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  1. I've been testing a bit over the weekend, and rather than go into the numbers here's a bit of the thinking from myself and my guildmates. Trying to put into words the psychological impact of removing the passive tree has on harvesting. As it was, I went skinning firstly to get blood and bone Then, shortly afterwards for the Knowledge of the Foreman And with passive training I was steadily seeing an improvement in the doobers generally. I did it to chill but also because the stuff we get, blood, bone, Knowledges etc are useful to the guild and the other bits can be sold for some cash
  2. Minotaur isn't it? Be good to know if the RNG for discs is tied to your skill in any way though! Made some pots and kebabs for when I try next!
  3. Hamster Radical Cakewalk. Intermediate Knife Elks, Bears and Aurochs
  4. I wish I had that sort of luck Skinning 75+ so far....
  5. But RNG is just like real life, honest... you read books and you gain skill randomly... right? If we've got to grind then grant small incremental improvement per rock hit or animal killed. Blood, Bone, Gems, Minerals can all drop by chance but our skill at doing a job and chance of random thing happening should not be based on a random drop. Random drop enable blood & bone which is again a random drop... ugh...
  6. Yes, using an intermediate knife. A mix of Aurochs and Elks with the odd wolf. But 30 Aurochs this morning with nothing, so that does seem on the high side looking at your numbers above. If anything though your figures seem a bit on the fast side. A few loggers are going to be able to get one player to legendary pretty quick!
  7. No, a guild mate has had a couple drop (with a bit more time doing it). Just bad luck for me currently. I really don't like RNG.
  8. Spent an hour skinning over last night and this morning with nothing dropping. Not sure your time estimate is accurate.
  9. True. So we're just stuck with the nasty grind to advanced runetools to get clear of the stamina problem on R6+ Nodes
  10. @Extintor @veeshan Ok, that makes harvesting a little more tiresome at the start I think. Anecdotally getting 5 pips on a node in infected was pretty easy with little training and a bite to eat, not might take a bit longer.
  11. That's the one when you mouse over a node right? The little diamonds?
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