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    dragonfly got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Grabing/placing. Also Dead Bodies.   
    i think it would be cool if you could carry bodies away to a safe place away from the fighting to loot it, it would probably be a lot of work to make things like boxes and stones etc carryable, but maybe they could do this for bodies
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    dragonfly got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Forgemaster Gender-Locked?   
    As i said before, we need female forgemasters, that also have beards.
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    dragonfly got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 03/04/15 - Crowfall Is Using Unity 5!   
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    dragonfly got a reaction from Albert Rock in Which Archetype Do You Currently Like The Most ?   
    Forgemaster ftw!
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    dragonfly got a reaction from aChris07 in Why Did You Choose The Archetype That You Did?   
    Forgemaster. Beards and hammers, what more is there to say?
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    dragonfly got a reaction from Adall in Currency   
    I hope there will be no currency like coins or gold, this would make for players actually trading items for items and not just items for (a lot of) gold
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    dragonfly got a reaction from ellie in The Ek Question -_-   
    that you are fighting on a forum!
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    dragonfly reacted to ellie in This Game Is Mazing   
    Never fear.  Your question is being answered.  There is NOW a post somewhere about creating MAZES.    Did you have any doubt?
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    dragonfly got a reaction from Exaelitus in Game Age Rating?   
    I'm hoping for lots of blood and gore... 18+ please!
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    dragonfly got a reaction from zeonx in 28K $ Until Fx Enchanced Particle Effects.   
    Just 324k to go till we will get the centaur on a mount reveal!
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    dragonfly got a reaction from McTan in 28K $ Until Fx Enchanced Particle Effects.   
    Just 324k to go till we will get the centaur on a mount reveal!
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    dragonfly got a reaction from memar1 in Pricing In Crowfall And Why Crowfall Will Not Be Pay-To-Win   
    Let's hope they will keep the cash shop like this, and never turn the game pay2win!
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    dragonfly reacted to memar1 in Pricing In Crowfall And Why Crowfall Will Not Be Pay-To-Win   
    TLDR: Since Crowfall has a $50 initial investment, the devs have a responsibility to make the game fair and not Pay to Win. The devs should consider making the $5 donation in Kickstarter award a discount to the game when it is released. VIP membership should not be tradeable.
    As long as the devs are responsible to their players, Crowfall will not be Pay to Win.
    Let's get things straight here - Devs want people to play the game, but they also need money to fund the game and support themselves. So what have the Devs revealed so far about monetizing Crowfall, what can we expect in the future, and what things should the Devs be REALLY careful about?
    What we know (Can be found on the FAQ here: http://crowfall.com/#/faq/54dcbdb91f84dc694e40a581)
    1) The pricing model will be a 1 time fee of approximately $50, with optional VIP membership of 1 month for $15.
    2) You can not buy in-game currency or items that affect gameplay, but you can buy:
    VIP membership ($15 per month) Cosmetic Items that do not affect gameplay Account level services. This includes Character slots, increasing the size cap of your kingdom (i.e. buying land), and increasing the population cap of your kingdom (i.e. how many people can use your kingdom at a time, which is apparently separate from the size of a kingdom). 3) This is what you get for VIP membership:
    "Behind the scenes" access to development of the game. Perhaps beta access? VIP members can use passive training for all character slots instead of just 1. That means your alts level quicker, but your main will level at the same rate. It's possible that passive training slots will be capped at 3 characters, and that you will be able to buy passive training in the game. Priority access to all game servers (might be very important on release) VIP frame/badge on the forums Discount pricing on any purchases (not including additional VIP membership, I assume) Other "cool" (non-balance affecting) benefits as the devs think of them 4) You can buy VIP membership from other players in the game.
    So what can we expect to see, given the above model?
    1) Because the initial cost for the game is so high (almost the price of a AAA title), we are expecting them to keep to their word and not introduce a pay-to-win system. It would be an enormous disappointment and make their words a straight out lie if they start introducing things that affect game balance which would give players that pay an advantage over those who don't, especially since those that already invested $50 are expecting a system that is fair. This is an enormous amount of responsibility because people will be invested; this is not a free-to-play title where people can quit easily because they haven't invested.
    2) You can see on the kickstarter page, if you only pledged $5, you will not actually get to play the game without buying the full version (estimated at $50). I hope this convinces some people to dish out the extra $35 if they want to be supportive AND play the game when it comes out at a discount. Granted, those people who invested $5 might just want to support the game and might not be ready to invest the full $40 dollars for a digital copy until they actually see some reviews.
    3) Cosmetic items will probably include: Costumes that give no stats, buffs that don't do anything besides change looks, structures that do not provide significant advantages to fortifications, decorations for structures, skills that have the exact same effects as another skill but with a new look, emotes for characters, and possibly pets that do not provide any combat advantages.
    4) Since character slots, kingdom population cap increases, and kingdom size increases can be bought using real money, they should not affect the balance of Campaigns or EK. That means bigger land and higher population just means more taxes charged to the owner, and not necessarily any advantages until you build a structure on it and get people to fill your land.
    5) Passive training should not have a large affect on gameplay; you should be able to defeat other people in battle even without any.
