
  4. Spirit Bank usable only in facction temple

    Just gonna say i kill those who jump me often when im harvesting, problem is everyone play stealth class harvesters which there whole thing is getting the jump on somone if they dont there super disadvantage. I harvest on a knight myself which is rather weak state atm atleast sentinels are due to how anti CC is atm, however ive killed majority of the players who jump me harvesting most of them are assasins and knight using molehunter seems to work well on them (Mole hunter and master of maces was my only combat disc equipped) if you played something like a pitfighter though (Which are broken state u probaly would never die farming unless jumped my multiply people. The game as a design perspective is to harvest with people watching you back aswell. One reason why mothernodes work as they do atm is to reinforce that concept. Ive started mining to get PvP myself since running around to empty locations over and over got tedious now i just mine in high traffic zones till somone attacks me.
  5. Spirit Bank usable only in facction temple

    Well one reason might be cause they never done a balance pass yet. To early in development for that they tune thing a little that are blantenly broke but there not doing any real balancing yet. To time consuming when there next addition to the game may break the balancing work they just did.
  6. State of the Knight 5.8

    CC class builds need to be looked at tbh with how anto CC currently is any form of build that relies on hard CC often get screwed since there low dmg due to having the extra hard CC but they cant even utilise that for sentinels hard CC for me is literally only for energy regen nothing else. i dont expect it to stick for more than half a second (Especialy since ived noticed people running E Macros where they toggle it on there e key just gets mashed like 10 times a second so any CC instantly gets retaliated to the point they dont even get put in the Stun or knock down position) and if they run Jaggunant or something its acutely deferential to CC at all since you letting them heal there HP back and do decent dmg back with retaliate. Equaly bad when CC build have lower dmg like sentinels your healing most of the dmg they do back from that passive alone -.- CC specs need some way to hinder the use of Retaliate (Only CC designed advance classes) Either making it cost additional stamina to use, preventing the use of retaliate for X (1 second base before retaliate can be used and that goes up or down depending on CC intensity stats) seconds after being stunned/knockdown based on hard CC bonus Vs Hard CC defence of the player (Currently hard CC passive and all that are a useless skil due to retaliate) This garantees CC will atleast last for a second or 2 on these classes built to do CC which makes them a little more useful. You could also allow for them to CC through a CC immunity as a perk also, these are some suggestion for those CC build classes ofcourse dont have all of them on one class cause thata be broken just throwing some suggestion to make the CC builds like Fury(I think its fury bottom templar line), Sentinel and all that in there CC roll.
  7. State of the Knight 5.8

    if dodge pip CD wasnt random intervals shield bash and chain pull would be knight best ability, the randomness of the dodge pip cming back makes it a pain in the ass and very RNGish aswell Sentinels gets hit hard with the current CC immunity/break mechanics which realy sucks. Resolve would be interesting if there was no CD and was constantly ticking heals on you when u hit that threshold so u need to dmg faster than the healing regen. would help with survival too.
  8. yep unless there a warning system like a territory system where u can see point being captured to get to a fort there wont be a defence so it will just be an empty fort no matter the population. New system will be back cap the fort with higher value and slowly work the way around the map flipping them all and ignoring outposts again, boring all i can say. I do think a territory system + the system there adding will work realy well together because the back lines will build up points to promote people trying to push in deeper and more value in defending the territory to stop them pushing in to get the juicy points.
  9. Groups appearing on you.

    get a little bit of farsight stat and u can see alot further, elven eyes for example is another 22m, then u can get rings that add 10+ aswell each.
  10. How to do the best Archer?

