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  1. The level of "firehose" burst healing needed depends directly on the amount and duration of hard CC and burst DPS. If you have 8s unbreakable roots and chain able 5s knockdowns and stuns, with burst dps that can take off 20 to 60% of total HP instantly (fessor 4/cow C) you need comparable big burst heals. Otherwise it's just CC chain and dead and there is nothing a player or his group can do about it. It's essentially impossible to overhaul legio until all the dps/CC is in. In a vacuum, I'd like to see the Legios mobility to come back and some sort of sustain heal based on damage done. He needs an HP base or other support class to allow him to be able to do dmg though.
  2. Some video of our fights over the long Thanksgiving Holiday testing session Euro Crusade Part 1 Euro Crusade Part 2 Ride of the Legionnaires Hold the Wall!
  3. The CC, spike FPS and healing "knobs" need to be tuned together. You can't have lengthy hard CC, and abilities (fessor 4/myrm C) that instant hit for 20% to 60% of a characters health, without having equally big heals. If you nerf the mino/fessor spike dps, without nerf legio heals, nothing will die even with long CC. If you nerf legio heals, without nerfing spike dps/cc, then ppl will just insta fall over in the first CC chain. All 3 need tuning together, which is complicated and probably why ACE hasn't put any effort into it.
  4. Can confirm the suppress shots were annoying. Nice run Tinnis.
  5. I'm sad you're axing the schoolgirl intro. WilliamTell looks like he did some nice work though.
  6. Yay for more Shadowbane vets.
  7. Take a look at the Ride of the Legios one for some proper horse spam. (11 legios between both sides!)
  8. The Imperial Alliance of Avari and LoD have claimed the great keep of USWest and oppressed the people. The outnumbered Rebel Winterblades rally to liberate the Keep. It was a few hours of good fights and pvp on USWest with great guilds and old friends and foes from Darkfall and Shadowbane. Part 1: Hold the Wall | 9 -W- v 14 Avari/LoD Part 2: Ride of the Legionnaires | 10 -W- v 10 Avari (This post may be updated in the future with more vids, I have footage for ~4-5 videos....but I also hate video editing....)
  9. The oppressed peasants of Europe cry out at the Banditry and Cruelty of their Caldera Overlords. Answering the call of the poor noobs, crafters and harvesters of Europe, Winterblades crusades to liberate the Euro server. Part 1: 4 Winterblades v 6 Caldera Part 2: 5 Winterblades v 7 Caldera Good Fights Caldera. We shall have to come back to liberate the Euro Server next time USWest/East get boring!
  10. We all know Euros dont count! P.S. my bad for forgetting about CAL and Euro Server generally.
  11. Larger 5+ or even 10 man teams can work down the road. Currently though, despite inviting 7000+ testers, its the same faces as always logging in. The only guilds that can pull 10 on their own are Winterblades (8-15 concurrent) and Sugoi (12-20 concurrent). Everyone else is running around in grps of 3-6 or so. For the size of the active testing population grps of 5 is good place to start friendly fire being a factor.
  12. The root motion vs split body debate has been hashed out numerous times. Could full root motion have worked? Possibly, but we'd need actual action combat with reactionary measures. The current model feels way better. Combat is incredibly chaotic. I miss the tactical combat decisions of SB. Part of the chaos is the imbalance of the various classes, the long hard CC (without any group CC breaks), spike dps from fessor 4 and mino c and massive heals (which are necessary when an instant cast power can drop 30 to 60% of a characters hp). With legacy weapons minos can actually one shot characters from full hp. In larger fights (multiple grps) it gets even more chaotic. Nameplates don't draw at range at all and sometimes not even in melee range..... makes finding targets or determining friend and foe very difficult.
  13. A lot less Sugoi ranger deadweight rolling around, and double horses in every group! Seems you guys are learning
  14. Since you're recording numbers, this fight was 7 -W- vs Sugoi 11. The first fessor we killed Dreadstar, I thought was a random, but he seems to be running with you now.
  15. Blazzen, in general I agree with you on the bleeds and whirlwinds, but not in this specific fight. I actually thought about it during the fight and decided that Sugoi had a ton of heals. 3 Horses and 3 Druids. Any extra DoT damage, imo, was going to just get healed up with "splash" healing from the numerous supports. I was focused on burst dps and CC. Maybe made the wrong decision, but I think it was only burst DPS (fessor 4/lclick and myrm c/lclick) that got us kills.
  16. I'm assuming dreadstar wasn't one of yours (he'd make 11) and we happened to run in on you as you were chasing a random.
  17. Just in case you find it useful (as you seem to have counted up the numbers in most your fights), this one is 7 -W- vs Sugoi 10.
  18. I think the received wisdom from the first page of this thread gets it completely wrong. Here are the reasons why Winterblades dominated this particular fight: 1) Our horses (Daworf and Barnes) were better coordinated and outplayed everyone (including me!) that fight, especially the 2 Sugoi Myrms. Good defensive coordination on CCing whenever the horses got in trouble as well. 2) Friendly fire--we coordinated and forced a fair number of the kills, but many of them we had a leg up where friendly fire had provided an opportunity and got someone down the first 25% for us. 3) The Sugoi Rangers were largely dead weight. The Ranger AT needs a lot of love. 4) Surprise--especially during the first 3-4 minutes. After that this issue disappeared as Sugoi should have been able to rally one of their 5 man grps and get coordinated while the other 7 held us in combat.
  19. Had a number of great fights this weekend that I am working on getting up on Youtube. Here is Winterblades 7 v Sugoi 12 Recruitment is still open to mature low-drama gamers that want to join us, whether they are crafters, pvpers or both. Were obviously a veteran Shadowbane/Darkfall guild, and we welcome (encourage!) past friends and foes to apply, but there is no requirement to have played any of those games to join us.
  20. We could get rid of C "ultimate"/invuln abilities all together and add in dodges and group CC counters instead... The C abilities are a bit too Overwatch for me I think. Probably beyond the scope of the topic though....
  21. Unnerf the 1 charge. Give him something to do beside run away and heal bot. E.g. make him tanky as an off-dps and nerf his heals or give him some support powers and rename the AT priest/cleric/healbot and give up on it.
  22. Some interesting discussion going on. Just for information sake here is the AT break down for the fight: Winterblades: 1 Myrm 3 Fessor 2 Horse 1 Knight For 10 minute of the fight Cool and Kraz were relogging or lost in the mountains... Most of the video is 2xhorse, 2xfessor, myrm _________ Sugoi: 2 Myrm 3 Horse 3 Druid 1 Knight 3 Ranger
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