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  1. Haha
    Eren got a reaction from mythx in Sea Of Thieves   
    Definently looks promising, im hoping one day we will have ships in crowfall aswell.
    No need for explanations,see it yourself.
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in [Game] Find the 10 differents   
    lol wtf, challange accepted
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    Eren got a reaction from Spekkes in AMD Ryzen CPUs, VEGA, and GTX 1080ti   
    Intel has more than enough  capacity to beat Ryzen. But at least some competition on CPU market, Now intel wont have the chance to push overpriced CPU's and will have to focus on cost/performance significantly more than it did in past 3 years.
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    Eren got a reaction from betaguy in We are under attack!   
    Nope, i cant click on their names. Hopefully someone from ACE will wake up soon
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    Eren got a reaction from betaguy in We are under attack!   
    Its spambot, not a bug
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    Eren got a reaction from Albert Rock in 5820k OC   
    I dont remember my volt but 5820K easily gets to 4.4 w/o any problems.  Im still happy i bought this beast, overclocks so greatly.
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Chronicles of Elyria   
    That was once true, but nowadays it seems it has gotten even worser than that, stupid gameplay, stupid story and stupid graphics.
    That being said, graphics matter quite alot to me. I dont care about polygon count or all the fancy tech but i do care about how much "feeling" i get from graphics. Feeling stands for realistic in a way that it should feel like im looking through window rather than looking at obvious computer graphics.
    I will give 2 examples to show my point, Witcher and Dark Souls 2.
    Dark Souls 2, arguably has way higher poly count and "tech" than witcher 1 yet looks soo computer generated. With flat shapes all over it.
    Witcher 1, very old game yet artistic detail is so high in that game i could play it with no problems whatsoever past summer and spent good 45 hours in it.
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Chronicles of Elyria   
    I actually was suprised was Dying Light situation , i was expecting the usual. Overhyped game that would end up being underdeveloped and devs abandoning it on first month. But they actually did deliver pretty amazing combat(code) with very well made physics and mediocre story. Game difficulty really neeeded alot of tweaking but ideas were there and they were executed quite very well. And they did not abandon the game and spent alot of time on making a very big expansion that costs less yet brings alot.
    They are like others an money hungry company, but in their differance they were not idiots.
    Im also hoping to work on gaming indistury as software engineer, i hope i can find a good company. You know what matters more than salary is making a game people like , at least that is for me.
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    Eren got a reaction from SykotixRaw in Rangers Of Crowfall, What Role Do You Plan On Playing In The Economy?   
    My role is too secret to explain publicly
    However i do not agree with this
    Personally I think the role of Ranger will be on the forefront of locating the materials that the Kingdom needs and calling for support from a larger "collection party" to escort the material back to the Kingdom.
    What i think is ranger is just another archetype, you want to do that thing? Any archetype will suit fine. Just like all archetypes can be crafter 
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Ascendance - A Chapter of Legend Gaming [Age 17+]   
    Is that reversed vikings icon?
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Who's Playing Ranger?   
    Yes, he doesnt seem to be based on stealth.
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Who's Playing Ranger?   
    Only possibility that i wouldnt go ranger is that if he does not use swords. But he is very very likely to do.
    My class build will be a bit dependant on what my role will be in the guild I just hope i can respec
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Who's Playing Ranger?   
    Yes, but thats only valid for current implementation of the lore, if they wanted it that way. They could have adjusted the lore from then beginning
    I agree with this part
    *=> I think he is a "Ranger" because he is sent on Reconnaissance Missions.
    He is sent far ahead (related to the term "Ranger") the allied troops, to explore the field and spot the ennemies.
    Personnaly, I do not see the Ranger as a mainly Long Range Class. He could use bows (if he can snipe an isolated target, that's good ^-^), of course, but also melee weapons, and be prepared for all kind of surprise attacks. That's why he needs both Strength and Dexterity.
    So he could use many weapons, but I think his first missions should be Patrol, Roaming, Reconnaissance Missions.
    => And above all, do not get caught, and come back alive to make his report before the massive attack 
    However i do not agree with this
    And for all of that, he needs to be fast, lightweight, silent... and mainly Stealthy 
    Well to be honest i do not completely agree with this. I agree with those factors, except the fact "mainly stealthy". It feels to me that he will have stealth under his belt, but wont focus on it.
    But after all we can only speculate so early on
    And considering the way they are following. It feels to me as they  are going to give us the default version, and allow us to go whatever we want afterwards. We can focus on stealth, we can focus on speed. Whatever we decide.
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Who's Playing Ranger?   
