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  1. Good Fights CAL. I'll ask Scorn and Anthrage if they have good footage of that 2nd fight you posted. Fighting 5 W vs 7 CAL/Euros and dropping 4CAL is a decent exchange. You guys have good players. Don't take Cool's "rekt" in TS too hard to heart. The beta produces new FotMs everytime Blair touches something. See yall on the Field.
  2. Pretty sure the 5v5x2 is meant to indicate the video shows two 5v5 engagements... Video speaks for itself, but pretty sure that is what is there...
  3. On Sunday a handful of -W- took a Euro Vacation for sun, fun, and flame grilled Euro cuisine (now with 300% more SINFUL goodness courtesy of the Templar/Fessor Meta). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O-VNOXTiyU&list=PLAzDbSjp6T-O9F95NUj70JNXC5LPqEnuN Five fights with CAL/Euros and a big portion of Divine Fire.
  4. Look at me clinging to my poor Myrm while the FotM passes me by. I really have to get with the program and grab a Templar. Got to love Blair... he does nothing by half measures! Saw you guys rolling around. Good fights Blazzen.
  5. With the fessor still broken and critting for 30k+, you might be able to get a true one shot again with nature's avatar.
  6. Great fights and good video editing. Multiple perspectives was a nice touch.
  7. Thanks Anthrage. Another weekend of testing has arrived. Pm if you are interested in running with us during the alpha test... a lot of new content on the horizon. See you all on the field this weekend.
  8. Dps, burst dmg, CC, and heals all need to be adjusted in relation to eachother. But yes Legio is screwed and one dimensional. He lacks his old mobility with a broken 1 charge that is slower than sprinting and in 4.3 they slowed his left click to add insult to injury. The class needs an overhaul. I wouldn't get to worried though. Most of the classes need full overhauls and rebalanced and should get them once the ATs are all in game.
  9. Yeah, that whole thing was over when we got the first two AoE fields down and the lag spiked to ungodly proportions.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQT3Ianqg4Q Sugoi Legions get routed by Winterblades harvesting group in a massive lag fest. The new AoE spam meta and mass rubber banding on full display....
  11. https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/15780-winterblades-champions-balance/
  12. Does "soon" mean tonight/this weekend or some other point in time in the near future?
  13. Combat. On an alt or two take start training the minimum skills needed to craft the "advanced weapons". Possibly some ore harvesting to support the above on a 3rd acct. This assumes damage will be as heavily gear sdependent as it is now. Will also want to start training w/e skills needed to claim territory...land rush!
  14. A lot old friends and foes are returning to the colors for CF. Though I suspect closer to launch the SB vets will be small stream compared to the deluge of new folks. -W- already has a growing contingent that never saw a banestone.
  15. Yup. This isn't a game it's an alpha test.
  16. Not a fan of ults and uber-I-win buttons.... I sincerely hope that is not the direction Blair is heading. It's bad enough as it is. Give us basic tools and let the players come up with the team work and synergies that make it powerful.
  17. Pure speculation, but if they removed the -10% dps for ALL tank archtypes my Myrm might be even more ridiculous.
  18. No Virakat yet, but maybe some of its members are floating around. For SB RP there is MWH (dorf) and Avari (elf) so far that are active.
  19. Bullets are magic, as are swashbuckling Guinea Pigs. Why you trying to limit the Rodents to mere physics. Have you seen their belly flop dodge?
  20. Eurovacation this weekend. 5 -W- vs 11 Euros
  21. Welcome and sounds like you're off on the right foot. Alpha's a great time to play around w/ the combat system.
  22. There are over 9000 eligible players. There's probably 150 recurrent testers and maybe 60 or so that play every test. (NA pop only, I don't know how the Euros are doing). It's not really a game yet and it's quite clear that most people aren't willing to test something in such a undeveloped state. JTC has made it pretty clear he considers this test not a beta or a game.
  23. Kind of amusing as they had a fairly similar sales pitch. Good Luck and See ya'll on the Field.
  24. ACE will likely sell out eventually. Can't hold it against them it's a business. They've built a vision that clearly can excite grassroots fundraising and big money types will see that as evidence of potential significant returns. Best we can hope for is that the stupid large buyout doesn't come until after JTC has had a chance to realize the basic vision of Crowfall.
  25. Same Malice from Shadowbane? Welcome to the community either way!
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