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  1. Hello Angelmar,

    I was sort of one of your enemies in shadownbane on Deception. I built a city near to House Daenyr and tried to stay neutral as long as I could, but I think you know that was impossible. I subbed to HD and eventually we all subbed to the Defenders of Order where i spent the rest of Deception with them. Now it is 15 years!!!! later.

    I am in the alpha, though i have not played much lately. I  need to both spend some more time in game, and find some other players that can catch me up. I'd love to join Winterblades for Crowfall and on. I also currently also play a bit of Age of Conan, GW2, and Magicbane. So if you have contingents there at the moment maybe i can join you there also.

    I really want to join some people in Crowfall. Please consider me for membership.

    Thank you


  2. Constitution benefits not worth it?

    least on the character I tested on it was 1 Con = 4 hp, if I recall correctly. And yes, like many stats/gear the benefits are significant enough to be relevant. If you got 30 levels, spent all 3 pts in CON every time you'd end up with an extra 360 hp.... about one extra swing from a basic attacks worth. They will do a balancing pass on all the systems in the future. Currently ACE is still just trying to get new systems built and out the door.
  3. Angelmar,

    I'm looking for a new guild. The guild I was in previously hasn't been very involved in testing and it doesn't seem like they have enough interest in playing Crowfall. You may remember me from earlier testing phases, as I've been around since before the Hunger Dome days. I have been getting back into the testing lately and I'm looking for a guild that actively plays/tests the game.

    I don't know where the majority of you are located, but ideally, I would be looking for people to play on the US east coast. You guys have been around since the beginning and I know that you are one of the more active guilds around, so maybe we would be a good fit.

    I have 3 accounts and I'm happy to play any role required to help the guild achieve victory. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.




  4. [-W-] Winterblades

    Recruitment Thread updated.... since the text was last updated pre-campaign worlds!
  5. is ranger class overpowered?

    Community called that Wood elf rangers with 60-70M range + 2x 18m teleports+spammable ultimate would be broken. Turns out it is broken. They will do a balancing pass eventually but its not the priority until the game is more complete.
  6. I volunteer to have my Myrm un-nerfed and granted the old myrm C back ------- I haven't really noticed a epidemic of druid bomb deaths.... think I've died to bombs 2-3 times.... over 1.5 years of testing. That said, as a general principle one shots are a bad idea. Just not sure this is where I would spend the very very limited dev resources devoted to the occasional balance pass.
  7. the winterblades sounds good to me I am willing to learn

  8. Siege at Archenstone

    Nvidia 780 Ti
  9. [-W-] Winterblades

    Great completion of project of Coolwaters. Nice Tribute. Thanks Xarrayne.
  10. Siege at Archenstone

    Ginko was asking for other perspectives. Above is a taste of my footage. Unlisted because I don't want folks searching CF and seeing this level of stutter frame-FPS.
  11. Divine Sacrifice - Official Discussion Thread

    Couple of million experience points needed and all mobs were white so.... 1 exp point at a time. Doable for those Dwarves that had no alts!
  12. Divine Sacrifice - Official Discussion Thread

    At launch experience rates two full days 8-10 hrs could easily get you to mid to high R4 (lvls 40 to 50), with a little extra or no interruptions maybe even R5 (50 to 60, lvl cap 60). Toss in another day and you're low to mid R5. Experience slowed dramatically/exponentially. 56 to 60 might take one to three weeks, depending on your access to high level mobs. Especially 58 to 60 was very slow due to lack of high level mobs. A character was pvp relevant if trained and geared at mid to high R4. Many/most characters were 55 or 56 and R5 was expected for a pvp toon. In combat power, R4s might be analogous in CF to folks with slag weapons and basic armor vs R5 in full blue crafted and high R5/R6 top end geared folks. ---- Edit: with the rise of chaos expansion leveling got faster overall with better availability of high level mobs and lvl cap went to 65 (2nd expansion 70). 1 to R5/R6 was possible in a weekend. Late in SB life cycle they increased xp rates and 1 to 60 or 70 was possible in a day.
  13. [-W-] Winterblades

    Looking forward to more fights over the holidays. Server is getting some decent population finally.
  14. Something in the Brookhurst fort is causing massive FPS drop. unique to that fort.