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  1. That's a rather different statement than what has been posted here. If Chaos wants to start making thread about how character customization is still very limited and needs more polish and more control to the player, i'll be right there with you. Pretty sure the posts in this thread are just knee-jerk complaining about having to, worst case, farm for 2 hrs over the next 20 days.
  2. If players think of constraints as challenges within the game instead of things to throw up their hands and be helpless about, solutions can be found quickly: First Concept folks need to start thinking in is resource density and ember count. With these in mind, clear best things to leave behind are armor. A stack of 200 ore is way more resource dense then a glove off piece. So for our hypothetical ranger/blacksmith he imports: 3 crafting Jewel, 3 combat Jewel, 2 Runic weapons (bow/quiver for Archer or shortswords for brigand), 2 badges (crafter and combat), 1 stack of blue iron, 1 stack of blue silver. In CW he farms 48 blue leather and 40 stone and 40 ore for BS seals (actually only need 2-3 pieces of crafting armor at max train, but we assume worst case and make 4) and 30 blue silver. The ore imported, plus the above is enough to make a BS set and a combat set of iron/silver/silver combo (the BS helm would be all iron/iron/iron because we don't care about crafters combat stats). The only remaining farming to get back to full equipment is the rangers off-spec melee weapons, which are not Runic and therefore simply ~100 ore and 6 leather. For reference I farmed this with a white hammer and a blue reaping necklace in 40 minutes as first farming of the new CW: Probably could be back to full equiped crafter and ranger in 1.5-2hrs. (the CW R10 node density is nuts). The current maps rain resources. You will likely get the embers for combat character's new mount by time farming is complete. 2 hours is not a lot of farming to play out a 3 week CW. This all assumes the hypothetical crafter/ranger is an island, has 0 support from his guild... Of course this becomes even faster if you have guildmates and the clerics, champions, knights, etc. that have 1-2 spare imports wisely and carefully spend them to bring in materials. ------------- P.S. the complaints about it taking hours to export everything are (1) why we need guild banks extremely badly and (2) amusing in that the alternative is those materials just get deleted/lost forever. It took us several hours to compile and optimize exports as well.
  3. 4 armor slots 2 ranged weapons 2 melee weapons 3 jewels +1 utility slot for badge/mount or w/e else. -------- Looks like a full set of gear. If you got more stuff you just HAVE to Have, drop an armor offpiece and remake it in CW. Adapt and Overcome, not Immediately Go Cry on the Forums.
  4. 12 imports gets you one full set of gear for your combat main. What more could you want?
  5. ACE responded to player feedback that 5m melee range was like "fighting with pole vault sticks". In response they dropped melee range to 3m this patch. Your reduced pip generation is likely the fact you are now missing a lot of 3rd basic attacks unless your are humping the leg of player you are attacking. 3m in the over shoulder perspective means you need to be absolutely on top of the target.
  6. (1) 8/3/19 World Bank does not update quantites of a stack. If you have a stack of 5 Embers in your bank and have 3 embers in your inventory, when u place the 3 embers in the World Bank it will still display 5 embers. The number counter for the stack doesnt update until its withdrawn and put back in the bank. (2) Single target heals still are not fixed. Enemies take priority in targeting, even if your reticle is directly on an ally. (3) Nerf of melee range to 3m is rough on the remaining root motion abilities like Champion Stomp-Rend combo.
  7. The Great Slayer in the Melee, the Victor on the Field, the Conqueror hoisting his Banner over the Ruins of a Stronghold, these are not the souls dear to Arkon. Arkon values not the great deeds of many, but the small doings of the arrogant few. Arkon is the Patron God of the Noob Ganker (and Zybak is his prophet).
  8. Just to clarify: Kills/(Deaths+Assists)=Points Ratio Why does Arkon hate Crows that assist their fellow Crows in attaining Glory?
  9. Winterblades will champion Balance in the Trial of Arkon. The latest from Xarrayne Productions while we wait for server up: Good Luck to All in first post wipe campaign. See you on the Field!
  10. Friar power "Chain Heal" roots the player while casting.
  11. A post on the ACE Dev Forums was made decrying the plight of the oppressed crafter that must now optimize as High Elf or Guinea Rat. The kneejerk reaction from ACE was to nerf High Elf and Guinea Rat crafters (the combat potential of these races was collateral damage). I personally don't get why people care what race their crafter should be. Note: ACE cannot be faulted for not doing something and they were rapidly responsive. I just wish they used those rapid response powers on things that mattered..... But what matters is different for each--apparently some couldn't handle crafters all being High-Elf.
  12. @veeshan Your new member Silenus claimed on the first night of Gods Reach to have farmed 250 graves per Crowfall Community Discord. Seems like uXa should have plenty of body parts if they can organize their own members. Happy to assist in helping uXa get their crafting organization started. Best talk with Silenus to see if he will share his body part horde with his guildmates. See you on the Field.
