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  1. Star citizen wont be cancelled, because it doesnt need to. They made enough money to keep working on that game for like 20 years. And they are still actively making good money. It runs poorly right now but getting more accessible every year with better hardware. Crowfall is what im really worried about, progress is oddly slow. I make more progress on my own indie game when I have enough free time.
  2. Hyperthreading is something that works on hardware level. Softwares only deal with virtual threads, which are managed by operating system. So long story short, hyperthreading is by nature supported by all games, but only very few make proper usage of parallel programming
  3. Eren

    Destiny 2

    Bad company, first game proven disappointment. Meh, and there are people who even pre order this sh!t ?
  4. Intel has more than enough capacity to beat Ryzen. But at least some competition on CPU market, Now intel wont have the chance to push overpriced CPU's and will have to focus on cost/performance significantly more than it did in past 3 years.
  5. You should definently go for quad core. With hyperthreading if possible. Usually , the most demanding task for a processor is handling graphical processes (draw calls). So far, we could only communicate with GPU on the main thread (main processor game runs on) but with coming of newer API's we can now communicate with GPU using any thread , and thus, work can much more easily split between many cores. And for crowfall, well, mmo's always benefit from multi-cores, especially when things get crowded.
  6. Eren

    Crowfall in VR

    VR will be rather simple to add. In fact its extemely easy to add VR to an existing game engine if you dont care about optimization. All you would theoratically have to do is adding 2 camera's instead of 1, for each eye. Which is something unity 5 probably automatically does anyways. Usually the real problem is optimizing the VR. Its not easy yet its also - theoratically- very optimisable. Since %70 of the things you see are common in both eyes. But because of the way geometry is rendered it still requires those common parts to be rendered seperately. There are also some tricks, such as rendering common part single time then applying simple transformation for each eye, which harms the quality a little bit but significantly boosts performance. Well i think im already out of topic by far. I guess ive been lonely for too long. And yes all my knowledge comes from free googling time, i am a student under computer science but dont get me wrong, they tought us absolutely nothing about VR in university so far. I did, however learn a thing or two about rendering when i was trying to learn how to use OpenGL.
  7. Eren

    5820k OC

    I dont remember my volt but 5820K easily gets to 4.4 w/o any problems. Im still happy i bought this beast, overclocks so greatly.
  8. Eren

    Game of Thrones

  9. Nice to know that its getting updated ui after all this time, it really did feel old. And for a second i was worried, until i saw this "I was happy to read that there's an option to pick a black or white format. The maintenance is supposed to end soon." Cant stand sites with white background, im always using chrome extensions with hopes of having a black background on sites that i use frequently, otherwise my eyes get really hurt after 20-30 munites
  10. Eren

    Game of Thrones

    In the other hand, a girls story is no longer poorly made socksty after long last
  11. Eren

    Warcraft Movie

    I wish the scene was done more professionally, with more brutal gore and violance and with more seriousness to it. Movie seems like its aiming to draw the attention of the kids to warcraft genre, what can i say, business wise, sure, it may be a good decision. But you guys custarded up warcraft. That being said, i never had high expectations for the movie in the first place. Just some CGI show with some warcraft lore, worth my 3 hours. Lets hope its not utterly disappointing and lets hope that i am wrong but i sooo doubt it. After blizzard north blizz always only focused on profit.
  12. Eren

    Pascal is here

    This thing is getting some insane FPS even on 1440p with anti alliasing.
  13. The thing with blizzard is in past they had balls to try daring ideas, thats what made them this succesful. But nowadays they seem to be playing the coward, trying simple ideas to be successful. Diablo mmo would have potential, a hardcore mmo set in already a dark world, with proper implementation it could really capture long lost aspects of gaming whom gamers have missed for years. But i sooooo doubt blizzard would be daring to try that. That being said, i really dont see NCSoft making any mmo anytime soon, they just released Wildstar and Blade and soul. Well actually wildstar was a while ago but yeah. Even if they have mmo idea in their heads, they sure are going to take their time for it. Because they learned the hard way that themeparks no longer work.
  14. Blizzard was hiring people for diablo themed game while at the same time lowering their support on diablo 3. General estimations were that they were planning to make switch to Diablo 4 quickly but what actually will happen im curiously waiting for
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