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  1. Fundamental issue with Crowfall is the game is incredibly number sensitive when played competitively. There have been threads in here or in Ace Development Partners forums on this issue going back to 2017 (blazzen is the OP in one of them, in fact).  In Shadowbane, Darkfall, and EVE engaging against uneven numbers was commonplace.  Its an open world sandbox, no one is going to have exactly the same numbers. A differential of +/- 20% was routine and the outcome of such a fight is not a foregone conclusion.

    Crowfall has a low skill ceiling, get-out-of-jail-free cards (ults), little customization (which was nerfed in 5.11), and is not balanced around rock-paper-scissors counter play or focused on rewarding coordination (like applying critical CC/Debuffs at same time to secure kills). 

    Alliances are needed long term so that players can self-police and counter-balance against larger forces.  This is just especially keenly felt in Crowfall right now because of how significant a role numbers plays in CF. 

    Alliances should likely become the scoring entity, requiring allied players to split benefits amongst themselves.  This is provides a constant downward pressure on alliances--provided the rewards are worth possessing. 

    Some folks have suggested alliances should be able to be created ad-hoc and be temporary (like what the "small" guilds did for Saturday night).  Alliances, especially if they are going to suspend friendly fire should be a commitment that doesn't get turned on and off at will (and thus exploited and gamed).  Betrayal and swapping sides needs to be an option, but creating an "alliance" and turning off friendly fire should not be something done for a siege hour and immediately desolved afterward.  Communication problems and the inherent difficulty keeping 100s of players happy is the inherent problem of a true "zerg" and part of what naturally makes them unstable and prone to failure cascades if victories are no longer coming easily.

    A group of 30-40 is not a zerg, despite many of the complaints in this thread.  One of the OPs post suggest a "zerg" of 15 guys which is a joke.  The real zergs will be hundreds of players and are more likely the product of a series of allied guilds than hundreds of players all under one guild tag.  

  2. The grand LoD alliance of eight guilds dogpiling DIS did not get a fair shot because of the server crash.  They might have succeeded with good preparation and coordination.

    Smashing 3 (or eight guilds) through one breach is bad tactics.  its fundamentally not even attempting to leverage numbers. 
    The 90+ LOD/UDL, TRA, KGV, WH, CC, UXA, etc, could have broken up into two 40-50 man wings, breached in 3-4 different walls locations and pressed in with a coordinated drive.

    Trying to drive 65 or 90+ people through a single breach is just dumb. Friday night's 65 LOD/KGV/TRA v 35 DIS was a bit of a textbook of how NOT to use numerical advantage and instead let a smaller force destroy the larger in  detail. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Dakoth said:

    @Padishah from what I know about it by coordinating from our end was this. It was a calculated risk and Blazzen regretted that choice as soon as he realized what was going on. The thought was that W losing their keep and subsequent inactivity that they may want to help stick a finger in the eye of the new king. Asking them was also put off till the last minute in hopes that if this was their choice it would be mitigated.


    Since apparently Blazzen's request to -W- was not kept a secret by him, I do not have to worry about keeping that confidence.  I told him that DIS was not quite so large a threat that we needed to join a server wide dogpile on DIS.  I also commented that the KGV/TRA/LOD/UDL fight on Friday of 65 v 25-30 DIS was a giant uncoordinated fiasco and we didnt have an interest in being part that.

    Any confusion resides wholly on Chaos/Death alliance's communications and leadership team. 


  4. On 6/3/2020 at 12:53 AM, Belantis said:

    Wooow! My compliments on your Dregs War Story @Angelmar, it's the cream of the crop and in that genre!

    Also, it's really important to include as much guilds as possible into these stories, to create a sense of community and to tell the political story.

    So that people years later can say "Yeah, I was there at the siege of Keep Turkshmoolem!" ... Even if they weren't actually there 😄

    More of this! Thanks!


    Yes, you can read more old server histories that -W- was involved in at Winterblades History

  5. On 6/3/2020 at 4:26 AM, Ruq said:

    Good write up -- it's fun to see if from the other side's perspective.

    Two things:

    1) I agree with Yianni -- not Death Alliance.
    2) If we were "greatly bolstered by Clams mercenaries" then so were you.