    Ranged brigand i think is actually better than archer imo, being able to disengage and follow up by a stealth meanwhile regening hp while stealthed and repositioning to open up again is alot easier than archer and ur dmg might be slightly lower than archer but same range. Also having a bunch of traps around you helps alot stopping people sneaking up on ya
  11. Faction selection

    You will be able to change faction again when next campaign happen in the next 1-2 days cant remember off the top of my head till next one launches. but this is a common problem it seems for newbies atleast campaigns are short atm but once we get to the longer ones it will suck I feel they need to make it a little more clear in character creation when choosing factions.
  12. I feel they should remove the hard cap of 39 meters, keep the 20 meters for distance modifier bonus cap and the allow bows range bonus to actualy do something. Right now range on bow means nothing cause u hit the 39m cap without it as an archer. Atm if u wanna play a range ranger class go one of the other 2 and put a couple pips into range on a green bow and ull be capped ranged aswell and have more tools at ur disposal. Archers honostly need 60m or so max range to be useful at keep defences cause u loose half ur range due to elevation on the wall so you cant even realy hit the ground infront of you let alone anything actually useful. If bows range did something i would be using 2 bows as an archer a bow with all pip in range for keep defences and open field i would be using a lower range one with higher dmg. atm you cant outrange anyone and ur literaly paper with no escape so an assasin can literaly instant kill you.
  13. Oval Diamond Rings (the healer spirit ring has crit hit chance on it instead of crit healing chance. Should give an option to atleast be crit healing option on jewlery instead of all dmg bonuses. 2hded weapons might need the option for 2 hunger shards instead of just one to put them in line with duel wield classes who can have 1 shard in each weapons. Shields should probaly get hunger shard option too for the knights and clerics and all that aswell.
  14. How is Performance At This Point?

    Not to bad apart from keep fights
  15. Territory system where u need to cap points to get to the forts would work great especially with the new system. Would mean u can see attacks on forts coming as the camps get pushed toward forts so you can muster a defence before they get there.
  16. Duelist in 5.8

    Impale is based off Max hp 5 pip stack will put somone to 50% at 5 pips, the problem itself isnt the impale imo its the fact your pips dont decay out of combat so u can walk around with 5 pips u got from a mob and walk up and impale somone to half hp from 100% (Its 10% dmg per pip) From my understanding if there below 50% hp it will do no dmg.
  17. Crafting/Gathering Suggestions for 2019

    Actually i said next reset i would go blacksmithing weapons side of things. Im the only jewelery crafter atm in the guild though
  18. Crafting/Gathering Suggestions for 2019

    Please for the love of god please please split Blacksmithing into armor and weapon smithing I feel sorry for our blacksmith he doesnt even get to play the game with the amount of crafting requests from 20+ people there more than enough in blacksmithing to split the profession into 2 especialy with runic weapons coming in at some stage too not to mention in the future ur bound to add more recipes/weapon types and all that. Armor smithing takes up more time due to all the sub components and blacksmithing is just needed by literaly every class i dont think there a single class that doesnt need something from blacksmithing for there weapons not to mention half the other crafts need items from blacksmithers aswell...... the demand for blacksmithing atm is literary twice if not more the the 2nd most demanded profession atm
  19. gotta wait for factories to be implemented before you can do multiple in an item.
  20. Im 80% sure there be atleast an item wipe for when they do there sanctum campaign start when ever that might be (Was spose to be near end of January so probably February)
  21. I always dissemble my characters the night before the campaign ends. not to much to do atm at the end. Doesnt take much to get epic mount back though during spring less than an hour.
  22. You can throw things into the little bank chest and right click it out and it stacks that way. Spirit bank doesnt though has to be chest
  23. More recognition for harvesters and crafters

    here a thought. What if when you go far enough down the harvesting tree for example you unlock a skill that gives you % mining on an item that your able to sacrafice for score? So basicly in say mining tree there a node you can get that works like the slag mining for exam,ple that gives you 1% chance per pip to get a sacraficial ore that you can sacrifice at the blazer to get score for your faction, high grade will yield higher score. This would work for the gatherers. Crafting you could allow similiar system where u unlock a pip and every time you craft an item u can proc a chance to get an item that can be used to sacrafice for score for your faction, Procing the item on a high resource cost item will yield more than say procing it on a tool for example.
  24. u wont get that high in current game i guess if u rolled all range on a legendary u might get to 50m on a bow but u wouldnt do as much dmg