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  1. They did also say they want you to be able to make mistakes. (Keep in mind, I did make an entire thread about the possibility of being able to respec while in the Eternal Kingdoms) Personally I don't like that your advantages/disadvantages can't be changed at least once post-promotion. It sounds like promotions add a lot to your character. Far too much to be locked in immediately after it's chosen. I prefer the idea of being able to try before you buy. Try each promotion class, see how it fits, try a few new advantages/disadvantages post promotion, etc.
  2. It looks too much like World of Warcrap in my opinion :\ Way too similar a style.
  3. Yeeeeah. I don't like the RNG either. I'd rather Embargo as much stuff as I can, and choose what to keep at the end. I'm so freakin' sick of RNG for loot systems >=(
  4. I like the idea of full PVP loot. It means that if people keep throwing themselves at an opponent and dying, they're just further supplying the enemy. People will have to play smart and actually use their brains ^-^ If you don't like the idea of losing all of your stuff... leave most of it back at base. Take what you need to win, but leave the important stuff (resources) elsewhere. Actually think about where you are. If you're out in what you could consider a danger zone, you don't want anything of too much value on you. Take the best stuff you can, but be aware you could lose it if you aren't careful. If you're part of a large force and your side wins but you die, your stuff is safe. Go and grab it. If you all lose and have to retreat, the enemy got some good stuff. Remember people, mobs exist to give some resources and to get in your way. They don't drop equipment. Equipment must be crafted or scavenged off another player. If you don't want to craft, you need to hunt other people. It's because of all this that I have no issue with full loot PVP for Crowfall. The chance to drop is also interesting, but not quite as big a deal.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gEdQ5KpY8Y C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) <3
  6. To be fair, Crowfall did this with Stretch Goal #2: Mounts and Caravans. It was already planned for later, but the stretch goal will allow them to do it by launch. Except in Crowfalls case, it's fund 300k extra. Not much incentive to be honest :\
  7. And if the game doesn't end up a flop, those 6 years of VIP may as well be a lifetime sub =P
  8. To be fair... definitely a different audience. They also don't have much in the way of incentives for higher tiers. It looks like most people stuck between $20, $25 and $35. Looking at the higher tiers, they're not too... enticing. Nothing to push people to upgrade. The $20 Early Bird looks to be their best deal, hence why it sold out. I also wonder if people had enough information, and there are also the people who are worried because they've been burned too many times thanks to other projects on kickstarter. But you raise a good point about the way they did their stretch goals. That being said, I wonder if they're really baiting and the end result won't end up with the other goals until some time post release. Usually stretch goals like that are done so the content can be there on release or at least by first major patch. They have free items in the stretch goals I note, but the first one already has a major gameplay advantage of making you move faster. That sort of item wouldn't work well for Crowfall, but that doesn't mean they can't offer cosmetics =P I also still wonder about the pricing difference between getting the FX guy and female centaurs, and getting mounts and caravans. 200k for the FX guy and centaurs, 300k for the Mounts/Caravans? I mean, I guess they have to get more people to work on the mounts/caravans due to what they need (modelling, animations, programming)... but is it really a 100k difference? Even stretch goals are also more promising. Going from 200k to 300k is a little worrying... I mean, what does that mean for the next stretch goal? 400k difference? Still. I'd mostly say the U:A kickstarter is about a different audience. Different style of game. Heck, entirely different genre of game.
  9. Even IF the Physical Collectors Edition exists, there is no details about it. We don't know if it gives a second key or not, and some people really don't care for physical copies of games these days. Heck, I myself can't even USE a physical copy anymore (no drive XD), not that I'd pay for Amber tier. That's expensive. Don't get me wrong, I've said many times Amber is probably the best deal other than the $34 Early Bird pledge. I just could never afford that much money for a single game :\
  10. I'd love to be a Fey Druid or Fey Confessor. It bugs me that I can't :\ And yet Centaurs will have a female version after 20-30 thousand more dollars.
