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Posts posted by Angelmar

  1. 36 minutes ago, miraluna said:

    That is a good point - there isn't much map strategy involved when the spreadsheet tells you where to go. Makes it harder for small groups to have any impact.

    Edit: IDK what the solution is for that, maybe some wildcard objectives or some activity to force a vulnerability window to open?

    If "small groups" are looking to avoid fights at forts there are Outposts avail 24/7, which have had their overall point values as % of total points buffed to be the same as keeps....

    Many of the fort windows also have multiple forts open simultaneously, so players like crushed can game which of the 2 or 3 forts he wants to hit in which order.

    I still don't think people are really clocking the points value changes, they're just making assumptions on pre-siege schedule values.

  2. 3 minutes ago, oneply said:

    I’d rather see Saturday not be a siege day. Get rid of both for a single Sunday siege. Maybe a lil earlier that 10est. Saturday in summer will always be a low turnout imo. 

    Saturday is the one day per week that 90% of people can stay up late or do w/e they want on.  Not a workday. Next day not a workday. 

    Saturday should always have a siege.

  3. 27 minutes ago, oneply said:

    Most of this I agree with. Especially the bolded part. 

    On #2, at least in CC, Saturday is probably consistently our lowest turnout. And I feel like that’s several other chaos guilds too. Players I see all week long I sometimes see farming in the morning and that’s it. By noon must of us are out.

    I also don’t understand where the “thrill” of defending a keep twice comes from. Chaos consistently doesn’t field enough players to even take a defended keep for either of those sieges times. 

    Yeah, I'm not a big fan of double Saturday siege.

    Maybe when population is bigger.

    Sunday night seems like it's a bit if a let down without the siege, but then we go up to 5 of 7 nights a week sieging if they add Sunday.

    Could definitely see moving second Saturday siege to Sunday night tho.

  4. 34 minutes ago, dolmar said:

    There is nothing to do during the night . So if you do not play at the active times then the game is dead and boring. The map and siege schedules were designed by Anglemar and Blazzen so of course they support it. IMO Ace caved to the -W- since balance streams and makes the most videos. It saves them on advertisement. Just my two cents.. uXa will be back. 

    Nice spin as always Dolmar.  Good that you omitted Blazzen is a GL of a Chaos guild.

    For all the folks concerned re: overnight content.  I suggest you run the numbers and put in some time thinking through the changes.

    All Outposts are now worth the same as all the keeps (due to nerfs to keep values and buffs to outposts).  

    The 3 ppl online at 5am EST can now full cap the 48 Outposts (down from 150) in 30s each (instead of 10 minutes) and have equal influence over the CW as the 100+ ppl that show up for sieges.

    These values may be too favorable to Outposts, but folks saying they cannot effect the CW result as a 1-2 man crew at any hour of the day are just ignorant of how the scoring works.

  5. Six months from Blazzen's article and the guild leader round table at the end of January and we finally have a real fix for nightcapping. @jtoddcoleman

    We've been through one full campaign and into a second with the new siege scheduling mechanics and can now confirm night capping is dead and burnout is greatly decreased.  The reduced keep siege schedule is also giving folks a very welcome break from grind of night after night keep sieges for months on end.

    We are also seeing "player funneling" during the fort windows--where fort fights didn't exist before because of night capping, forts are now getting contested.  For the off-hours folks there is at least one fort always open, where they can try to get a fight started if there are people around. 

    Essentially, ACE has finally taken another stab at solving the PvP Coordination problem: Known location at a known time to compete for a limited or scarce reward or resource.   The new schedule finally gives the known time and location. 

    ACE's successes with the new schedule:

    1. Night Capping is dead (capping off hours and whoever stays up latest wins)
    2. Back capping is dead (capping objectives behind each other groups, while avoiding any fights)
    3. Reduced burnout from daily siege
    4. Reduced circle standing time/reduction in outpost count
      1. Outpost time to capture much reduced
    5. Respawn Outposts are sometimes contested.

    Some suggested further improvements:

    1. Fort capture circles and outpost circles are apparently the same thing.  So forts, even when contested, can be flipped in about 30s.  This often decides the fights.  Fort circles need to be their own thing with their own timer that is much slower so the defenders get more of the benefit of guards.

    Bottom line: ACE doesn't often get credit for their improvements.  This focused improvement round on siege/fort mechanics was a very big and long needed success. Congrats ACE. 

  6. 52 minutes ago, smoot said:

    I don't think anyone is confused as to what the optimal path to regearing is. The point is it is boring as custard. There are no meaningful choices, just obvious paths to doing the same poorly made socks you just did a day ago in order to get to the actual fun part of the game.

