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  1. Every classes left click combo is a 3 part combo. ACE considers that 3 different powers. Every part of every combo power is considered a power. Dodge is a power, retaliate, etc. are all individual powers.
  2. All of HAX managed to pull ahead of Vunark by 1 kill. Erad, L2estless are both individually ahead of all of the HaX's Chaos levy. Audin/Vunark, 1 behind.
  3. Yeah, was an amusing stat to have Vunak have more kills than all the HaX mass recruits combined. Good luck to Eldritch on Order, they're laying a foundation for hopefully another long term guild in Crowfall.
  4. Currently 51/49. Crowfall Brexit-Wipe here we go.
  5. It's looking Brexit close. The Euros ( @Yumx @Tinnis) should consult on how many years we will need to make a decision. Blazzen is taking up the vaunted mantle of Boris Johnson. ACE going to piss off approx. half the population regardless.
  6. We are 60d out from an the last full item/vessel wipe demanded by people that mostly don't play. That wipe led to guilds like UxA quitting. So full wipe in October and then 60-120 days later do it again? The pre-alpha population has essentially been stable and stagnant from bigworld to 5.8 (50-75). The news of 5.8 brought a huge boom up to 200 concurrent and then declined back to 100 concurrent the last 5 months. Wipe without new content will not bring in new blood and may drive away current players that don't want to rebuild every 60-90 days. Calling it now two weeks post wipe, the siege concurrent pop will at best be the same approx 100 players there currently are.
  7. Deioth, Think on this statement from your reply. A few additional facts to consider: Guilds like HAX, Cursed, UXA, corvus citadel and especially Clams (our former faction mates) wear the same gear Winterblades and HoA use. (Everyone except HAX has been here since December and 5.8, and HAX has been here about 3 months) Cursed/Clams/Corvus/UXA have the same training as Winterblades and HoA. (Again since 5.8 skill wipe) If you're "actually doing something" against HAX and Clams you're competing against people with same gear/training as WHoA. The difference between WHoA and the other guilds is leadership, coordination, knowledge, and experience.
  8. I admit I only skimmed the wall of text. First, you're badly falling into the trap of assuming perfect gear equals minimum viable PvP competitive gear. (This is false and many folks demonstrate this regularly by playing on their non primary region server NA/EU in white vessels with wartribe gear) Second, you shouldn't waste time crafting whites "intermediate" gear. ACE has instead given you Mana from Heaven and wartribes gear is better than whites will be anyway. High end purple wartribes gear is as good as good greens or crappy blue gear. Third, your point that passive training will drive some ppl away is accurate. It's same issue EVE faces. (With addition of vessel leveling, I too have wondered what the point of passive training is and couldn't it get rolled into vessels or talents?--a lot of folks want the no-effort skill gains tho) Fourth, you're point the finger at the wrong training branch. Crafting has lots of tools to allow a crafter without skills to be effective quickly and with a bit of dust and min-maxing make gear thats only off by 5-10%. Where passive training really is an advantage, is harvesting, and there are fewer buffs/gear options (but not none) to carry noobs in this area. Check out community resources for buffs/gear options https://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ Fifth, many guilds in the CW (essentially every guild other than -W- and HoA) started in the last 9 months. The many Chaos guilds started before gear got significant nerfs and normalized in 5.9. This climb is not insurmountable. It does mean you have to accept your going to be at a small disadvantage. See #1. Sixth, Eldritch is shooting themselves in the foot trying to be run before they can walk. Instead of learning the game on a populated faction, they are trying to be a 10man army of Order against the rest the NA population. (To ameliorate this issue, setup arranged fights and scrims. Clam Stacking Casuals good crew that started in December to sparr with). Seventh, don't turn down offered help. I dmed Vunak August 25 and offered to pass him some BS crafting gear and vessel. He never circled back to me.
  9. Some good points, but many of these are negated by the 90s respawn mechanic. Death for a defender in a siege is pretty meaningless, unless there are sudden mass casualties (bombs, Ballistas). Trickle casualties just get negated by the extemely fast respawn.
  10. If "small groups" are looking to avoid fights at forts there are Outposts avail 24/7, which have had their overall point values as % of total points buffed to be the same as keeps.... Many of the fort windows also have multiple forts open simultaneously, so players like crushed can game which of the 2 or 3 forts he wants to hit in which order. I still don't think people are really clocking the points value changes, they're just making assumptions on pre-siege schedule values.
  11. I think he really means he wants to Nerf Xarrayne.
  12. Saturday is the one day per week that 90% of people can stay up late or do w/e they want on. Not a workday. Next day not a workday. Saturday should always have a siege.
  13. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of double Saturday siege. Maybe when population is bigger. Sunday night seems like it's a bit if a let down without the siege, but then we go up to 5 of 7 nights a week sieging if they add Sunday. Could definitely see moving second Saturday siege to Sunday night tho.
  14. Nice spin as always Dolmar. Good that you omitted Blazzen is a GL of a Chaos guild. For all the folks concerned re: overnight content. I suggest you run the numbers and put in some time thinking through the changes. All Outposts are now worth the same as all the keeps (due to nerfs to keep values and buffs to outposts). The 3 ppl online at 5am EST can now full cap the 48 Outposts (down from 150) in 30s each (instead of 10 minutes) and have equal influence over the CW as the 100+ ppl that show up for sieges. These values may be too favorable to Outposts, but folks saying they cannot effect the CW result as a 1-2 man crew at any hour of the day are just ignorant of how the scoring works.
  15. Six months from Blazzen's article and the guild leader round table at the end of January and we finally have a real fix for nightcapping. @jtoddcoleman We've been through one full campaign and into a second with the new siege scheduling mechanics and can now confirm night capping is dead and burnout is greatly decreased. The reduced keep siege schedule is also giving folks a very welcome break from grind of night after night keep sieges for months on end. We are also seeing "player funneling" during the fort windows--where fort fights didn't exist before because of night capping, forts are now getting contested. For the off-hours folks there is at least one fort always open, where they can try to get a fight started if there are people around. Essentially, ACE has finally taken another stab at solving the PvP Coordination problem: Known location at a known time to compete for a limited or scarce reward or resource. The new schedule finally gives the known time and location. ACE's successes with the new schedule: Night Capping is dead (capping off hours and whoever stays up latest wins) Back capping is dead (capping objectives behind each other groups, while avoiding any fights) Reduced burnout from daily siege Reduced circle standing time/reduction in outpost count Outpost time to capture much reduced Respawn Outposts are sometimes contested. Some suggested further improvements: Fort capture circles and outpost circles are apparently the same thing. So forts, even when contested, can be flipped in about 30s. This often decides the fights. Fort circles need to be their own thing with their own timer that is much slower so the defenders get more of the benefit of guards. Bottom line: ACE doesn't often get credit for their improvements. This focused improvement round on siege/fort mechanics was a very big and long needed success. Congrats ACE.
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