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  1. http://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php/The_Dragon http://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php/Age_of_Twilight tl;dr version: The Dragon woke and in the Age before there was Time, when the first children of the Gods were immortal. The Dragon, an ancient terror, fought three Gods, including the All-Father to a near draw, though retreated ultimately wounded. Set one of the moons aflame (creating the sun), slaying a Goddess in the process and driving another God insane. The new sun scorched the earth, until the All-Father created time by setting in motion the sun and moon. Some elves were burned by the sun, retreated to the desert, and instead of hating the Dragon that destroyed parts of their civilization, heralded the Dragon as a True God. The burned elves = Irekei. Dragon in SB Lore was pretty awesome. Might be more to your liking, Bahamut.
  2. I'm with Fugger. Too poor for Alpha 1.
  3. winterblades.net/history Players create their own narrative. Best lore just gives you an additional reason for stabbing someone. Good lore (like Shadowbane's) just adds a deep background story for players to draw upon for their own narratives (whether going against or with the lore).
  4. N'koth. But only if they come with Khan'xhirs.
  5. www.winterblades.net/history Lots of olds SSes and videos there back to 2003. Chimpy, you got any good SSes from a -W-/CS bane on Wrath? All I could find was some mine fights.
  6. Angelmar


    I'm having a hard time accepting Guinea Pigs into our Shadowbane 2... Pretty sure going to try to exterminate such characters with extreme prejudice. Actually, need to find Conspiracy, I think I'm finally ready to embrace one of his fiery Crusades.
  7. This is what I was thinking myself.
  8. Playing and active skilling are not mutually exclusive. Active skilling does not necessarily equate to killing 400 more wild boars for your level a la WoW.
  9. I wonder if the passive skill training is to be able to better control the progression of the game. As a veteran of both SB and EVE, Shadowbane progression was to easy and EVE's is way too slow (as CCP itself finally is addressing). Passive training to create a floor for skill points and pvp-capable characters sounds great; nerfing the ability of dedicated groups to gain something from their play... well I would still need to be sold on that. As a footnote: I started EVE in 2007 have ~170M SP across 3 accounts and have quit EVE at least 6-9 times. The first months of learning skill training (since removed) was Brutal and Boring.
  10. Thanks guys. @Anthrage, Good to see you! Sorry to anyone that tried to access in middle of day. Our bandwidth maxed out... all fixed!
  11. In little over three hours Crowfall will be making its debut to the public masses and begin its appeal for funding. In the initial announcement, there was a great.... introduction/culture shock between the various communities from the developers past games, especially Shadowbane led to a lot of questions ( and JTodd asking the SB community to kindly not scare away the locals) There was a lot of "what is Shadowbane" posts going around, and I think we might see a few more such posts with the new influx of interest and exposure from the crowd-funding push. Except for perhaps EVE veterans, for those that haven't played Shadowbane its a hard game to explain. The politics, freedom, customization, strategy, camaraderie, and consequential actions are hard to encapsulate. It would be difficult to explain to a WoW player, how watching the complete destruction of your guild;s city, built up over months and representing scores if not hundreds of manhours, in a siege last three or more hours, might be one of the most fun and epic gaming experiences. Shadowbane had the Chronicle of Strife, a concept like the banners of Banner Saga, where the history of in-game events were compiled and recorded. In the early days the devs even had a semi-official reporting system. I've dusted off and republished my own guilds small slice of the decade long history which may give some insight in what Shadowbane was and what I believe many of us hope Crowfall will be in the future. Hopefully all will join the Shadowbane/Crowfall Community in crowdfunding something epic and fresh into existence that will keep us gaming for another decade to come.
  12. Gratz, Agel on the elevation to Mod. Zerg the boards more, IMO.
  13. Bad PvP games don't have healers of note... Like arena-centric "burst" DPS PvP in WoW. EVE and Shadowbane both have significant emphasis on healing in pvp (logistics ships for EVE and many classes in SB). Regardless of whether healing is emphasized in Crowfall, I hope that like SB and EVE the pace of combat is relatively slow, allowing for tactical changes mid-fight. Healing is one way to achieve this.
  14. Bairloch, I gave your statement some thought. On its face it seems like a reasonable assertion. All I can respond is that after being spoiled by the well written dark/epic post-apocalyptic fantasy of Shadowbane, I rebel the lighter tone of the current lore snippets and a world filled with Faeries and talking Guinea pigs. It seems... childish. More Redwall than Tolkien. That said perhaps they want a broader appeal to the game, maybe a lighter tone to the game/lore may achieve that.
  15. I really hope Meridian joins the project... Its a somewhat minor element in the grand scheme, but the snippets of lore we have so far are very disappointing. In Shadowbane The All-Father was a bit mysterious, but he certainly wasn't all powerful, or rather there were other forces of near equal power. Dragon, Chaos Lords, Void, Grallokur(who never got much air time), etc. In some ways the All-Father was merely a very powerful demi-god, the rest of the cast not rising to that level. Time, the Sun, was created cataclysmicly and for a purpose. Malog/Morloch was wounded by one of these equally powerful beings, and his story and motivation was coherent and believable. The tone of Shadowbane's lore, while sometimes conflicting (great innovation) was consistent. It was, for lack of a better word, dark/epic fantasy in line with Tolkien. The actual classes/disciplines kept the dark tone with an added layer of post-apocalypse survival. Crowfall, thus far we have an almost childishly simple creation myth. God Creates World, Sun, Moon and Sky, God Has Kids, God Family Fights. The tone is pretty radically different from Shadowbane's and not really setting up anything other than the lore being superficial. And then we add Guinea Pigs as a major race, channeling more Redwall than Tolkien. Gameplay always comes first, but for those of us that love the added depth the Lore gave Shadowbane, it seems like we are off to a rocky start in Crowfall. P.S. I wish Crowfall had led with something like this as a teaser. Maybe thats a bit involved but, damn epic, and contains about same amount of hard info.
  16. Pseudo-Christian Fables and Disney Movies notwithstanding.
  17. Byr might shed a tear if he doesn't get to steal from people.
  18. Creative Assembly and the Total War franchise sink to new lows.
  19. EU4 was pretty stupidly broken at release. I hope its gotten better. I'm hoping that HOI4 is not likewise rushed out the door.
  20. Its more or less been all downhill since Rome and Medieval II both of which were fantastic games and modding platforms. From Empire on its been nothing but crap pushed out the door to meet publishing deadlines. Shogun II being the only vaguely bright spot in the long decline.
  21. Agelmar runs around on gimp paper thin scouts getting himself killed all the time. I think that qualifies him as a specialist.
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