    No one said they can't do it, but a fair amount of people have said they have no interest in doing it. 

    That's a rather different statement than what has been posted here.

    If Chaos wants to start making thread about how character customization is still very limited and needs more polish and more control to the player, i'll be right there with you.

    Pretty sure the posts in this thread are just knee-jerk complaining about having to, worst case, farm for 2 hrs over the next 20 days.

  7. If players think of constraints as challenges within the game instead of things to throw up their hands and be helpless about, solutions can be found quickly:

    First Concept folks need to start thinking in is resource density and ember count.  With these in mind, clear best things to leave behind are armor.  A stack of 200 ore is way more resource dense then a glove off piece.

    So for our hypothetical ranger/blacksmith he imports:

    3 crafting Jewel, 3 combat Jewel, 2 Runic weapons (bow/quiver for Archer or shortswords for brigand), 2 badges (crafter and combat), 1 stack of blue iron, 1 stack of blue silver.

    In CW he farms 48 blue leather and 40 stone and 40 ore for BS seals (actually only need 2-3 pieces of crafting armor at max train, but we assume worst case and make 4) and 30 blue silver.

    The ore imported, plus the above is enough to make a BS set and a combat set of iron/silver/silver combo (the BS helm would be all iron/iron/iron because we don't care about crafters combat stats).

    The only remaining farming to get back to full equipment is the rangers off-spec melee weapons, which are not Runic and therefore simply ~100 ore and 6 leather.

    For reference I farmed this with a white hammer and a  blue reaping necklace in 40 minutes as first farming of the new CW:


    Probably could be back to full equiped crafter and ranger in 1.5-2hrs. (the CW R10 node density is nuts). The current maps rain resources. You will likely get the embers for combat character's new mount by time farming is complete. 2 hours is not a lot of farming to play out a 3 week CW.

    This all assumes the hypothetical crafter/ranger is an island, has 0 support from his guild...

    Of course this becomes even faster if you have guildmates and the clerics, champions, knights, etc. that have 1-2 spare imports wisely and carefully spend them to bring in materials.


    P.S. the complaints about it taking hours to export everything are (1) why we need guild banks extremely badly and (2) amusing in that the alternative is those materials just get deleted/lost forever.

    It took us several hours to compile and optimize exports as well.

  8. 1 minute ago, veeshan said:

    It doesnt though not for everyone, Ranger for example is 13 for a set, thats assuming u dont have extra slots like cloak/neck/ring slots

    4 armor slots

    2 ranged weapons

    2 melee weapons

    3 jewels

    +1 utility slot for badge/mount or w/e else.


    Looks like a full set of gear.  If you got more stuff you just HAVE to Have, drop an armor offpiece and remake it in CW.

    Adapt and Overcome, not Immediately Go Cry on the Forums.

  9. 1 hour ago, KatzeWeiss said:

    1. Targeted heals and abilities direct cast on friendlies are prioritizing enemy units.

    • Cleric: Tend Wounds
    • Druid: Nature's Avatar, Soothing Winds
    • Field Surgeon Discipline: Rescue, Rehabilitation
    • Friar Discipline: Chain Heal
    • Pixie Discipline: Soothing Winds

    These abilities will lock onto enemy units if they are anywhere even remotely near the intended target and are almost impossible to land in PVP. I reported this previously with regards to the druid abilities and it was fixed promptly, however it was broken again a patch or two later.

    One of the most annoying parts of 5.100.

  10. 38 minutes ago, XeXeeD said:

    As a paladin I dont use execute, before this patch i had no problems casting any skills, I have been playing the paladin for last 6 months and never had an issue with it.

    Now i feel like that the PIP generation has decreased and makes it barely playable during pvp. 

    As far as i know my paladin friends share the same problems, not sure if this change is intended or bugged.

    ACE responded to player feedback that 5m melee range was like "fighting with pole vault sticks".

    In response they dropped melee range to 3m this patch.

    Your reduced pip generation is likely the fact you are now missing a lot of 3rd basic attacks unless your are humping the leg of player you are attacking. 

    3m in the over shoulder perspective means you need to be absolutely on top of the target.

  11. (1) 8/3/19 World Bank does not update quantites of a stack.

    If you have a stack of 5 Embers in your bank and have 3 embers in your inventory, when u place the 3 embers in the World Bank it will still display 5 embers.

    The number counter for the stack doesnt update until its withdrawn and put back in the bank. 

