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  1. Lords of Death are so desperate for good Kool-aid spin that Blazzen has his Deathlings inventing new scoring methods. Amusing post to start the new campaign off with.
  2. Castle choke point can be taken. It does require a better strategy than get 150 bodies on kitchen-sink spec and throw it at the choke point though. Handshake sieges cannot come soon enough.
  3. Opening up recruitment slots for new players on a limited basis for upcoming third dregs campaign! We are especially looking for additional support players. Recruitment by referral remains open for alpha veterans, old friends/opponents, and/or folks with a historical connection to Winterblades. Please contact Angelmar on our discord or PM me here with short background and interest in -W-. We are looking for highly active players to join us in dregs!
  4. 1) more LoD kool-aid from Blazzen. The reason LoD/Death can't get all their bodies in is because they keep rallying 150-200 for sieges. 2) 500 man alliances won't limit the size of the current large alliances. In the current CW LoD is at about ~460 in game. HAX around 430 and W around 375. If ACE wants alliance caps to alter player behavior, e.g. change how the large alliances are playing the game the cap needs to be lower than 500. Maybe that number is 200, 300, or 400. I went with 350 because even if your concurrency for siege is 33% that's like 120 players which is half of a zone cap (250). Blair claims he wants to drop the alliance cap but cannot reduce the the cap size because current alliances are above that limit. Bite the bullet and lower the cap. Ignore the complaints.
  5. Lower the alliance cap from 500 to 350. You have 250 person zones. 125 a side makes for best fights. Don't need alliances that can zone cap multiple zones on their own.
  6. Because this change is pretty obviously an attempt at finding the quickest, least-thought, least-engineering-time, solution possible. And the results are predictably short sighted.
  7. This post is full of kool-aid, but in case you want a bit of reality to break through @blazzen complaints about PDM stakes is what got this PDM nerf. Edit: To be fair to Blazzen he only called for a nerf of 10%, not essentially deleting PDM from the game. The hyperbolic complaints about slap fights from some of Blazzens alliance mates didn't help the situation.
  8. Reduce Armor Breaks to a 10% debuff, and prevent different kinds of Armor Breaks from stacking. Does this mean a Physical armor break will overwrite an elemental break? e.g. would a knight armor break overwrite a confessor fire break? How is this staking working.
  9. A step in the right direction. 2500 man alliances was and is nuts in a game with 200-250 zone pop caps. Can see argument for CF.com numbers (gives guild leaders ability to control their rosters and population). Flip side in CW counts would allow guilds to keep their inactives on their roster. If it was technology-wise feasible the in CW counts would be better, but probably would need a lower alliance cap (like 250-350).
  10. Everyone's armor values are also half of what they were in 5.8-5.10, when the metas were more single target and before all the AoE dmg buffs. Damage is currently scaling ridiculously high compared to mitigations.
  11. There's like a dozen powers out there that you need to PDM through or you will lose 1/3-1/2 your HP (or die if you get hit by two of them). Time to kill in this game without PDM buffs (ult or otherwise) is measured in seconds. It's why when veterans roll up on new players the champions, stormcallers, archers, fanatics, assassin, etc. quite literally delete them. I've seen this complaint of slow TTK and assume people are just playing non-meta builds. @galviawhat match ups have you run into that cause slow TTK? Are you talking about small scale or the large scale AoE volley fests that are the current meta (in which case front line cycles back to recover and get CDs back up).
  12. Which is why guild cap needs to come down. Currently max pop per alliance is 2500 (500 per guild), which is ridiculous given the zone caps, map size, and player base.
  13. Community has asked for a better banking system and guild bank system for years. Better chat system too. Many comparisons drawn over the years to JTC's 2003 Shadowbane chat system being far better than CF a decade and a half later.
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