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  1. I dont see why they couldnt add a Arena type building in the free city or beachhead zone where it FFA pvp is enabled. Probaly with no inventory drop.
  2. How the game is made design wise it realy realy easy to add new classes and races into the game so you can expect to see more after release. Here a though for when they add new races they could make it a special item drop recipe so lets say scroll of the werebear this is a hidden recipe for the scroll case that unlocks that crafting recipe with 2 dura on or something so they can craft 2 vessels out of that scroll. these vessels wont be stronger per say than your standard ones but should offer something unique skill/passive line that other races dont have. Campaign in the future could have race or class restriction in aswell in there rulesets if the devs so choose to do so, could be an interesting campaign to try
  3. Wiping when the spirit bank/embargo system would be interesting it is a big change when u think about it since guilds can then deny other faction resources by hunting te farmers and will possibly see more people defending the farmers aswell, interesting dynamic but wont happen unless there become a need to harvest again which most people have what they need right now
  4. Elfs that perform evil deeds become corrupted and become the mighty Darkelfs!!! Although would be interesting a race that can become 2 races depending on some choice in game and get a different racial just a random thought. I would love to see more beast/mob type races. Goblins, Kobolds and so on.
  5. They cut the shield in half so it can fit either side of the wings, when u take the shield off and hold it its somehow held together by super magnets?
  6. From my experience with games like this such as darkfall, Albion and all that if your engine cant play with 200 or so players on the field at a time your gonna have issues. I hope they can figure out how to make that happen but it gonna be hard with unity from what ive seen. I will say this though i rather a game with say runescape graphics than can run 300 or so people on the field at once then one that looks amazing but struggles with 50 😛
  7. They can still do things like plate armor skins, leather armor skin and so on so you still know what armor type there using and so on.
  8. CC mechanics need a real look at for classes that are CC build such a fury, Sentinels and so on. These classes need an something in there talent tree to prevent the use of retaliate or atleast make it much less spamable such as stamina dmg, debuff that prevent use of retailiate for x duration (Your CC control vs there CC defence) and so on.
  9. Yeah unity wasnt the best choice for this kind of game.
  10. You can very simply have hide helmet only show for yourself, so everyone can see what your actually wearing however you wont see your helmet
  11. Main reason i was using them, Major disc passive were often better and had no room for the Minor disc passives so went with these instead. Maybe they should added some minors to the game that is just some minor stat bonuses. We all be using elven sight soon for that extra farsight soon on none at all
  12. tbh i dont like how it is currently, before you do anything at all you gotta charge your ulti, tbh i feel the ulti mechanic would work better if it decays overtime when out of combat so you gotta build it in an actually fight than precharge it everytime you wanna go out and do anything. Having it charge in combat would also give the person being ganked while farming a slightly higher chance of fighting back aswell, seeing they would be lower stats due to fighting mobs however the ulti which be further charge than somone waiting for them to get lower fighting mobs to ambush them. The attacker has enough advanatage as it is than the person farming, since farmer might have used ulti on the mobs so its not charged and alreadly low HP than somone jumping them while there full hp and full ulti charged.
  13. Reason to play the races with those extra slots now, If they do put them back they should should make them add extra slot to those races with the extra passive from there racial.
  14. make it so u loose ulti charge when you zone? So u cant precharge in on dummies before leaving but can still theory craft
  15. Werewolf could have interesting racial where during the day it provides x bonuses and during night it provides other bonuses instead. Could be like a typical human discipline minus the extra passives slots (since extra passives slots would be annoying coming and going) however during night time they get a stronger passive since there day time one is a much weaker human so there night time one should be a much stronger.
  16. Making the keystone passive always activated instead of requiring a slot would go a long way to help with this cause atm you only get 2 passive slots realy.
  17. would also make the entire server pop go to the same faction
  18. As for Biomes i touched upon this in another post some where cant find it atm Albion had a good biome system where you could only find 3 of the 4 resources in the game in a biome one being common, 1 uncommon and 1 rare the other didnt exsist. I feel this system could be brought across to Crowfall realy nicely with a few changes. - Each large map so zone will be a certain biome different ones spread out albion kinda did a good job with this aswell - Every biome will contain each resource, so wood, stone, ore, leather however the type of resources will vary from biome to biome (Can include Graves here aswell or u can seperate the grave by grave type for each biomes) - There 5 types of each resource so each biome will contain 1 common, 1 uncommon and 1 rare and 2 that dont exsist in that biome. So one biome may have the following metal spawns Iron (common) Copper (uncommon) silver (rare) gold and tin dont exist here. - Crafting recipes that requires a type of ore will take any ore with slightly different affects so metal armor iron portion of the recipes will be any ore but have slightly different affects, one may give slightly more physical protection, another might give more CC resists, one MR, 1 increased healing received and so on. This way all resources are used equally and one doesnt necessarily required in everything like iron kinda is atm. - Resources that are available should show up on the map so people know what they can find (Or have it hidden and allow scouts skill to reveal them or something) I do realy wanna see things like Arch age type trade runs where your taking packs from one place to another.
