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  1. Some form of bank or storage will help improve the new player experience and I'm sure it's coming eventually. The three faction ruleset will also be a home for many who don't want to participate in full pvp.
  2. Since there was only one mino from -W- (me) I shall take this as a great compliment.
  3. It's okay JTC, instead of firing Max order him to alarm clock every 2 hours for the entire 3 day test and reset the servers. It's an incentive to get it fixed before the Thanksgiving session... Can always cite insubordination and dereliction if he fails to wake up and do the reset!
  4. Maybe... but only if it also comes with higher chances of better material quality drops. I don't need to carry 5 picks while out pvp/harvesting and have to deal with the atrocious full screen menus to make sure I've got the right one equipped for a particular node. Harvesting will hopefully be done while under threat of pvp... no one wants to deal with needless inventory management (and bad UI) for that. I will grant it does seem incongruous with the rest of the crafting/ore system. Some concessions may be good for quality of life though.
  5. Hard to decipher the live stream notes... Full inventory reset? Or just new characters? Also, live streams during US work hours make me sad. Hopefully they save the video this time!
  6. Breaking News! Sugoi sends recruits to spy on "top secret" publicly twitch streamed Winterblades scrims. Looking forward to this weekend session and the long Thanksgiving session next week. PM if you're interested in running with us. See everyone on the field!
  7. Yes we've likewise noticed how minor, if not completely irrelevant, the combat skills appear to be. They hopefully don't stay that way. There is little enough character customization announced as is.
  8. Similar to the crafting interdependence. Remains to be seen how crucial the combat general skills are. If it's minor than its no issue brining along 1 harvester. If the CC defenses or armor resists in the general tree have a significant impact, I think it's problematic. Still hoping the PoI/caravan system is best for guild resourcing. Always great when some pvp/king of the hill mechanic is a necessary part of the competitive economy.
  9. Honestly I'm not worried about crafter vs combat. They want interdependence and this is one way to get it. Most people will just get an alt crafting account. What I do find troublesome is the exploration/harvesting. Going to be super annoying having to drag a harvesting alt around so that after you pvp and secure a node you can actually harvest and gain something from the combat.
  10. Email support@artcraftent.com Gordon is usually very responsive and can get you squared away.
  11. Fail streaks are the divine wrath of TBlair. Also make the pots last 30 min or an hour.
  12. Truth. I dont think I got any footage of them mining during the seige. You should splice it together with the hat spam from Friday! Barnes thought I should splice in WW1 artillery barrage footage, but that's for directors with talent. Fun fact, using the cow 1 charge in the mine field would sometimes get stopped dead in your tracks and sometimes even push you back in the wrong direction. Straight sprinting seemed to work best.
  13. Turrets and Pets in PvP MMOS are dumb. Go play OW or TF2 for the turreted fun. I hope they do justice to the Forge masters as well. The sons of Thurin deserve no less. Plus if they dont, all the (numerous) Dwarf RP guilds will be sad.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU9bDv2FGso HaH is enjoying some power farming on a gold mine and doing some extensive "testing" of the infinite druid orb bug. Winterblades happens by and gets some of the testing on film. Also my very first video.... evidence that Windows Movie Maker is in fact stupid proof.
  15. Couldn't find folks to kill so we did a some scrimmages with our new members on Friday. When some of our members started logging we invited folks that were spectating "Myrmitest" and Ziz, who was streaming, to join: https://www.twitch.tv/itsziz/v/100519039?t=53m40s As you will hear from the beginning, Ziz clearly thinks highly of us....
  16. We're still unpleasant people but Winterblades allowed Ziz and a few randoms to join us for some scrimmages for our new folks. We even let him stream with us for 1.5hrs. But yah in general most guilds will not welcome streaming except when you're off running around solo or small group. Not going to be welcome at sieges or mines fights.
  17. Recruitment post updated. We are accepting Euros that are interested in playing on USTZ servers (likely East Coast) for live. PM this account if you are interested in joining us. Big World has been a blast. Running on average 8-10 folks split up in two groups doing harvesting or pvp. Good fights last weekend; looking forward for more. See you on the field.
  18. If VIP doesn't unlock a 2nd genreal skill slot, then buying a second account will always be more efficient for anyone trying to focus on crafting/harvesting (whether as a main or an alt).
  19. It is and always has been. CCP has made a lot of changes in the last 4 years to the "new player experience" and most of that was to lower Skill requirements and increase skill point gain. I am sure ACE has read up on and followed the evolution of a system they are copying so closely.
  20. There is plenty of room for improvement, especially as there seems to be little to no meaningful customization. ACE can fix a lot of their issues by simply allowing players to advance to the next skill at 70 trains. The skill rate is not linear...1 to 70 is approx. equivalent to 70 to 85 time wise. In EVE, getting the last 20% out of skill takes a long time.... but for many skills and practically all the early ones they only require training to 60% or 80% before you can move on to the next skill. Thus a newbie can relatively quickly get up to 60% of a veterans abilities throughout the skill tree (and in doing so unlock a lot of new content/toys) and can then go back and finish up the last 20 to 40% of the benefits of those skills. It would be an easy change.
  21. If the menu/system is bad enough click fest to require an in-game supported macro then there is something wrong with the menu/system. Why create a macro system and instead just streamline the menu and/or repetitive low level crafting tasks? More, topically, always use the harvesting potions. Even if you have no ore, you will make a profit if you take the first 2 ore you get, make a plentiful harvest potion and then do the rest of the node.
  22. I recall LotD group fighting us on Tuesday evening and some good fights including the graveyard rushes by LotD (I believe it was you on Cow) and some invuln issues. Though whenever we called you guys on it in general chat LotD would immediately relog. If this was Wednesday during the day (when armor was patched in) I'll have to look into it. Most of us work weekdays.
  23. This would be a great quality of life change. Re: Macro/bots I doubt that's a factor. IF the program is sending direct key inputs, I'm sure it could send a direct key input with a duration/delay of some sort.
  24. Never understood the point of this thread. The Rules of Conduct are quite clear. Discussing everyone's personal definition of where they want to draw the line is pointless. A lot of folks that have never played a PVP MMO like EVE or Shadowbane are going to be in for a big shock on launch.
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