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  1. One would think there armor method would carry over but who really knows some comfirmation would be nice. I think it should cause some classes cap crit way to easily. Like my ranger crit capped without even trying to put points in dex.
  2. I reckon they should bump it up to 4m and see how that plays. Or minor Discipline could do it we need more non passive slot minors
  3. atm most fort fights consist of nothing happening until the last 5-10 mins where somone will come in and try and fight for it so the enemy cant retake it back before timer runs out, so basicly in the 1 hour period the only action you may or may not get is often the last 5-10 mins here a suggestion to potential make the fights last a bit longer. Accelerate the point gains during the siege timer have the score tick every 5-10 mins instead of 15 mins and have the keeps that are vunerable worth 3 times there normal points per tick while the siege is active, this way there more incentive to attack a keep at the start of the vulnerability times and hold it till the end of it, even if they loose it last minute they still get alot of points for holding it the rest of the 50 or so minutes
  4. I think your just feeling the pain of the seasons there, if your getting nothing after fully harvesting it its cause the plentiful harvest is like 0-1 pips
  5. You welcome mate (Also stats affect certain things aswell like str increases dmg on mining and dex for Wood) if you hover over thing in the detail tab it will tell you what stat affects it aswell Also the season in Fall atm in the campaign will has lower drop rate on resources, you realy wanna get all your harvesting done in Spring and Summer where you will get more resources from each node, Fall and winter is hell with 0 training in harvesting skill tree. Seasons reduce your plentiful harvest stat (Diamonds when you hover over the node there a max of 5 and 0 is lowest you basicly get nothing if it has 0 plentiful harvest.
  6. Harvesting nodes are all based off you harvesting skill (From passive tree, Tool+jewelery) level has nothing to do with it. Tool for example will say Logging+30 this will increase your dmg over a tool that says logging +10 (which is your intermediate tool basics i think are +5 dmg. There harvesting jewelery that increases your dmg for X harvesting aswell. you probaly wanna have +50 total stat for R9/10 (You can see it in your detail tab in exploration section if you scroll down till you find harvesting) of course the closer you are to 100 the quicker the node will go down. There often runetools being sold on merchant that have +30-50 for 1k-1.5k gold per normally. Takes some training in the crafting tree to make your own that decent though. Although Runetools even with no training should be better than basic and intermediate if thats what you using.
  7. There more likely leveling 3 character up each to log them out in each individual keep.
  8. they can always do it post launch 😛
  9. I kinda want them to add 6 archetype for each class. Move all base class active skill to pre level 15, Shift the archetype split to lvl 15 then you split them again at 25 for advance archetypes. As a quick example rangers split to say archers at 15 then at 25 they split again to say sharpshooter and arcane archer. One being more specialised in long range attack using high tension bows with physical arrows where arcane archer has a mid range focus with faster atracks as a trade off for the range. Stealth ranger could be focus on stealth in one anvancd archetype and the other line could be a trap specialist.
  10. The go out to pvp occasionally find a order group to fight. On rare occasions find balance which if balance looses they log people over from GR it seems to zerg them so they can say yeah we won that Fort 2 groups of 8 were originally having good fights at lol
  11. I would like to atleast be able to read the boards even if i cant post in there, just leave you out of the loop.
  12. I dont think it is, the Arcane bow and High Tension only seem to be available to archers spec the other 2 rangers dont get them either.
  13. not any more bank when stamina runs out Previous campaign with old import/export was bank the moment someone hit them scenario
  14. Umm Nethari might be able too have not checked though but typically no they don't. Reason why woodelf have low stat bonuses compared to others most of there race disapline is in there dodge skill where other races get spread out a little more.
  15. They also have the 2nd best dodge imo woodelf have the best one. Call of flames can also be useful for them since there mainly fessor and templar class which does fire dmg.
  16. I spend alot of my campaign in our action territory keeping our farmers safe.with exception of this once cause no one is farming in the campaign. 2 reason for this ganking harvesters atm yield basicly nothing. They auto bank every time they get hit and stand there while u hit them you physically gain nothing. Fighting to protect your faction harvesters allowed them to catch up gear wise and you gained more pvp skills cause your actually fighting people who fight back. Think I've gotten more from defending our gathers loot wise than attacking there they tend to be thankful for your help and pass you resources sometimes.
