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  1. Ace should read it? ACE should give him a job!
  2. I've only scanned this thread as I can pretty much guess the content I generally ask myself this question after shutting down a game. Did I enjoy myself? If the answer is yes, then great more of the same in the future. If the answer is no, I look to see if there is something else in the game I will enjoy. Do I need to be on the winning side in the campaign to enjoy myself? Nope, I just need to have fun, so rather than criticise the system I look at angles and ways to enjoy MYSELF within it. Have I found some, yes, absolutely. Small guilds can still have a great time in this game, I know we (The Harbingers) do. That said, more small group content would never go amiss and a system to stop blob zerging would be rather nice (damage bonus for ranged based on distance from the enemy for example) but right now the game is in a better place than I thought it would be on launch
  3. Is that right, 5 kebabs for 500g or 1 kebab for 50g?
  4. It's a lot of fun friends one day enemies the next... reminds me of being married
  5. So a video of you stealing kills off of @vcanduas per normal
  6. @SoulreaverReally? Do you really think Crowfall needs more assassins? 😉
  7. Well... if you are into harvesting and crafting then you could still probably get some fun out of it if you are in a large guild who can protect you. I've never really got the I don't like PVP thing. To my mind PVP is just like PVE but the mobs are (usually) a bit smarter Ganking? Oh, but to be sure those kings and chiefs will gank you just a fast as another player if you keep trying to do the same thing.
  8. Good points all well made. Your next step if you haven't taken it would be to join a guild.
  9. There are lots of really good points in here and @Prometeu is spot on about player retention being a problem. So in no particular order... 1) Removing general chat was a terrible idea, in fact I would go so far as having the window closed by default is a terrible idea as well! 2) Not having a portal straight to Skypoint is AWFUL (I know this is being fixed though) 3) NPE isn't great as it's not what the game is about. The nods to harvesting and crafting aren't what harvesting and crafting are like in the game proper at all. MLing on your own? Skinning just to sacrifice? And having watched a few twitch streams people spend there stat points based on what they know from other games, which is nearly always sub optimal and therefore I suggest make a point of giving new players x FREE respecs when they join a player guild. 4) Create 3 x Guilds (Sun, Moon, Earth) and assign new players to them based on a god choice in character creation. Mentioned above, it's a good idea (they do it in Eve as well) 5) Don't tease with Hunger Dome on the Live Client. It's annoying and confusing to new players. 6) Add a recruitment chat channel. 7) Kings / Chiefs in infected.... That's fine, but perhaps they need to be signposted a bit better, as a new player they're a nasty surprise! Regarding not finding any action... this is a problem. Based on current server pop the worlds are just too big... BUT, can you imagine the carnage in Skypoint with just 200 people? I'm worried about scaling too big will be dull, too small and harvesting becomes a major issue.
  10. What gets me is why people seem to think RNG is good in this case period? People talk about making skill training active and in game rather than use the passive tree, BUT, RNG is just a lazy horrible way to do it. Why not just small incremental gains for every successful item crafted. Get rid of the Attention to Detail / Helper Monkey / Toolbelts etc and bundle the bonuses into the main stats and be done with this? Add a new stat dust utilisation that improves with time. Yes, this will probably start an argument about no lifers being able to get there quickly, but they still need the materials and a guild wont be able to donate disciplines to one character.
  11. In the stream @jtoddcolemansaid he couldn't find a good way to implement a catch up mechanic. Would be great to hear some of the ideas he had though, I'm sure the collective mind would have some thoughts and let him know if they seemed good or suggest improvements. But I still think starting new accounts with an amount of points equal or similar to what they would have if they started at launch to spend on the passive tree is a simple solution that wont cause too many issues. Grant the points after the account has levelled one character to 30 so they get a taste of things and then let them assign them.
  12. Which will be needed more than ever if small guilds ever want to be able to compete in campaign on launch. The "have protection while harvesting" argument might be valid now, but it won't be on launch with zones full of players.
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