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  1. Haven't been around much these days, I've been out of town. A big shoutout and welcome to all our new members, glad to you have all with us! Btw 7B, you guys finally convinced me to download SWTOR. Haven't played since the beta What factions are you all? I might make a BH
  2. I'm definitely looking forward to be a crowd controller, ranged utility support. Doing damage is fun and all, but I'm more of a team fighter and it's much more fun to just freeze, weaken the enemy and control the flow of combat for my team to crush the enemy. Plus, it's always interesting to just have the enemy burn and bleed and make him harmless enough to let him slowly die... But I swear, I'm a fully functioning human being.
  3. A bit late, but so gld to see we're finally getting something juicy! Let's hope we get a streamer or podcaster in, so we can get a sneak view and see how it's shaping up! If the combat system is tight, everything else is secondary.
  4. First, kudos for the newsletter, I almost missed this gem because of it! Second, the art looks awesome, and definitely better than the almost naked woman warriors you see in MMOs. Finally, those videos were just so awesome, brought back some memories. Hopefully some of us will see it and remember (or learn why) we're waiting so long for this game Thanks ACE!
  5. Good news, I was starting to worry you guys forgot about our account merge
  6. I love Orcs (no really), but didn't we get enough of them already in the last 20 years? Now, Guineceans, that's where it's at. Sneaky little rats...
  7. Hope it'll be cover a lot of different ecosystems (jungle, desert, etc...) Todd, ETA for some sneak screenshots?
  8. Nice OP. I apologize in advance if I don't go through each point, I'll try to make a concise post: the premise is not only interesting, it's highly accurate. I've personally gone through a few guilds in other MMOs where I hardly knew more than 5-10 people (out of 100 or so), just to stay competitive However, I don't see how it might apply to CF. Of course it's still too early to say, but from what I've seen so far, it seems you'll probably want a tight-knit group of people working on a same campaign, with larger guilds possibly spreading their ranks around. Plus, there being no such thing as solo content in CF, you'll need to eventually get to know your group. Out of all the MMOs I've played, the ones I've never had this sort of problems were precisely EVE and SB, since I ended up raiding and hunting with the same group of people, I got to know them quite well, since I HAD to interact them out of necessity. I guess I could say more on the topic, but it'd be just speculation, so it's probably for the best to wait until they reveal more information.
  9. I like the discussion brought forward, OP. I've mentioned this in other posts, but just to give you my idea on CC and the implementation on the combat system. - Hard CC is probably a no go. Hard stuns are not fun, stun locks can require coordination from team members but it's utterly frustrating and lowers the skill ceiling. - Soft CC (movement restriction, knockbacks, disarm effects, daze effects for spell casting and the like) is the way to go, on short CDs and short timers. Have the Cc player on top of his disruption job and reward him for being a proactive player. - Terrain disruption and manipulation: probably possible with voxels, and should definitely be considered. It'd be a great deterrent for big groups and it would reward area control and group organization. Anything from a wall, stone circles, forcefields, and the like. Spells to control areas would be great in a game like this (minefields, traps, ice fields, something like that).
  10. I have to admit, I just took the time to go through the bio of each member of ACE's team. It made my day. I'm amazed of all the combined years of experience these guys have. I wish I had the luck to work with some of these individuals, it'd be interesting to see the nit-grit of how the server structure and client are designed (that's more of my forte, what can I say). Hope you can grow CF into the game you've imagined
  11. Was on a MMO break when I heard about CF, to be honest. I think the last MMO I played was GW2 (which I started playing recently while I wait for CF ). Completely missed the boat on ESO and WildStar (for better or worse). Plus, a load of previous MMOs before that.
  12. Well, the part about breaking up the community was referred to shooters, one of the reasons in the past why gamepad vs mouse was always split (mouse get a huge advantage). FFXIV is not a great example either, since it's an MMO that was designed from the ground up to be a console game first, PC game second. I remember the mouse and keyboard control and UI being actually poor. Same thing happened with PSO, it was designed to be played through a gamepad. Now, it's not like Crowfall can't follow suit and design it based around gamepads, but that can be limiting per se. Again, we don't have enough info yet on combat system or amount of skills. However, I'm sure it'll be more healthy to design it around a PC game first, and then add gamepad support, if possible. That said, if they can add it after the core engine is ready, then great, more power to those players that prefer it.
  13. I understand why people would want to be able to play with their gamepad (I use mine at every game I get a chance), but I really don't think this will be it. It's kinda like the gamepad vs mouse for shooters: you can have fun with a gamepad, but you need a mouse to be competitive. Unless everyone is using a gamepad and you have to break up the community. We're still not sure how many skills every class will be able to have, but it's usually a PITA to handle a medium/large skill bar with a gamepad. So I don't think it makes for a smart goal for devs to spend their times on. Plus, there's xpadder. It works, if you really want it to work... Edit: typo
  14. *shrug* As you said, the Bane system was there for SB and it worked. Just tweak times a bit and it should work fine. Also, not sure which game it was (Maybe L2? Can't remember), but there was a system very similar to what Nazdar said, where the defenders had to "lock" an available, relatively large time frame (6 to 8h) where they could be sieged, so the attackers had the time to gather forces and...well, siege.
  15. As long as there's full loot and resurrection points are few and far in-between, then yes, I'd say to leave it free, gear and time should be costly enough.
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