    (2) Single target heals still are not fixed.  Enemies take priority in targeting, even if your reticle is directly on an ally. 

    (3) Nerf of melee range to 3m is rough on the remaining root motion abilities like Champion Stomp-Rend combo.

  12. 5 minutes ago, galvia said:

    Lets give another example, this is @Darthbunbun's stat card:

    Bunbun Last Campaign
    Kills 135
    Deaths 30
    Assists 1,000
    Score calculated for this campaign
    135/(30+1,000) = .13

    Random Assassin Score
    Kills 10
    Deaths 10
    Assists 0
    Score calulated for this campaign

    Great. He won't place top of the scoreboard again but in the Lore would Arkon really value the other players input more?

    The Great Slayer in the Melee, the Victor on the Field, the Conqueror hoisting his Banner over the Ruins of a Stronghold, these are not the souls dear to Arkon.

    Arkon values not the great deeds of many, but the small doings of the arrogant few.

    Arkon is the Patron God of the Noob Ganker (and Zybak is his prophet).

  13. A post on the ACE Dev Forums was made decrying the plight of the oppressed crafter that must now optimize as High Elf or Guinea Rat.

    The kneejerk reaction from ACE was to nerf High Elf and Guinea Rat crafters (the combat potential of these races was collateral damage).

    I personally don't get why people care what race their crafter should be.

    Note: ACE cannot be faulted for not doing something and they were rapidly responsive.  I just wish they used those rapid response powers on things that mattered..... But what matters is different for each--apparently some couldn't handle crafters all being High-Elf.

  14. @veeshan  Your new member Silenus claimed on the first night of Gods Reach to have farmed 250 graves per Crowfall Community Discord.  Seems like uXa should have plenty of body parts if they can organize their own members.



    Happy to assist in helping uXa get their crafting organization started.  Best talk with Silenus to see if he will share his body part horde with his guildmates. 

    See you on the Field. 

  15. 1 hour ago, Scorn said:

    It was Fall and Chaos were using Order accounts to take back outposts to get rid of the capture bonus. This was smart though arguably dirty.
    That is why I came back
    And I was not alone.

    Yup.  Dolmar/uXa made a play by using Order alts to cap their own chaos points, but it back fired.  Enough of us were willing to return to CF to rain on that parade.

    We kept geared chaos characters in Roethem keep to prevent uXa from trying to clear the cap bonus with an Order alt squad.

    Having the entire CW ride on last Friday's siege of Roethem was pretty fun though. 

  16. 36 minutes ago, Groovin said:

    Whatever happened to having a break in God's Reach?
    Could we not just end the campaign at the original time and have a hooligan around in GR while we wait for whatever you've got planned.

    Those that are screeching and screaming for constant campaigns are gone, and I for one have been burnt out for a while. Likely other people too.
    I think it's time you reintroduced that GR break period.


    Community rabble rousers made a significant impression when these forums went completely apepoorly made socks over 4 whole days of Godz Reach.

    ACE's take away lesson was to never have a single day break in campaigns....

    The real take away is the forums are full of bad advice and complaints from people that don't play the game.

  17. ACE needs to deliver on JTC's solution for night capping.  What was the ratio for off-peak? 1/8th the player base is on off-peak and prime time. 

    JTC said they would reduce off peak captures greatly and then never did.  We got fort windows, but the windows are all equal 2 per hour 24/7.

    ACE needs to finally deliver on the night capting solution and significantly cut the amount of points awarded in off peak hours.

    Campaigns are decided by a handful of players per faction and their willingness/ability to log in and cap while people sleep or are at work.

  18. I think everyone wishes ACE was 6 months further along and building the game world out (like outposts, guild tags, free build keeps, dregs) rather than where we are.

    I hope they close down the "gods trials" and just leave Gods Reach up on a stable patch to meet their 24/7 access commitments.... Then use all the time they used to burn bug fixing and treating this like a "live" service to make some real development progress on dregs.

  19. 59 minutes ago, Hungry said:

    Likewise, we don't know what ACE is planning and how much of these systems are done once the make the change.  Is this it for gold?  Maybe?  Who knows?  So feedback is going to only be focused on what people can see now, not what they divine ACE might do in the future.

    An influential ACE DEV Forum poster a couple weeks ago suggested that players should know a system "was not as ACE intended".

    We have no clue what ACE intends.  We give feedback on what we have in front of us and then spend hours arguing and reading the tea leaves over what we think "ACE intends" or what ACE "should" do.

    All of that is symptomatic of a TEST and Work-In-Progress and not of a launched GAME (tho all MMOs are constantly WIPs).

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