  19. Guinean and High elfs make the best crafters imo late game The extra jewellery slot granted free up a minor discipline slot for a crafting discipline. However before you max out your crafting you want to make a race that benefit for your crafting that there racial provides and stats for it but once you get neat high end you wanna get a guinea of High elf body for your crafter.
  20. Simple suggestion to try for a campaign Remove all the AOE caps so they hit all targets within the aoe. I think removing the target caps would go a long way to help smaller groups take on larger forces since realistically smaller forces would hit more targets with each attack to help counteract the larger force. Melee swing should have a bit of a splash affect too i would think. Seeing as they dont want to add friendly fire i think this may be worth trying and not to difficult to test for a campaign.
  21. With the amount of white resource people just throw away its not overly difficult.
  22. Ohhh Tahyang server thos memories That mega zerg was in our faction and we declared war on them and disgruntled them off so much lol, we would gorilla warfare there trade packs and disapear before the zerg rocked up only to hit them in a different location where they trade run. So much gold was made in those hit and runs and so many tears where shed in orun thul, it got to the point where there zerg started ignoring us when we hit there trade runners to the point they started having people leave the guild cause no one was helping them lol. So many jury trials we went too and most of which we got off scot free only time we didnt when 3 members of the jury where orunthul aka the zerg guild Cinderstone was fun too cause we were an east faction and literaly took over a housing zone in north cinderstone as a guild that zone went to peace 2-3 times a day lol which literaly everyone came out to do trade runs to get through that war zone lol was good for us too cause we could do cross continenet trade run safely back to the east since most people blockaded/watched the ports for incoming ships and we were going back to our continent instead of to the enemies http://forums.archeagegame.com/archive/index.php/t-55180.html?s=79f14951cc9df0e5787488d10876074b
  23. Things that might help with the zergy issues. - Removing caps on the amount of targets aoe can hit for dmg skills (Leaving healing capped on the amount of targets it can hit you could add a stat or talent to increase heal cap though) but being able to hit 10 or so people grouped up is a natural balancing act to a degree when it comes to say 30 vs 10 type sceanario since the smaller side will often be hitting more targets at a time than the larger one - Melee attacks should have a cleave affect instead of single target this follow the same reason as first point, getting 1 person into the enemy group would deal more dmg for smaller side if the larget one doesnt spread out. - More options to gain score for loosing factions, chances are lowest pop faction wont be able to compete in the larger scale stuff as easily so providing loosing faction more way to generate faction score would help keep the scoring closer, My favorite idea is providing bonus to score for capturing and killing players in faction that score is higher than yours currently. this means last place has more targets to gain these bonuses and 2nd will only get thjese bonus score off attacking first place. This means there more focus on attacking players in first than last for the easy points. Easy way is to make capture bonus for example give say 25% more points if its somone ahead of you in score kinda deal for example and extra score from killing players on winning faction. - Artificially boosting a lower population side (Im not a huge fan of these kind mechanics but it does help) giving lower population factions could grant a minor power bonus in stats again not a huge fan of these mechanics Personally im for trying out the first 2 points to see how that helps and is easy to implement, 3rd point may be worth experimenting with if that still doesnt help. Another thing is trying to finish low hp players in large fight can be difficult, range classes cant realy get past people running infront of them to finish low hp targets running back to healers and it can be a death trap for melee to chase them down. Should give some range classes like archer specialisation tree a straight line piercing shot that does low dmg but it an execute so player low hp take alot of dmg where high health targets dont take much.
  24. it was always slingshotting if u ulti mid jump while moving in a direction since it ultis where u used it but ur character keeps moving in the air so the target doesnt hit the night which usualy what stops them. Havant played a knight recently though
  25. My suggestion is allow CC specs which are useless atm, a unique way to go through CC depending on the spec. One could have a talent that puts enemy retaliate on a short cooldown when they use a CC skill duration should be based off CC control vs Control defence. Other ways can be skill thats reduce the opponent stamina allow them to try and reduce stamina to allow for a CC to go off for full duration (Counter blocks a little bit aswell since they also use stamina), another way is having a CC go through CC immunity however can be retaliated this means they can use one CC to knock them down and follow up with another after they retaliate. These will only be available to those class specs that are designed to be CC focused cause currently they dont realy do dmg and there less tanky generaly than there other choice take knights for example Swordman = dmg Sequtor = defence Sentinel = ummm crap at everything pretty much low dmg, low survival cant CC at all sooooo yeah sucks to be that class
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