    Finally, what should Devs be REALLY careful about, and what should they consider changing right away?
    1) The kickstarter investors who invest $5 should be given the opportunity to buy the game at a discount ($35-$40, to be exact) when the game is released, in order to one: attract more investments, and two: to make it fair that they can invest in the game right now and still receive an actual benefit when the game is released. This will also be good for day 1 purchase numbers.
    2) Devs should seriously consider not letting VIP membership be tradeable. By being able to buy a VIP membership and then sell it, players are effectively buying in-game currency, which is exactly what the devs want to avoid. Instead, they should allow players to buy VIP membership for in-game currency directly from the company itself. This will help curb inflation, and will prevent players from being able to effectively buy in-game currency with real money. This will also not impact sales very much, because it will take in-game currency out of circulation, which will increase efforts to save in-game currency, which will drive up demand for VIP membership purchases with real-money.
    3) Finally, devs have to carefully consider all purchasable items. They are already going to be making money from the initial $50 investment that all players will make; they have a responsibility to the players and they should not get greedy. The way EK is shaping up, it will need to be balanced just as much as Campaigns. They don't need to change any of the investor rewards (besides possibly the $5 one), but they need to be careful about future purchasable structures that could possibly affect the balance of an EK. You can see my thread on why EK is important here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3414-eternal-kingdoms-they-are-important/, and my EK monetization thread here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3406-monetizing-and-balancing-eternal-kingdoms/.
    I hope the Devs are listening to their dedicated players!
    Comments, suggestions, and additions are welcome.
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    dragonfly reacted to courant101 in To The Devs - Don't Cave   
    Goose bumps! I agree 100% with you bairloch. They got the vision and I want to "play" in it.
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    dragonfly got a reaction from Glyph in New Backer, Been On Reddit, Thought Id Comment Over Here.   
    Welcome to the forums! Nice to see more people that have seen sao on here
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    dragonfly reacted to mal in To The Devs - Don't Cave   
    Some quotes from JTodd that make me confident they will not change their vision:
    "I hope that you guys believe in us.  If not, then honestly, you probably should pull your pledge.  Otherwise, this will likely end with you being unhappy -- and in that case, we would rather not have your money" From: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3101-question-about-the-scope-of-the-kickstarter-campaign/page-2#entry77717
    This one because it is REAL: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1695-ask-the-team/page-3#entry44838
    "If you want to wait until it's done to see if you like it, that's absolutely fine.  We just have to hope that enough people don't feel that way that we will have a chance to build it." From: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3118-so-where-are-the-devs-during-this-kickstarter-campaing-no-twitch-streams-etc-where-are-you-artcraft/page-2#entry77652
    They are going to build the game they want to build, the one that we want.  The people trying to change the vision will fail, imo.
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    dragonfly reacted to Kell in Female Centaurs Is Stretch Goal #1   
    Don't get hung up on the the female centaurs.
    This is about hiring a new staff member to do the FX, free up existing members, and really grow this game. The centaur is a token given to the community as a way the devs say they are listening.
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    dragonfly reacted to Bombastuss in Name-A-Fallen-Hero   
    I wonder if "Steve the Unconquered Blade" would be acceptable.... 
    As for the Name-A-Fallen-Monarch someone better do "Bob the Tyrant".
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    dragonfly got a reaction from qwake in The Use Of Numbers In The Character's Name.   
    No numbers please!
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    dragonfly got a reaction from courant101 in 02/24/15 - Game Of Thrones Artists On Crowfall   
    They look great! I certainly hope you guys collaborate with more popular artists!
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    dragonfly got a reaction from courant101 in Idea For The Telegraphs   
    I like this idea a lot! Different campaigns have different rules, so why not have telegraphs as a "rule"?
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    dragonfly reacted to Deenol in Idea For The Telegraphs   
    I put this in another topic but I fell like it would fit as its own topic as well as a suggestion of mine.
    My thinking is that, on a FFA campaign telegraphs are disabled for everybody, makes it a bit more hardcore but also those campaigns are much more rewarding.
    And lessen the rewards/hardcore respectfully based on the campaign, maybe the GVG maps will be your personal telegraph only. Then maybe they could make a easier tutorial type campaign that shows everybodys telegraphs to get new players trained on how their skills look and work.
    Could maybe even limit the tutorial campaign so accounts can only go in them a few times a week or a month or something to even further limit people farming them just for quick easy resources.
    Just an idea that came up when I watched the video and saw that they are in deed, at least at this point in time, going with a telegraph system. I'm personally on the fence with it, I would like to see my own at least in the beginning of the game until I get the feel of how my skills work and the range, Yet I dont think giving me visibility of everything thats going on at all times is a good idea Wildstar did that and it got pretty annoying very quickly.
    What do you guys think?
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    dragonfly reacted to oberon in Divine Chathedral?   
    Maybe a building that is tied into one of the 12 gods
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    dragonfly reacted to nehemia in Gear Actually Showing On Your Character?   
    Also we saw naked Guinecean in the stream, yeah, you don't even know what you missed.
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    dragonfly got a reaction from fluffypaw in Voxel Destruction? The World Is Ours   
    if this would be possible i'd surely do something like this too! very cool idea sir 
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