    On 6/3/2020 at 4:30 AM, damebix said:

    True!  We had 4-5 previous clammers join us as well.  I think Angelmar's point was that you had an influx of veterans join you that could provide knowledge and get you up to the speed on this game that doesn't explain anything.


    DIS brought over a nice core from GW2.  The great combination of picking up the rest of Clams allowed Dissientent to download the latest meta and 1.5 years of Crowfall experience.  As I stated in the write up, picking up Hungry was a real coup--he could instruct and and train Ruq's crew and especially open doors for Dissientent's political/diplomatic plays in making overtures to Death Alliance and the chaos guilds generally.   

    All was well done and well fought.  

  6. Spoiler

    Prologue--A New Tide Rises?:
    For over a year the hordelings of Chaos broke themselves against the walls of Balance keeps and Winterblade and HoA defenders.  Despite often having significant numerical superiority, the Chaos hordelings lacked experience, training, leadership, and especially organization.  The Chaos faction lived up to its name--chaos often reigned amongst the Chaos guilds, LoD, UDL, UXA, Corvus Citadel, Transcendence, Hax, Infernal, Spectre Legion, and at times Clam Stacking Casuals.

    In the spring, new dying worlds were discovered in the fabled Dregs and here the story of Dissentient begins.  It is not known whether Dissentient remains the enthralled servants of the petty gods or one of the freed companies, but their rise marks a new era amongst the disorganized Chaos hordelings.  That rise, however, begins with a fall.  The new-crow-welcoming Clam Stacking Casuals disbanded in the Dregs environment, providing veteran players to Dissentient and especially a newly unemployed mercenary military advisor in former Clams GL, Hungry.  Between an extensive training regime and an openness to organization and advice, Dissentient, under Guild Leader Ruq, in a matter of weeks developed a guild with greater organization and combat potential than many veteran formations of crows that have circled the dying worlds for years.

    Death Alliance Finally Arrives... and Expands?


    The third campaign for the new dregs worlds opened with a land rush.  Winterblades seized three keeps, but was thwarted at a fourth by Dissentient (DIS) and was caught in a bad engagement at a critical fort in Lucadonius.  Undeterred, Winterblades rallied to secure other means of acquiring vast quantities of building materials by locking down the Woutan zone and its valuable refinery.  However, Dissentient was not idle in Spring and opened negotiations with the old Chaos forces and in particular making overtures to Death Alliance (LOD/UDL/SIN/MHW/TB)


    In the summer, siege operations were executed and Dissentient's keep was assaulted by 22 Winterblades.  Dissentient's 26 stalwart defenders were bolstered by their well organized efforts to acquire a full complement of powerful keep guards.  Although "Uncle Jobel's Keep" was breached and some of their buildings destroyed, at a critical moment Dissentient unveiled their trap--a new alliance.  A force of Death Alliance (LOD/UDL) arrived providing a distraction and allowing Dissentient an opportunity to sally out of the keep and pincer the smaller Winterblade siege force.  Meanwhile, at Winterblades' capital a Kitra Fyve Keep, a lone defender delayed and held the walls with ballista against KGV's siege force long enough for the returning Winterblades assault team to arrive and crush the KGV siege equipment and assault team with no loss of any structures.


    Winterblades rallied from the coordinated trap and launched a punitive raid at LoD's fort to destroy their assets, but the cooperation between Dissentient and Death Alliance was not some passing fluke of timing.  A second coordinated strike by the newly expanded Death Alliance outside LoD's fort overwhelmed the Winterblades siege force for a second time.  With the moments ticking down in the Gods' defined single siege hour, a new strategy was required. 

    To secure the Divine Favor of the Gods more forts were needed for Winterblades to gain victory points in the campaign.  It was time to test the agility of the Death Alliance leadership.  Was the the newly joined Death Alliance mass able to maneuver as well as strike?  To test this the Winterblade siege force was split in half.  One half was sent to distract Death Alliance's massed force by starting to siege assets at Dissentent's economic heartland in the fort at Kylet Drakenoire.  Meanwhile the other half of the Winterblades siege force blitzed through and captured seven additional forts including overcoming the defending forces of KGV and Wolf Haven.   

    The evening was an ultimate success for both the newly expanded Death Alliance and Winterblades--the nascent alliance held their strongholds, but did not prevent Winterblades from securing the lead in victory points.