  11. I'd also like to say that I admit there are also a lot of people who don't care about standard incentives. In fact, I think I went a bit too far on the 'shiny' based incentives rather than focusing on other incentives. A lot of people are also holding off on the Kickstarter until they get more information. Information is also a really, really good incentive. We need videos, details, etc. Combat is a big deal for a lot of people (myself included) and the vid shown so far, while now being disowned, worried a lot of people (myself included). Sure it was something quick they threw together, but it was so distanced from their vision of combat, it was really worrying. They've since decided to change to a more Tera-esque style, but we still don't know enough at all. Some are afraid of the non-PVP aspects (what I call PVP Supplements) not getting a big enough role in the game. PVE creatures, resources, potential food gathering and farming, supply lines, crafting. All big, very strategic aspects of the game that aren't even PVP focused (but rather support the PVP in a strategic manner). The 'carebears' are worried they won't matter much (even though they'd take up the PVP Supplements that most PVPers won't want to touch). Then there are the people worried about the Eternal Kingdoms not mattering much. There are people who are worried EKs will end up mattering TOO much if some have their way. All in all, there is just too little information. All we have is their vision. Words, and not much to watch or look at. Nothing proving their vision will happen as they say it will. Also because all we really have are words and not much to look at, people are worried that the game won't be as they imagine it to be based on what little we've seen and know. On this... I'm not sure the devs can do much in the next 3 weeks :\ That is why I stuck to shiny incentives for my side of things in this thread. The word incentive doesn't just pertain to shinies, but to a large range of things (information included). However I just don't see us getting much else in the next 3 weeks. You guys have no idea how much I'd love to be proven wrong.
  12. In FvFvF I can see factions taking hold of a Summoning Circle (SC) each, though likely not using it as a starting point to expand from but rather another base. I can also see factions setting up scheduled treks to the SC, regardless of whether it's in their AoI (Area of Influence) to make sure people are protected for regular bank drops. In GvG, I can see guilds setting up bases near the SC. Control of an SC will be a big deal. Big guilds could control an SC and tax anyone else who wants to use it, or guard it closely and refuse all access to anyone outside of their guild. Smaller guilds may set up camp near an SC and prepare regular ambushes for gaining resources, which they themselves will bank. Alliances may even vie for control of an SC for this very reason. Just remember, control of an SC doesn't mean people will go for that SC. Actually, that in itself could be quite strategic, funneling people toward other SCs where ambushers await. In the Dregs... hoo boy. This stuff will get crazy.
  13. That's the thing, isn't it. There is a lot of anti-'carebear' sentiment in the forums. But as I've already said in multiple threads, not everyone who loves PVP will want to do the PVP Supplement tasks. Beating up monsters for resources, crafting, farming (if it exists. We need food somehow), etc. I don't see everyone wanting to do these things which are necessary for the war effort (gots to stratemagise). Guarding the convoy as it takes goods to the Summoning Circle, or as it takes supplies (food/gear) from one base to the next isn't so bad for a lot of PVP lovers as that still has the potential promise of PVP. I myself love PVP (I didn't when I was younger), but still want to be able to craft for my friends. In fact, I'll likely be taking a more supportive role, aiming to lock down enemies when it comes time to fight so that my friends can kill. Kill. KILL! I don't want to see the PVP Supplementary content dulled down for the sake of pure PVP. They want this to be a Throne War Simulator. They want strategy to be a big deal. The PVP Supplementary content is important. If it wasn't, they may as well just take crafting and resources out :\ So if the PVP Supplementary content isn't cared for properly, I myself will lose interest. I loved the idea of having people back at base making all the equipment while the warriors went out to kick bottom. I loved the idea of having to find resources because they actually mattered. Food because your soldiers will get hungry. Supply lines because they actually matter. I also love the idea of going in to hunt enemy resource gathers, stealing