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  1. And why exactly wouldn't that work? Again, why can't player politics which are actually creative determine who's allied with who? When you force people to pick a faction it eliminates that. It becomes simplified and boring. The only reason why you're fighting people is because they picked a different team than you. Maybe I'm being nostalgic from Shadowbane where the players creating the content was the most exciting and dynamic part of the game.
  2. It's arbitrary when you are forced to join a faction when we have actual guilds that can create their own member rosters and alliances. Player politics are always more interesting than what faction you joined. As for lots of people to kill, I'm curious if you've even played the past few weekends, because the population has been on a steady decline. Last test it wasn't uncommon to see no more than ten people on a server. You call free for all meaningless. I suppose if you're killing someone on a different team that somehow adds purpose? I'm all for points of interest, but not being forced into a faction. "Cater to those people" you mean someone who has a different opinion than you? So that makes you right and everyone else wrong?
  3. As long as it's on a separate server, that's fine. Having points of interest is a great idea and it would really help focus on the PvP in the game right now, instead of wandering around aimlessly. But I hate forcing cooperation when we have a system like that in place already that is player created. I don't like anything that takes away from the creativity of players and forces it into the ruleset.
  4. This is a terrible idea. We already have established guilds in the game, why do we need to circumvent this by adding an arbitrary faction system? I don't want to be limited in my PvP options. If they're going to roll this out they should at least add an errant faction that allows for a free for all. There is barely a population on the servers as it is and you're now forcing players to work together for... what exactly?
  5. I wish I could select none of the above. I don't want to be limited to who I can kill in the game. The server populations are low as it is and now a significant portion of them are going to be friendly? We already have plenty of guilds in the game, why do we need an arbitrary faction system? What exactly is the point of doing this?
  6. Rhast, I love how you write a novel of unsolicited opinions on everyone's videos as if you're the Gene Siskel of Crowfall YouTube videos. Nobody cares if you like the music. Nobody cares if you don't like swearing and big ego PvP. Nobody cares what you think, except you. To be honest most of your videos are boring and generic. You should really work on that before you jump on every thread and tell people how to be better at something you're bad at.
  7. Never heard that excuse from an exploiter before.
  8. Wow, after two whole months the game hasn't developed quickly enough for you, so you make an unlettered rant about how it's going to fail? Regardless, thanks for your financial contribution to help create a game the rest of us can enjoy. I guess it's back to Call of Duty for you. They develop those pretty quickly, you get a new one every year!
  9. I really loved the Knight video with several clips of five of you beating down one person, but it was a little too sporting as some of them had gear. Could you please make a sequel which your group camps a graveyard killing unarmed players next?
  10. Help me guys, I lost my dragon armor. My TTK was too low.
  11. Right? Imagine how much time has been wasted on this whole endeavor. If the phone calls alone are 80 hours, that's two weeks of actual work compared with a full time job... for a thousand dollar savings. That's a $500 a week paycheck. That's $12.50 an hour. Not including the time to take screenshots and document the entire "false advertising" issue. Along with receiving a broken PC and shipping it back. He could have made more money flipping burgers for those eighty plus hours and used that money to build a real PC.
  12. Now the truth comes out. You didn't actually spend $5k on the PC, instead you wore them down and became a problem customer to get a discount. You really think spending 80 hours on the phone, receiving a broken PC, and taking screenshots of "false advertisements" is worth the hassle? Your time seems to be very unimportant. You could have ordered those parts online and assembled it yourself at a fraction of the cost and time. This is what everyone is trying to explain to you. People have posted complete builds to prove you wrong and your retort: Look at the pretty colors. I've never seen colors like this on a PC -- yet it's not like that's proprietary through Dell. They don't have all the patents on "color changing strobe lights." I'm glad you know you'd have won a court case against them. Do you regularly study business law in your parent's basement in between your solo rave parties? You're absolutely delusional and a liar. You overpaid for junk and now it's obvious that you've greatly wasted your time in the whole process. Again, you didn't want a "0-10" rating or feedback, you wanted to brag and are now upset that nobody cares and have pointed out numerous flaws in your purchase. But I guess that's just jealousy speaking, right?
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