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    Wait.. Where am i?
  1. Forgemaster. Beards and hammers, what more is there to say?
  2. In the last few days of the kickstarter the amount of money will jump up very fast probably
  3. How is this a throne war simulator? Easy. It's a simulator about a war over thrones.
  4. that you are fighting on a forum!
  5. Wasn't it so that boob armor could actually kill the woman inside it somehow? I don't care though...my armor is my beard.
  6. I hope there will be no currency like coins or gold, this would make for players actually trading items for items and not just items for (a lot of) gold
  7. I'm hoping for lots of blood and gore... 18+ please!
  8. Just 324k to go till we will get the centaur on a mount reveal!
  9. Watch out everyone, these fishers are serious business... They'll catch 'ya from miles away!
  10. dragonfly

    Druid Weapons

    Staffs probably, i'm hoping for amulets as well!
  11. Nice! Now crowfall has it's own wiki as well!
  12. I actually hope for cooldowns, because without a cooldown system people will just keep on spamming their strongest abilities. I also hope they don't implement a stamina/magicka system or anything like that, because it will just come down to the same thing: spamming your strongest abilities for as long as possible, only with this system at some point you will run out of stamina/magicka, making you unable to use your skills...
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