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  1. Hello, I'm looking partake in current and future campaigns with a guild who is willing to work together to achieve objectives. I have been playing Crowfall for a few months now and have been unable to experience later parts of the game due to my choice of guild becoming inactive/waiting for launch. I really have a desire to play this game everyday and do my part to help my guild no matter what that may be. I am hoping you will consider me as a member of your ranks in the near future. If you have any questions, please let me know.

  2. Are you guys using the East or West server? I'm just now getting around to Beta testing the game, and looking for a Guild to run with.

  3. Nothing wrong with the intro. Alkwing has been around a long time. Been in nations with him and against him several times over history of Shadowbane and possibly ShadowbaneEMU.
  4. I remember you from before TF, back once upon a Deception when you were Alkwing Daenyr. https://winterblades.net/history-of-winterblades/chapter-one/ You even made the chronicle.
  5. Recruitment Status: Winterblades is opening recruitment to bring on 3-5 new recruits. A couple of healer mains in particular. After the five openings or so are filled we will return to our general recruitment by referral policy. We always keep the door open to speak with players that have connections to -W-, either historically from prior games or connections made over the last 5 years of the CF pre-alpha community. Best method to contact us is via our public discord.
  6. 14 Winterblades vs 23 Corvus and 18 LoD:
  7. Been a bit since we updated this thread. Results from our earlier CW victory push from when Dissentient allied Death Alliance: https://crowfall.com/en-US/warstories/angelmar-6-5-20
  8. Any landed guild should NOT be able to recall to temple. Landed guilds should be automatically bound to one of their holdings. No more teleporting around the maps to project power via temples. This would also regionalize conflict on larger campaign maps.
  9. Fundamental issue with Crowfall is the game is incredibly number sensitive when played competitively. There have been threads in here or in Ace Development Partners forums on this issue going back to 2017 (blazzen is the OP in one of them, in fact). In Shadowbane, Darkfall, and EVE engaging against uneven numbers was commonplace. Its an open world sandbox, no one is going to have exactly the same numbers. A differential of +/- 20% was routine and the outcome of such a fight is not a foregone conclusion. Crowfall has a low skill ceiling, get-out-of-jail-free cards (ults), little customiz
  10. The grand LoD alliance of eight guilds dogpiling DIS did not get a fair shot because of the server crash. They might have succeeded with good preparation and coordination. Smashing 3 (or eight guilds) through one breach is bad tactics. its fundamentally not even attempting to leverage numbers. The 90+ LOD/UDL, TRA, KGV, WH, CC, UXA, etc, could have broken up into two 40-50 man wings, breached in 3-4 different walls locations and pressed in with a coordinated drive. Trying to drive 65 or 90+ people through a single breach is just dumb. Friday night's 65 LOD/KGV/TRA v 35 DIS was a
  11. See: Since apparently Blazzen's request to -W- was not kept a secret by him, I do not have to worry about keeping that confidence. I told him that DIS was not quite so large a threat that we needed to join a server wide dogpile on DIS. I also commented that the KGV/TRA/LOD/UDL fight on Friday of 65 v 25-30 DIS was a giant uncoordinated fiasco and we didnt have an interest in being part that. Any confusion resides wholly on Chaos/Death alliance's communications and leadership team.
  12. Our response to LOD/UDL, TRA, KGV, MINAX, CC, UXA, WH's request to join the dogpile on DIS: "I doubt we will be working in concert with Death Alliance. " We never agreed to ally LOD/UDL, TRA, KGV, MINAX, CC, UXA, WH @Padishah
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