  13. Yup. Dolmar/uXa made a play by using Order alts to cap their own chaos points, but it back fired. Enough of us were willing to return to CF to rain on that parade. We kept geared chaos characters in Roethem keep to prevent uXa from trying to clear the cap bonus with an Order alt squad. Having the entire CW ride on last Friday's siege of Roethem was pretty fun though.
  14. This. Community rabble rousers made a significant impression when these forums went completely apepoorly made socks over 4 whole days of Godz Reach. ACE's take away lesson was to never have a single day break in campaigns.... The real take away is the forums are full of bad advice and complaints from people that don't play the game.
  15. ACE needs to deliver on JTC's solution for night capping. What was the ratio for off-peak? 1/8th the player base is on off-peak and prime time. JTC said they would reduce off peak captures greatly and then never did. We got fort windows, but the windows are all equal 2 per hour 24/7. ACE needs to finally deliver on the night capting solution and significantly cut the amount of points awarded in off peak hours. Campaigns are decided by a handful of players per faction and their willingness/ability to log in and cap while people sleep or are at work.
  16. Just add in a slow passive recharge so we can stop pre-charging on mobs (or previously target dummies).
  17. I think everyone wishes ACE was 6 months further along and building the game world out (like outposts, guild tags, free build keeps, dregs) rather than where we are. I hope they close down the "gods trials" and just leave Gods Reach up on a stable patch to meet their 24/7 access commitments.... Then use all the time they used to burn bug fixing and treating this like a "live" service to make some real development progress on dregs.
  18. An influential ACE DEV Forum poster a couple weeks ago suggested that players should know a system "was not as ACE intended". We have no clue what ACE intends. We give feedback on what we have in front of us and then spend hours arguing and reading the tea leaves over what we think "ACE intends" or what ACE "should" do. All of that is symptomatic of a TEST and Work-In-Progress and not of a launched GAME (tho all MMOs are constantly WIPs).
  19. This to me, just goes to my point. Despite what ACE Marketing is selling about CF being ready for competitive GvG gameplay and #WarStories, this is what JTC has been saying--a pre alpha. Its not a game and not ready to be treated like one. We know for example they intend discs to involve Thralls. This is likely just their 1.0 version of disc drops to get it out the door..... But we're judging it like it's the ultimate ACE solution because (1)ACE Marketing is pushing this as a playable competitive game and (2) because ACE is making us spend time and grind like its a LIVE game. (And (3) we're impatient for CF to make progress and get to dregs). If ACE is going to be pushing half-finished systems to LIVE, that's fine in a pre-alpha, but don't try to treat the game like it's GAME rather than a TEST.
  20. How much of this angst is because we've been testing this game for almost 4 years? How much of it is because the game is wiping every 30-45d? or because ppl (almost entirely those that don't play) are constantly calling for wipes? I am concerned that ACE doesn't get the acceptable time demand for a LIVE game that doesn't wipe is different for a pre-alpha TEST that is wiping regularly. I'm not sure they are taking respect for Pre-Alpha Testing player's time seriously. ------- That said, you can level a blue vessel in a weekend. Some have done it in a single day. That's relatively very quick. ACE is making efforts to add reasons for ppl to be out in the world rather than logging in for 1hr a day. (If we want a PvP game for 1hr a day there are better options out there.) The systems they are adding need work and overhauls, especially discs, but I see what they are trying. The game in general needs more content and better conflict drivers. We need dregs, player keeps, caravans, mines etc... In the end, guilds got setup and running within 2 weeks of a wipe.... For a live environment that's not terrible. I wonder how much of this thread is thought of having to put in this effort after a 5.90 wipe, a 5.100 wipe and a 6.0 wipe?
  21. Who is Andius, again? His tears apparently garnered a 13 page thread. As chroma pointed out, he doesn't speak for Order. He is just the Transcendence lead Diplomat and @Nueby's spokesperson? Perhaps this is just Nueby showing off TRA's new culture. Surprised this thread is still going.
  22. Annoying unintended bug with ACEs bugfix patch. Just means we're back to CWs being all about night capping. C'est la vie.
  23. Shadowbane had 172 unique race/base class/class combinations. Then add 30+ discs. Oh and don't forget the 50 or so creation runes. Oh and the in-game stat runes. Then add fully customizable ability training and stat points Crowfall is barely a shadow of SB. We're getting there tho.
  24. If white gear went back to 6 experimentation pips (one less than green), where it was in 5.6/5.7, the gap from white to green would evaporate. Why ACE felt the need to nerf white gear, I don't know. It happened around the time they deleted "poor" or "gray" quality drops from the loot tables making R1 to R3 nodes more useful.
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