    In Fall the gods decreed that only offerings of tears and blood would win victory points--those that burned the greatest number of buildings (and thus manhours of effort) would gain victory.  A lightning campaign was planned by Winterblades Leadership.  The officers were briefed and forces assigned for a threefold plan:

    • A diversionary attack with siege equipment at Dissentent home keep, which successfully kept Dissentent's significant forces force tied down defending their home;
    • An offensive strike team pre-positioned in the far south, which razed Caldera's fully developed fort to the ground, and;
    • A defensive force at Winterblades home keep defending our numerous structures from any attempt at destruction.

    Following the success of the initial plans, the disparate Winterblades forces were united and directed at LoD's home fort a second time--it was time to test if Dissentient's coordination with Death Alliance was the passing association of an evening or the newest chapter in Death Alliance's expansion.  In expectation of being driven off by the massed Death Alliance blob, a large store of siege equipment had been prepared and reserved for the initial strike at LoD's fort.  A large wave of siege equipment was placed and LOD/UDL's Arcane Armory, Bell Tower, and Hero Statue (respawn) fell rapidly.  But as expected, the massed forces of Death Alliance ultimately arrived to save the fort.  The Death Alliance pushed the Winterblade siege force off of its siege engines and to the east of the fort where a force of KGV closed off the escape route.  Surrounded on three sides by more than double the numbers the siege force fell to the combined Death Alliance forces.



    While unfortunate, the return of the more numerous Death Alliance forces, and the success of their massed forces was anticipated.  It was again time to test the agility of Death Alliance's leadership and ability to maneuver.  A swift rally and resupply, brought the Winterblades siege force to Dissentient's main economic hub at Kylet Drakenoire in Lucadonius.  Scouts were placed to provide warning of the movements of the LOD/UDL/DIS massed forces.  A wave of siege equipment was dropped allowing for the further destruction of three buildings from Dissentent's main caravansary fort.  As soon as the Death Alliance horde began streaming into the Lucadonius zone, Winterblades slipped away into the night.  After rapid discussion, an executive decision was made by Damebix--a return to LoD's home fort in Woutan.  This would be a race against the Death Alliance's ability to retrace their steps.

    The Winterblades siege force raced back to LoD's home fort dropping siege and further destroying LoD's barracks while the Death Alliance forces lagged in reacting to the new threat.  A trickle of Death Alliance defenders arrived, but they failed to unify their numbers and were dispatched as the small clusters arrived.  Unfortunately the single hour of the siege contest came to a close before further structures could be razed in LoD's home fort.  

    The Gods' demand for tears and blood was well satisfied following the razing of assets in Caldera, LoD/UDL, and Dissentient homelands, easily securing Winterblades the greatest Divine Favor with their offerings and expanding Winterblades' lead in victory points.  Much ink in general chat and discord was spilled discussing the difficulties defenders faced in protecting their assets.


    After the long campaigning season and prior successes, the only path to victory for the remainder of the server was through Winterblade's home keep at Kitra Fyve in Thoreandan.  Fortunately, Death Alliance did not disappoint.  An outnumbered force of Winterblades manned the walls against massed forces of Death Alliance.  The siege work grew hot.  Although many of the LoD/DIS siege engines were placed within ballista range, a few were more expertly placed and beyond the reach of the defensive ballista.  Between the siege weapons outside ballista range and the overall mass of incoming siege fire, it was clear ballista alone would not hold the line.  The siege engines outside of ballista range needed to be brought down or Death Alliance would destroy the Winterblades respawn statue and breach the walls, where their larger numbers could be brought to against the defenders.  The Winterblades force thus sallied from the keep on three occasions into the massed Death Alliance force securing the destruction of critical siege engine before falling back to the keep. 


    Despite being significantly outnumbered, the Death Alliance ran out of catapults and trebuchets before the wall was breached or any Winterblade structure was destroyed--though the Hero's Monument (Respawn Statute) was below 25% health.  Protecting assets with a smaller defensive force is not easy and requires sallying from the safety of the walls, but it can be done.

