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  1. Glad that you guys got a great running start with this ! My first ever time on Kickstarter and it couldn't go to a better project. Keep up the good work.
  2. I totally wanted to be Rudolph the REd Nosed Reindeer. Thank You for accommodating me !
  3. I have to agree with this. F2P will simply encourage undesirables and bots. Cash shop is fine so long as it does NOT influence the in game power balance in any way.
  4. I would be completely amazed if WM didn't earn that first.
  5. Lol bane stone incomming. You sir ge my vote
  6. Old mourning vet checking in
  7. Shadowbane - Been around this whole internet thing for years looking for something that compares. i think this just might do it.
  8. Hail Dragonscale. Always appreciated you guys even if i never wore your tags.
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