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  1. Great series. The napoleonic wars one had some quite large mulip layer battles (~100). For single player the Pendor mod was great.
  2. Truly a Sub could ask for no greater master. To bad Dreaden is just a beta-male and not actually an officer in Sugoi. Edit: Devilmar is seriously not an alt of mine--appearances notwithstanding.
  3. Well said, Tigari. Who knows, maybe someday the student will surpass the master. You already are much chiller. See you on the Field
  4. Welcome to the Community! Always good to see new guilds coming to Crowfall. Glad to see a guild has taken the initiative and tested out the Submission mechanic. I wish you guys good luck and am sure you will bring plenty of numbers and assistance to Sugoi. See you on the Field!
  5. Having killed a lot of folks this weekend, the ability to loot them requires a lot of patience or the dead guy not caring about his loot. If you release, you are lootable. If you don't release you can force the killers to stand there for 2-3 minutes. I did run into same situation as durenthal where it does eventually allow looting but it's several minutes of waiting. Highly inconvenient to wait that long... often the dead guys buddies can show up if you give them 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. Couple of Skirmishes form yesterday with Sugoi. 5 -W- vs 8 Sugoi If you're interested in joining us for the Alpha, toss me a PM.
  7. Some Videos from the last tests: 12 -W- vs 12 Sugoi <-- real-time cuts from 3 view points 8 -W- vs 17 Sugoi Small Scale Hunting We're still taking recruitment applications for those interested in joining up. Long history, veteran leadership, low drama. No zerg/mass recruitment. 30-60 day probationary period for everyone to get to know each other and make an informed decision on recruitment. Old friends and foes welcome to crash on our TS couch (as you can see elsewhere in this thread). Either way, See Ya'll on the Field.
  8. Lengthening harvest and crafting potion duration should have been no. 1.
  9. would be interesting to add a death shroud like in Shadowbane so reinforcements, even if resurrected/summoned cannot be combat effective for 2-5 minutes.
  10. I lost the train of all this between Uya and Vectious. Did Destrin ever deliver on those screenshots where I agreed to a 5v5? Good fights Sugoi. We lost and ate some nasty client crashes. We won the next fight, but it's nothing to write home about. We had the numbers. I posted my videos because of Destrin's misrepresentation that there was an agreement. Keep Fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEcvSr1KQCk Next Fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh0zTgwpF0U
  11. Decided to go a step further to counter this misinformation. (I don't think Destrin is purposely spouting lies, he just got a bit excited talking to himself in global and made some assumptions). My perspective on the keep fight (with no USEast chat to even read if I wanted to): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEcvSr1KQCk The next fight in the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh0zTgwpF0U
  12. Thanks Myth. Always great to hear from old foes. It's been fun having you crash on our TS3 couch while KoE (perhaps wisely) waits for the game to be closer to launch.
  13. @Destrin I accept your offer in discord. Post the screen shot where I respond and agree to a pre-set fight. Or perhaps, as I suspect, you were talking to yourself in global.
  14. No fights were organized. I was never in contact with anyone from Sugoi nor did you ping me in discord (if you were talking in game, you're talking to yourself). So I have no idea where that comes from. Was a good fight. We killed 2 of the 5 inside the keep. Then Cool and Jah memory error crashed and we jumped off the walls. Reports came in that there were another 5 outside the keep and other folks engaged. We rally at the GY and then wipe the 9 Sugoi in the next fight.
  15. I've got 5000 Ethereal Dust on Facerip in the Fessor King Title Match.
  16. Angelmar


    Crowcaine.com is going to offically launch at some point in the near future I believe.
  17. Vectious' post on active vs passive mitigation cuts to the heart of the issue. Plate will have to offer very significant benefits to counter loss of active mitigation. @Cool I don't think pigeonholing classes into certain armor types is a problem... most games are in fact expressly balanced around said pigeonholing. You CAN be a plate fessor... it doesn't mean you will be a good one in field combat.
  18. Glad you enjoyed reading them. Happy New Year all! Hoping for "soft launch" at the tail end of this year?! Looking forward to development speed picking up.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSOKGkrJSr0 Had fun fights over Christmas with Sugoi and others. Looking forward to next weekend. A lot of old faces are showing up, PM me if you want to join us for the testing. See you on the Field.
  20. VIP is fine.... so long as ACE doesn't plan for it to be a major ongoing revenue stream. They will have to add a second general skill or something else to VIP to make it competitive with multiple accts.
  21. Yah both grps were not together and ended up straggling in. Fight isnt a long shot so hard to get bearings, but if this is the fight of "Angelmars leap". Soulein did a very pro-timed knight C or chainpull that interrupted our horses big C heal that we planned to use heal up after jumping off instead of running for 300m to get to a ramp..... that did not go to plan.... First grp started it off at half health and HoA got a pick early and it went down hill from there. Second group has no excuse tho, imo! Good fights and well played. I learned my lesson to about jumping off 25k fall damage cliffs.
  22. A bump! First in 4 months... Does this mean Lindorn returns?
  23. Looking forward to the weekend test and hopefully a new patch. If you want to get a feel for the guild during the upcoming test windows send me a pm and we can get you in our TS3. We usually have 8-12 on for the weekend tests.
  24. Even in a survival game you don't starve to death in a 5 minute fight.
  25. I like Helix's thought simply because it moves the class away from Blairs minimum valuable power restrictions. Shout buffs would seem to be in character with the AT.
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