    The call was made to repay in kind the Winterblades' debts to the Death Alliance for their pincer trap in Summer at Dissentient's "Uncle Jobel's Keep".  Although Winterblades and HoA had agreed to compete against each other in Dregs, it was time to call in a favor from the Auld Alliance of Balance.  A force of Avari struck the rear of Dissentient creating the distraction necessary for the Winterblades force to once again sally out and drive deep into the center of the Death Alliance lines causing a general collapse and rout of the Death Alliance forces. 


    With even the oppressive blue light of Winter fading from the dying world, Winterblades used the final moments of the final divinely sanctioned siege hour to launch an offensive at the home of their old foes from the days of the Chaos Hordelings.  UxA's built up fort at Fela Darktide in Mael ibn Bracht was razed to the ground, despite two relief attempts from UxA and Corvus Citadel.  To salt the earth, the fort was neutralized and left unclaimed as a final offering to the Divine Favor of the Gods.

    With the Hunger sweeping in, the dying world was doomed and it was time to prepare for the next dregs campaign, but not before claiming victory by both Right of Conquest and the Divine Favor of the Gods.







    The Aftermath:

    Will a new tide rise?  Will Dissentent join LoD/UDL/SIN/MWH/TB in the grand DEATH Alliance?  Is DEATH arriving (or still merely coming)? Is Dissentient's alliance with Death a marriage of convenience or is Dissentent the latest initiate into the Death Cult?  Only time will tell.  What is known, is a guild with less than 60 days in Crowfall (although greatly assisted by the former Clam mercenaries) has shown a greater capacity for cooperation, diplomacy, organization, and coordinated action than has been seen outside of the forces of Balance since the beginning of the Trials of the Gods.

  7. 2 hours ago, BarriaKarl said:

    So, I gotta say using our lvl up stats is huge disappointment. The values seem insignificant and their impact feel minimal. All in all, I feel we are really missing the classic rewarding feeling of lvling up and seeing your character grow stronger and personal.

    My suggestion is allow us to be more specific where we want to place that point. As of today we have:


    Anyway I think it would be more MMO-like. I dont really feel any sort of customization dumping stats today...

    Glad people are finally realizing how little customization there is in this game. 

    A lot of the "under the hood" crafting changes in 5.11 have further reduced the small amount of customization we had. 

    The plus side for ACE is they are removing the ability to "screw up" a character. 

  8. 27 minutes ago, McTan said:

    If you want to put major disc thralls into Gods Reach or Infected, you should make them drop white quality (instead of bought). Leave the Blue in Dregs.

    Edit: might also put green drop in Infected, and stretch out the relevancy of green vessels. Could also put green drop graveyards and white drop graveyards in GR and Infected, respectively.

    Definitely  need to keep any colored thrall drops limited to dregs.  Because of the ability to combine green+ into anything up through legendary and the 100% completely safe nature of GR and Infected, ACE cannot put those unlimited free resources in the pvp/loot free zones.

    Also, vessel curve got smashed nearly completely flat. The only difference between vessel quality is ~15-20 baked-in stats per step.  IF ACE buffs starter vessels to be a % of stats of a green vessel, instead of essentially 0 attb pts, there is no need for colored discs in consequence free safe zones.

  9. 2 hours ago, yianni said:

    With better quality vessels and gear TTK will be back I believe. And with frost armor it's gonna be worse

    Your assumption about vessels is false.  ACE also completely flattened to vessel curve.  The difference between vessel quality is ~20 baked in attb points (e.g. no control over where they go).  ACE also removed the bonus attrb. from leveling-- its used to be 90 pts for White/Green and 105 for Blue.   It is now 60 for white/green/blue.

    ACE moved some of these stat points to jewelry for customization theater, but the math doesnt add up.  For non-rat/non-highelf races (e.g. 9 of 11 races), Players list ~18% of the attb customization on blue vessels and up to 25% of the attb customization on Leg vessels. Total stat points players could get was decreased in 5.11.

    Gear, the jury is still out, we do not have training to really tell.  I suspect it too got nerfed.

    I know vessels do not change the TTK or meta and I doubt gear will.

  10. This is one of the shortest TTK metas (e.g. people explode against the ranged stackbusters+ranged dps) in 4.5 years of Crowfall pre-alpha.

    While I agree that healblock/shadowmantle needs rebalancing, the proposition that TTK is high right now is completely inaccurate.

