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  1. Good point. WV was just at the northern edge of the storm system. I'm sure GA got it too right?
  2. Lucky for you, Winter Storm Thor just straight up blanketed the App region. Good luck in West Virginia.
  3. Where are some of you getting the idea that you can't merge EKs? It says right in the FAQ that you can give you land to someone else's EK and swear fealty. There absolutely will be guild EKs from what we know. Not sure why people think thEre won't be.
  4. Can I ask what settings you used to get your 8320 to 4.2. I'm having trouble keeping it stable. Also, does your Northbridge run really hot?
  5. Don't know if any friends will be playing, so solo\pug Dregs is gonna be life.
  6. I've played Tera quite a bit actually and it's some of the best PvP I've played. What's that have to do with my comment about fps twitch?
  7. I used to play a game called Fantasy Earth Zero. It was a strategic, third person, 50v50 PvP game with free, high skill aim and heavy, heavy animation locking. I'm talking 1-3 second locks on every attack. It was one of the best mass PvP experiences I've ever had. Now I'm not saying Crowfall should have extreme animation locking, just saying that it's possible to have it in large scale PvP.
  8. I think it's bit of a misnomer to refer Eternal Kingdoms as a lobby. They can be so much more. They've already said EK will have PvP toggles. So they can be anything you want to be. A metropolis of trade and commerce, a large open region with free PvP, or just your own lil private spot. Calling it a lobby kinds misses the possibilites.
  9. That's kinda taking it to the extreme don't ya think? Just because combat has animation locking, doesn't mean you'll be stuck in place for a long time. I feel you only have the worst vision of what locking can do.
  10. I prefer animation locking. Forces you to commit to attacks. Can be rewarding or punishing. None of this floaty, iceskating combat .
  11. If so many of you want twitchy fps gameplay, how about going and playing a fps? You're in the wrong genre.
  12. God I hope it's different from Darkfall. We don't need another fantasy skinned Quake.
  13. Mounts are a must. Hopefully they will be permamantly summoned until killed. None of this hit a button, summon a mount bs.
  14. Its amazing how most questions can be found in a document titled "Frequently Asked Questions". Just a friendly lil jab.
  15. I thought that was the point of the kickstarter video......
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