    Good examinatiion, however there are some cases aganist this= 
    Assassin by their name are clearly a stealth focused archetype, considering there are 3 expansions to every archetype, its pointless to make another stealth based archetype while they could have simply made male assassins.
    When i look into his stats, they are too divided to be focused on one sole role. Melee dps are advanced in strength , magic dps are advanced in intelligence and archers are advanced in dexterity ( which logically fits good into stealther) . His dexterity and strength points are exact same as that of tanks (knight and templar)
    This is said for stalkers in their lore ;
    He moves fast, and quiet – wasn’t he wearing armor?
    Unfortunantly specialist lores dont tell us anything.
    Im sure ranger has usage of Stealth, but i do not think he is stealth based, considering there is already assassin and stalker for that manner. What is specialist, is the question. Unlike tank,support or dps specialiests have diffrent roles. If it was simply an stealth assassin i think they would have put them under dps section.
    And i do not think any character has simple design behind them. Perhaps they will make usage of traps? I do agree that that icon definently feels like a stealth icon. However there are some other things that doesnt make sense when i think it that way.
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Who's Playing Ranger?   
    No, that is not stealth icon, thats specialist icon
    From what i think stalker and assassin are the stealthers, Ranger seems to fulfill a diffrent role. I cannot explain this properly. He seems more of the jack of all trades class. He can shoot, he can fight with sword , he can probably stealth a bit , and he seems more durable then assassin. Like a bounty hunter, or someone you would send if you dont know what enemy is going to have. (While all others have their  key weaknesses, he seems to trade an advantage for weakness)
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Who's Playing Ranger?   
    Like was not because of rudeness, but because it seemed to me as if you were attempting to show off, if your intentions were otherwise i apogalize
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Dynamic, authentic Weather system   
    And its very fitting for a strech goal.
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    Eren got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Whatchoo Listenin To?   
    Call me a maniac, i like that weird combination for some reason i do not know myself.
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    Eren got a reaction from bahamutkaiser in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord   
    What i like most about M&B series is that they fully rely on dynamic AI system with right tone of randominazation, making it a fully living world, where each commander acts by their own intelligence and makes mostly logical decisions. Although beginning of the game is usually same, it  gets really interesting after 20 hours where betrayals / faction chances happen and maps initial formation starts chancing. The game has incredibly long playability , and its only bound to increase with Bannerlord with brand new tech.
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    Eren reacted to Verot in Combat: I've been spoiled by BDO   
    To be fair I have not tested in quite a while but I did log in yesterday and for my tastes (opinion) combat has a long ways to go. As has been mentioned by others, combat simply is not fluid at this stage. Yes I know that we are still Pre-Alpha, however I have not seen anything from the devs commenting on the pacing of combat and their goal. We typically get the repeated mantra of "combat first" without a clear idea of what that means. Also, the overall pace of combat has remained much the same since the original Hunger Dome.
    While BDO combat pacing might be on the fast end, what it does offer is a fluidity which "feels" good. One of the most glaring issues I encountered during my brief time testing yesterday as the Ranger was how locked down the character felt. I don't quite get the logic behind forcing a Ranger to stand still while drawing her bow when other characters are allowed the freedom to run around and attack. Sure there can be something said about needing to be stationary when using some of the special attacks, but I can't help but feel crippled when I have to stand still just for a normal left click attack.
    While CF and BDO are obviously different games and in different stages of development, there are similarities that make comparisons worthwhile. Both games strive for action based combat revolving around limited skill sets that do not rely on tab-targeting.
    My 2 cents for now, for what that's worth.
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    Eren reacted to Ziz in Request to current people working in the gaming industry   
    People are ridiculous. In my day we had zelda and mario, and thought they were the greatest thing ever. Now we have games that are a million times better looking with more gameplay and people complain.
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    Eren reacted to Pann in Game of Thrones   
    Aside from the rare slow moments here and there, this season was probably my favorite ever. So much good stuff. Very satisfying. 
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    Eren got a reaction from courant101 in mmorpg.com: new site design   
    Nice to know that its getting updated ui after all this time, it really did feel old. And for a second i was worried, until i saw this
    "I was happy to read that there's an option to pick a black or white format. The maintenance is supposed to end soon."
    Cant stand sites with white background, im always using chrome extensions with hopes of having a black background on sites that i use frequently, otherwise my eyes get really hurt after 20-30 munites
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    Eren reacted to Pann in Game of Thrones   
    This had me rolling. 
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    Eren got a reaction from courant101 in Pascal is here   
    Q2 2016, as was foretold , now just a few more months before 1080ti
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