    Folks demanded the stackbuster ranged AoEs and ACE delivered. There are a big list of woes that are causing melee to struggle--training, gear/crafting/wartribe nerfs, and ofc the big boost to Ranged AoE/bombs. 

  11. 1 hour ago, ZYBAK said:

    I believe there was a time where ranged didn't have the snare get applied pretty early on and then it was fixed. Could be a false memory but I remember hearing about ranged getting the slow and going "oooooh boy...."

    As for the "don't nerf this just buff everything else" argument. That makes more sense of the OP thing is just a little OP or is a really fun mechanic you don't want to sacrifice to the nerf gods.

    This however is neither. Illusionist is absurdly overpowered and trivializes many other class and race powers. The main mechanic is just "LOL I DO WAY MORE DAMAGE NOW"...not some fun game mechanic. The slow trivializes slows that other promotions have to spec into that would give them group utility. It gives a spammable slow to classes that absolutely shouldn't have one. When everyone has invisibility it's not quite as cool to be a Wood Elf, Guinecian, or stealther.

    Illusionist needs to get nerfed. 

    Zybak, you are correct that when Illusionist was first introduced it only applied snares on melee attacks.

    If illusionist was so game changing, why was melee viable in 5.10? Illusionist exsisted in exact same form then....  Would love to hear a direct response to that fact.

    The reason melee is dead is because ranged damage AoE and spike alpha damage got massive buffs in 5.11.  frostweaver is like a bomber arch druid, without the set-up time or 3s warning--and volitile ice is spammable.

  12. 5 hours ago, Soulreaver said:

    The slow wasn't applied on 3rd LMB in 5.1 from ranged… you had to get it from secondary sources.

    Or I'm just forgetting too fast these days.

    In 5.1 (that's like 2-3 years ago?), Idon't remember.

    In 5.10 you're absolutely wrong.  Go on live and test, applies from range on 3rd LMB from fessor (I know because I ran it).

  13. (1) In 5.100 Illusionist worked on ranged characters and many builds slotted both passives.  

    (2) Melee played a major role in the meta in 5.100 (the LIVE server patch)

    (3) Illusionist does not make ranged OP.  If it did, melee would have been dead and out of meta in 5.100.  


    Why do melee feel bad now? Because everyone  complained there were no "stackbusting AoEs" in the game.  ACE gave us some stackbusters and they work very well as there is no friendly fire in CF.  Careful what you wish for....  

    Melee also feels bad because we do not have a ton of training and crafting customization was nerfed on top of lack of training (Plate wearers will have more resist in end game gear).


    Stop with the calls for nerfing and removing discs/minors/mechanics that actually impact how a character plays and thus allows players control and customization.  ACE is removing customization and meaningful choices from players left and right in 5.11.  Sturdy nerf, Blue vessels dropping from 102 attribute points to 60 points. (green/white went from 90 to 60).  Crafting difficulty increased. 

    ACE needs to get the message that they need to INCREASE character customization by giving players more tools that meaningfully impact character choices.... there should be 20 discs on Illusionist's level and players have to make meaningful choices between the options.  Everyone is using discs like sturdy and illusionist because 95% of all the discs have so little impact on how the character plays that they are not worth applying.

    I remember JTC selling us on a game where choices matter and players could fail.  I do not see that vision in many of the changes to Crowfall.  Impactful character customization needs to be buffed.

  14. 3 hours ago, FARNUM said:

    Am I required to join Winterblades to play this game?
    They do not respect the faction system.
    It is impossible to play a game in which a guild rules the game.



    You have unfortunately run into the middle of our organized scrims matches on two different nights.

    The reason neither side in the Infected would assist is you were interrupting our guild scrims.

    As to the rest, take a look at the Guild Recruitment forums: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/5-guild-recruiting/

    For what its worth, Winterblades recruitment is closed for the moment without a past connection to the guild.  I've just been too lazy to update the post. 

  15. 1 hour ago, BarriaKarl said:


    I just noticed the trees are actually simmetrical. No, I had noticed it before, but just now I realized what that could mean to this discussion.

    Don't tell me the looks of the trees is a factor in what, where, and if something get added there? The crazy placement could be explained if you guys places those so that cluster look the same. "It would fit here but then it would look weird so just shove it there."

