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  1. If possible, do not apply the AfKs timer to EKs. Community EK shopping malls like Srathors Lawn and Aerynth Traders have to be held open by having a character in them.... generally this character is afk and run on a laptop that can barely run Crowfall...
  2. Leather is a completely different story. The bottle neck around soft leather is a real pain. That a map generation issue, just like the ore now is super easy to come by because of the map generation changes.
  3. Blazzen benchmarked it and it's about 2hrs with ore training and average picks and nothing else (including no bene armor) to get all the ore you need to have a blue set of gear on current map. There's so much content missing on this game. We really have only one successful PVP driver and that's sieges. I've come to question the role passive training has for harvesting. It mostly just makes the NPE miserable until you can get the training unlocked. (~60 day+ at 3x trains) That said, once you have training, the "progression curve" of the game can be completed in a single day--easily completed in a weekend. Even done sub-optimally a character is complete in a week. So...What is going to keep people playing "in the zones" generating content and world PVP if the progression curve is so short? Right now it takes more time to gear out a character in SBEmu than it is CF (assuming you have harvest training and access to trained Crafters). The difference is Shadowbane effectively has factories doing the gear rolling passively.... Hopefully ACE delivers on the long promised factories for CF soon.
  4. The major guilds have done a good job, I think, of containing/banning the weapon issue. I trust the guild leads I'm working with on Chaos, so I think its largely held. What the minor chaos guilds do is whatever. They probably need the handicap. A wipe would be good to remove the need for major guild leads to have to work together and the annoyance of the minor guilds erroding the ban. I doubt they will wipe though with 5.9 hopefully coming within a month. Personally, I'd welcome a wipe. Chaos won't have gear to blame and instead will have to look to their lack of organization.
  5. The keep design has been around since hunger dome. It's generally a maddening structure that makes you wonder if the goal was to make it easy for the attackers to assault. There's is essentially no choke point to defend other than the tree room itself. Sieges overall need to be more like Shadowbane and Darkfall sieges. The walls need big HP buffs and defenders need an internal respawn so there can be multiple fights and not just one. With walls made of paper and a keep designed to allow attacking force to bypass every choke point, the defensive advantage is essentially only the guards. Needs more choke points and/or stronger walls. Completely flat area, with current siege mechanics and terrible defensive keep design would just be a field fight under minor guard cover. Agree with hyriol reverting to the original tree platform that's slightly more open would be good short term compromise and fix.
  6. Angelmar

    Zone Caps

    Order and specifically Clams, Transcedence and Infernal are to be nothing but commended for their showing this campaign. These guilds that have been together less than 6months and are embarassing the Chaos veteran guilds that have been together for decades. Organization, leadership, and some effort go a long way. Giving up is of course the easy route that Chaos took and it still shows. Well fought Order, look forward to an action packed weekend at the sieges. See you on the Field!
  7. The subtext here should be, if you are not a Crusader cleric, you are wasting a spot in your guild/factions roster for a useful GvG character. With a side of, ACE when are you going to make more promotions useful?
  8. I'm the leather confessor on the left.
  9. For once I think Zybak is mostly correct. But, I think the powercurve should be decreased and go back to 5.7 where whites were 5 pips(or 6?) lowering the gap between White Gear and Green+. The nerf to weapon stats helped noobs and casuals, but lowering whites to 4 pips was a big shift in favor of green+. It would be a huge effort, but balancing the promotion classes would make kitchen sink specs that casual forces bring to fights perform better. The promotion classes are not balanced well now, only 6-7 are really "viable" (e.g. top end.) The coordination/organization and experience gap is also very large.
  10. How quickly Chaos and Creme's Militia forget last weekend when we carried EU/NA Chaos and got Chaos two keeps. That would be when Chaos went from being far behind to pulling ahead of CAL/KDS Order. Now that Chaos is far in the lead, we worked to bring Balance to the Force. Unfortunately we could only get Order 1 keep this round. But it was an epic stand. The 14 Horsemen(+2 leggers) of the Apocalypse. The Harbingers of Balance: The Balance Travel Guide to Europe will be coming to stores near you. Pre-Order Now.
  11. First siege of Crowfall 5.8.3 delivered. Big improvement in performance. Winterblades attacked Chaos keep with 37 and Chaos capped out the zone cap with 63. Back and forth fight against chaos led by Undead Legion and Undead Lords, had them ultimately over extend and open an opportunity to rush the tree. Great glimpse at what the game will play like once deathshroud is persistent.
  12. @dolmar @veeshan @weaponsx 37 Winterblades vs 63 Chaos. Numbers are hard. Tears are easy. See you on the field for the next one!
  13. Barrier UI is terrible. Needs both fly text and better indicator for when barrier is up. Good suggestion.
  14. One of your equipped armor slots or weapons slots will take 2 durability damage every 10s you spend in combat stance, regardless of what you are doing. If you only have a weapon slotted and no armor, the weapon will take all the dura loss.
  15. One of the few upsides of everyone making tons of videos these days is the digital archive it creates. One of my favorites: This was right as the first "big world" came out and right after -W- refused Sugoi's pitch to ally up against the rest of the CF community (-W- has swapped factions for server health multiple times, in fact): There's also 15 more such fights of Winterblades vs Sugoi with even numbers or -W- outnumbered on my channel alone https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5uDO1CFMG_4lYn0pILlJqrHHhfdX_79R How's taking over guild lead from Cuddles and Uya going, Frykka? Sugoi ever going to make a comeback? (Mostly ancient history at this point.... Digital archives make it a lot easier to dust off the history books tho)
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