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  1. Could craft bows like veeshan... or you can just pick one off the ground at a wartribe with similar stats:
  2. Why craft in a campaign when you can craft with all the end game buffs and crafting table thralls in the safety of an EK? ACE removed any incentive to risk getting ganked by BAP in a keep when they added thrall buffs to EKs.
  3. I've been avoiding this topic, but for the few folks reading that may not understand how Blazzen is misleading folks by posting a legendary heavy weapon. Heavy weapons increase the cost of all your abilities and reduce your left click basic attack dmg in exchange for having a higher weapon dmg that makes powers, like neckbreaker hit harder. Heavy weapons are useful only if most of your dmg comes from a power--like champion neckbreaker spam. Wartribes do not drop heavy weapons. For reference here is a one of the better wartribe one hand dmg drops: Note the weapon weight
  4. Quig put together an epic video of Winterblades in the Reislyn Campaign. Good fights to everyone involved and bringing content in the outnumbered siege defenses.
  5. hi, i would like to join the guild, I have spoken to KushDoobiez and he said i was ok and to message you.

    1. Overlander757


      I did not see what Faction you were in???  I am balance and want to stay that way.  

    2. Puppylover69


      am currently earth but am willing to change


  6. The game is extremely numbers sensitive when all sides are playing the meta. This has been brought up for years. Unlike in EVE, Shadowbane or Darkfall, differences of 5-10% in the numbers on any one side with meta comps will 90% of the time decide a fight. This issue has been raised for years, but the combat model has yet to be revised to address it.
  7. Pointing out errors of memory (or simple hypocrisy) is not an excuse. I think you may be projecting a bit.
  8. Memory is faulty like that. Or perhaps your definition of "Death Alliance" includes Corvus Citadel, who often answer the call to rally with Death. To be fair as at least CC admits they show up for Death siege calls, so they are perhaps de facto "Death Alliance". Some examples to refresh the recollection: Leaving this one as a thumbnail because Vicid's music choice is great. https://youtu.be/RPK1UbfmghE?t=1104 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5CuSH3NlP4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HupR6E0HWSc
  9. Entirely possible, maybe even likely. Between the two largest alliances in the game, LoD/Death and DIS had a lot of people to send at the res statue. Flip side, if the walls had to be sieged, defenders could have sallied and tried to destroy Death or DIS individually without instantly losing the castle. It wouldnt be the first time that Death has brought the server against W, but still lost because we were able to pick off one or two guilds at a time before they could all rally and converge.
  10. Infected roaming vs Death and DIS. Join our discord in the OP if you are interested in recruitment. We are accepting apps for both new players and crowfall veterans of the alpha testing. See you on the field in Dregs tomorrow.
  11. The underlying issue is one that has been posted on for years. Crowfall is highly numbers sensitive (5-10% numbers difference is decisive) when played competitively and all sides are playing the meta. The issue is somewhat masked by guilds running non-meta specs or generally disorganized. It is entirely possible to overcome numbers disparity, sometimes significant number disparity, when one side is on meta and organized and one side is running a kitchen-sink composition and lacking organization. The fact that small numbers advantages are so decisive make the game feel very N+1.
  12. Another night of fights on 6.4 against DIS. Good fights all. (Watch iblunt left click through the radical meta.)
  13. Highlights from 90 minutes of fighting cleaning up the LOD/UDL/CC alliance forces outside the keep and then taking on the Specter Legion defenders as well. Great fight all.
  14. Hello, I'm looking partake in current and future campaigns with a guild who is willing to work together to achieve objectives. I have been playing Crowfall for a few months now and have been unable to experience later parts of the game due to my choice of guild becoming inactive/waiting for launch. I really have a desire to play this game everyday and do my part to help my guild no matter what that may be. I am hoping you will consider me as a member of your ranks in the near future. If you have any questions, please let me know.

  15. Are you guys using the East or West server? I'm just now getting around to Beta testing the game, and looking for a Guild to run with.

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