    That is crazy. That would mean you guys are objectivelly making bad decisions simply for aesthetical reasons. I mean, it just is extremelly unlikely things would just look just perfect when grouped together. So, instead of making groups that make sense thematically/progress wise y'all just...

    Damn, I am honestly mindblown.

    ...I need a minute.

    That is very much part of why the changes were made as well as to try to create "themes" for the clusters.  Things making logical sense and design decisions that empower player control/customization, not primary concern.

    As Yoink said, Welcome to the Struggle.

  16. Just now, grekko said:

    I would love to see the 5 best players on this game against 20 winterblades. From what you said, it should be possible for the 5-man team to win but i think that you're delusiunal and missing the point. You think about yourself and not about what the players want. You want small guilds to merge or form alliances but what if they don't want that ? What if you can provide another way to give them the ability to fight large numbers with being a zerg ? Remember that the goal is to get the maximum players on this game and to make it thrive. If the game has to change to survive the MMO market then so be it. But don't tell us what to do. Players want diversty and choices. If we are forced merge guilds then players leave this game. 

    Ask yourself why this multi-millions funded game has a little player base even with the dregs out ?

    Let's be humble and learn from moderm MMO's which had a great success in dynamic PVP. 

    Devs should listen more to new players and small guilds

    I think you're having difficulty comprehending my posts because English may not be your primary language. 

    Small Groups vs Large Groups are not as important as Organized/Optimized vs Disorganized/Non-Optimized. 

  17. 28 minutes ago, grekko said:

    Bonjour mon ami, 

    You said : "The reason "small guilds" feel so outclassed is Crowfall, when played competitively by folks of equal skill, training, and organization, is extremely numbers sensitive. [...] Having 2-3 more people is a big advantage in a fight between V or HoA."
    => With this argument, you confirm that the skill cap of Crowfall is really low and that quantity matters at the moment in this game. Quantity should never be the reason of a win. Quality should, and that's the problem of this game. It is not designed to let 5 highly skilled players win against 20 normal players. And it is also not designed to "punish" mistakes.
    Example 1 : the way Retaliate works makes CC useless in this game. Which means that our 5 skilled players can't rely on a perfect CC rotation to kill the 20 ennemies.
    Example 2 : your 5 skilled players will never have enough dps against the 5-6 healers of the 20-man group.

    Another real example to illustrate : Some guilds complained that the healing frostweaver was to strong because it could heal 6-7 players against 10+ players. In the mind of those highly NOT skilled players, a larger group should always win against a smaller group. If that's not the case, then the healer of the smaller group is OP and needs to be nerfed. This is exactly what is happening with the healing frostweaver.

    Zerging has always been a problem in MMO's and alliances won't chance anything. We saw during the dregs how big guilds don't attack each other and crush smaller guilds ...
    This game needs 2 things to thrive 
    - Force big guilds to attack each other
    - Change the combat system so a highly skilled 5-man group can win against a normal skilled 20-man group.

    Give me your constructive criticism ;)

    Votre grekko ❤️ 

    Hail Grekko,

    I suggest you read the post before replying.  One sentence further on and you'd note that organized guilds running optimal comps can take on larger forces (sometimes significantly larger by 5 or 10 players).

    The key is whether you're fighting organized players that are bringing optimal competitive comps (in which case the game is extremely numbers sensitive).


    You're fighting disorganized guilds that bring whatever people feel like playing, whether it is in the meta or not. Often such groups are light on healing and heavy on glassy DPS or stealthers.


    "Zerging has always been a problem in MMO's and alliances won't chance anything. We saw during the dregs how big guilds don't attack each other and crush smaller guilds ..."

    There are plenty of posts over the last year, some of them are even honest enough to admit that Chaos, in absolute number of players, had more numbers than Balance.  This was especially true in 5.8 when it was 30-40 Balance vs 60-70 Chaos every night in the 100 population cap zones.   Admittedly, Chaos' superior numbers were split up amongst half a dozen guilds and many were complete noobs or totally unorganized.  The level of organization on Balance was far higher; Chaos guilds would barely talk to each other to coordinate to make use of their numbers.  

    Group composition matters more than numbers in Crowfall.  Last year of Chaos trying to throw bodies at Balance established that. 

    Once its the organized and competitive "big guilds" fighting each other, it becomes very numbers sensitive. 

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