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  1. honestly, they're the class i look forward to fighting the most. heh you could say i will "scrub" the floor with them.
  2. I imagine frostweaver will have better crowd control
  3. Templar, I got a thing for big swords... but I would like give them all a try! From what I've read in the FAQ, the combat sounds a lot like Neverwinter.
  4. Hi, I have never played Ultima Online, DarkFall, ShadowBane, or anything of the like. The closest I've come to this sorta game was a pvp server in tera. Which leaves me somewhat ignorant and probably very dead, but my favorite part of tera was trying to gank a group Pker's (which didn't end well). So i think I'll survive, besides, I've away's had a masochistic streak . That's it, that's all I wanted say so watch your back out there.
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