their resources, disrupting their supply lines. But none of this matters if they don't care for the supposed 'carebear' activities from their vision. That being said, I like the idea of the Summoning Circle. It's a risk to put your resources in to bank. You go as a fully defended convoy on scheduled runs (you tell your group/faction beforehand how much time before the run begins). Ambushes could be a big deal. Some could set up camp near the Summoning Circle to guard it. He who controls a Summoning Circle has a lot of power. Someone could take control of a Summoning Circle and charge people resources to use it, if they're big enough. They could hog it and fend everyone else off. It's interesting... but all words so far. For the past few days it really, really slowed down :\ It's been threatening to hit 10k backers for a while now. It's been riding $1mil too. The people who were the most interested have already backed. Now it's down to the many people on the fence. This is what all the fanboys just don't understand. Yes, they've already gotten on board, and yes a lot of them feel they didn't need incentives to get involved (which is great. Good on them, in a non-sarcastic tone =D). But they're involved, and the projects progress has really, REALLY slowed down. As I said, this is because those who were the most excited are already backers. Now it's all about luring the rest in, which the incentives just... don't do. Heck, they already need to entice those who are sitting in the lower pledges to upgrade their pledges. Which again... the pledge levels between $34 and $250 just don't do :\ I admit that a good number of people in this thread have made some excellent points. For example, what can we suggest to fill the void. The fact that a lot of people just wanted to back the project because it's an ambitious idea that does a lot of the things people have wanted for a decade. Etc. That doesn't change the fact we're finally past the excitement days, and now they're on the "We need to offer more to get the rest involved" days. Most people will wait for the last few days to see how much more is offered, be it stretch goals completed or otherwise. ACE can lure those people in earlier with better incentives sooner. I want to see this project really well funded. I want to see it succeed. I'm just afraid that as it is, it won't succeed as well as it could :\ 12:26 AM 9,864 backers $952,598 pledged of $800,000 goal 23 days to go 8:15 AM 9,935 backers $956,927 pledged of $800,000 goal 23 days to go 2:36 PM 9,991 backers $960,979 pledged of $800,000 goal 22 days to go Now, while it's probably not payday for some people, if we don't see a jump by the end of the week, maybe people will start to get the gist =) You're forgetting something very important here. The higher tiers get all of the lower tiers incentives. This means that with your suggestion... Amber Tier becomes Solid Gold Tooth with Pure Gold Jewellery and Lots of Freakin' Diamonds Tier. That would give Amber Tier not 6, but 11 years and 3 months of VIP >.> That much VIP by their current pricing guess ($15 is way too much for VIP in my opinion, but it's what we know so far) would cost $2025. For only $250, which is already getting a lot of value for it's price. The 5 years alone is worth $900. This is assuming you deem VIP a big deal though. Currently, VIP doesn't offer enough to be worth $15, especially for a full priced game (They will want $50 for it, not including the pile of turd that is regional pricing) They would have to make it so that the $250 tier gets 6 years straight off the bat but doesn't merge with the previous tiers VIP. Then your idea would work, as it wouldn't require changing that tier and pissing off the people who pledged for it, but would upgrade lesser tiers and make people happier and more interested in upgrading. Then it'd be a great idea =D
  14. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3578-kickstarter-incentives-or-lack-thereof/page-5 I did say the Kickstarter incentives were pretty meh =P Especially between $34 and $250. They could quite easily modify (and don't tell me they can't, I've seen pledges modified before) the pledges in between to be more interesting. Multiple copies of the game WITH multiple copies of alpha could be quite appealing. (Yes, I know I said alpha/beta access wasn't too appealing. On it's own. With multiple copies of a game to hand out? That's more appealing)
  15. I'm still considering things. It's likely I'll back at the $34 level, but I don't see any reason to part with more money than that. I just don't have the money to throw around when there aren't enough incentives, as it often comes out of my food money.
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