  17. Tbh gear should be 10 times easier to craft with less durability however paper doll gets dropped as well as the inventory. Easy come easy go and every fight contains some loot.
  18. Plenty of chaos on the campaign roaming for pvp however Balance is non exsistant until seige times.
  19. Beneficial harvest is almost pointless for woodcutting and Skinning due to how spread apart those nodes often are. It seems kinda silly that its one of those thing only useful for say ore and stone where you can often find enough nodes close enough together to realy get the benefit. i recommend instead of procing the buff when node is destroyed have it proc when the resources come out before breaking so at 25/50/75% health instead (Reduce the chance by 1 third however since 3 times proc chance). This way its useful for all harvesting skills and there less of an awkward moment when u trigger bene harvest and there no nodes around cause atleast when it procs you should get atleast 1 node worth of stuff.
  20. It feels sooo clunky atm swapping bars im hoping they fix it soon though
  21. So ive been tossing this idea in my head for a little while now and i think it could be a good change ill explain it the best i can but im not always the best with typing out my suggestion but ill try. So the current system is atm or will be when banking on the fly is removed is harvest till you get a good amount of goodies then recall, the only risk. Itsa simple method and is seen in pretty much every RPG game which is fine but im hopping this suggestion offers a little more interesting scenario's. The Basics - Firstly resource nodes no longer drop there refined good outright except they drop an unrefined version of various quality and type (hide = Pelt, Stone = Slabs, Ore = ore Cluster, Wood = Logs) these unrefined resources do not stack at all and take up a 2x2 space in the inventory so your limited on how many you can carry at a time to a maximum of 18 if thats all thats in your inventory - Upon carrying any of there unrefined resources you will no longer be able to recall so you will have to take them to a refining station or a resource stash. - Each basic resource node (Not mothernodes) will drop 1 unrefined resource upon completion of the harvest mother nodes will drop 3 (Addition of Leather (Ancient mobs) and wood (Old growth tree) mothernodes are to be added works same way as stone and metal mothernodes) - Resource stashes will be added to Keeps, Forts and Temples these are simply chests that you can store alot of these unrefined resources (Either makes them stack able or reduces there size) should be able to store 50-100 of these unrefined resources in them. Can make them local or global i prefer local tbh. You can have a chest near forts you can take thing out of if you loose the fort or pay a fee to get them transfered to the temple if you do the local banking method. - Refining stations (aka Lumber mill, Stone works, Smeltery, Tanner) Will be structure that get randomly generated through the world kinda like re spawn points and should be capture able at anytime and lightly defended by guards much like re spawn points, Refine station are crafting benches where you can drop the unrefined resources in and they will break them down into the usuable components (Ore,wood, stone, hides) and so on, the yields should be about 3-5 times the nodes are currently, so your basicly moving a node by harvesting it to a refining station to get the rewards however you will get more due to the extra work now involved. Your critical chance/amount chance should affect the refine rate instead of the harvest rates now. What this should add to the game - Increase hot spots for PvP - increased players traffic in the world - More player interactions with defending players tranporting good to the refining stations and protection. It kinda combines the harvesting system with the caravan style system they eventually wanted to add.
  22. As for resources, R10s should only be in the pits/Forests, R9s should only be in the tiles surrounding those location, R8s should be around keeps and forts and R6-7s should be pretty much everywhere else with maybe a couple R8 tiles scattered around. GR needs a huge nerf on quality of its drops aswell.
  23. You actually can keep your head on a swivel harvest most don't cause its tedious. Buy you can just strafe around the node swinging your tool. Little bit harder with skinning but the rest it's easy.
  24. Order not really a thing anymore its a shame really when all 3 sides had a somewhat balanced player base it was really fun. Now not so much its rare to find a good fight. Shame some guilds decided to go hard on the pre alpha instead of keeping things fun game wise.
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