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  1. RIP Crowfall, you were only good for having us dream of an MMO that was never meant to be. To people whom are thinking this game will make a come back, let me remind you this, this game has failed to take up proper shape and actually start feeling like an MMO in 6 years of funded development, it is not getting anywhere. It will die out in few months, they will keep server's up until some time and then they will run out of funds to keep servers and eventually servers will shut down as well and no one will remember this game other than us. But then again, at this point it is pretty clear ACE can't make this game a reality. So we may just as well be over with it.
  2. Upgrading 1080ti to 3090 will easily net you over 2x performance, if not more. If you factor in other stuff such as ray tracing or DLSS, that goes all the way to between 2.5x with DLSS and 10x with ray tracing. But then again, most logical upgrade path for that system would be waiting for 3080ti, which should be announced within 2 months. Keep the processor and mobo, you don't need PCIe 4.0, wait for PCIe 5.0 which will come next year with Ryzen 6000 series.
  3. TBH I regret my funding of this game. Progress is way slower than expected. I was first year computer science student when i funded this game and now im about to finish my masters. I understand that building an MMO is not an easy task, but i doubt they will be able to pull it off at all. Some parts of building such an MMO require very talented engineers, do they even have a team that can pull this off? Had i had the knowledge I have now 6 years ago, I would not have funded this project. And trying to build a project like this on Unity? That was wrong call. Unity and Unreal were more head-to-head back then so i can see why they choose Unity but right now? Unreal has really pulled ahead by a large margin and is much more scalable to bigger projects.
  4. Star citizen wont be cancelled, because it doesnt need to. They made enough money to keep working on that game for like 20 years. And they are still actively making good money. It runs poorly right now but getting more accessible every year with better hardware. Crowfall is what im really worried about, progress is oddly slow. I make more progress on my own indie game when I have enough free time.
  5. Hyperthreading is something that works on hardware level. Softwares only deal with virtual threads, which are managed by operating system. So long story short, hyperthreading is by nature supported by all games, but only very few make proper usage of parallel programming
  6. Bad company, first game proven disappointment. Meh, and there are people who even pre order this sh!t ?
  7. Intel has more than enough capacity to beat Ryzen. But at least some competition on CPU market, Now intel wont have the chance to push overpriced CPU's and will have to focus on cost/performance significantly more than it did in past 3 years.
  8. You should definently go for quad core. With hyperthreading if possible. Usually , the most demanding task for a processor is handling graphical processes (draw calls). So far, we could only communicate with GPU on the main thread (main processor game runs on) but with coming of newer API's we can now communicate with GPU using any thread , and thus, work can much more easily split between many cores. And for crowfall, well, mmo's always benefit from multi-cores, especially when things get crowded.
  9. VR will be rather simple to add. In fact its extemely easy to add VR to an existing game engine if you dont care about optimization. All you would theoratically have to do is adding 2 camera's instead of 1, for each eye. Which is something unity 5 probably automatically does anyways. Usually the real problem is optimizing the VR. Its not easy yet its also - theoratically- very optimisable. Since %70 of the things you see are common in both eyes. But because of the way geometry is rendered it still requires those common parts to be rendered seperately. There are also some tricks, such as rendering common part single time then applying simple transformation for each eye, which harms the quality a little bit but significantly boosts performance. Well i think im already out of topic by far. I guess ive been lonely for too long. And yes all my knowledge comes from free googling time, i am a student under computer science but dont get me wrong, they tought us absolutely nothing about VR in university so far. I did, however learn a thing or two about rendering when i was trying to learn how to use OpenGL.
  10. I dont remember my volt but 5820K easily gets to 4.4 w/o any problems. Im still happy i bought this beast, overclocks so greatly.
  11. What i like most about M&B series is that they fully rely on dynamic AI system with right tone of randominazation, making it a fully living world, where each commander acts by their own intelligence and makes mostly logical decisions. Although beginning of the game is usually same, it gets really interesting after 20 hours where betrayals / faction chances happen and maps initial formation starts chancing. The game has incredibly long playability , and its only bound to increase with Bannerlord with brand new tech.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hA2-3hB4Uc
  13. Nice to know that its getting updated ui after all this time, it really did feel old. And for a second i was worried, until i saw this "I was happy to read that there's an option to pick a black or white format. The maintenance is supposed to end soon." Cant stand sites with white background, im always using chrome extensions with hopes of having a black background on sites that i use frequently, otherwise my eyes get really hurt after 20-30 munites
  14. In the other hand, a girls story is no longer poorly made socksty after long last
  15. I wish the scene was done more professionally, with more brutal gore and violance and with more seriousness to it. Movie seems like its aiming to draw the attention of the kids to warcraft genre, what can i say, business wise, sure, it may be a good decision. But you guys custarded up warcraft. That being said, i never had high expectations for the movie in the first place. Just some CGI show with some warcraft lore, worth my 3 hours. Lets hope its not utterly disappointing and lets hope that i am wrong but i sooo doubt it. After blizzard north blizz always only focused on profit.
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