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  1. We really cant have an Agelmar, Angelmar, and an Adelmar.
  2. There were a lot of poor changes at the end of SB's life cycle as well (sorry, Ashen, its true.) SBemu I guess provides prospective on how bad it could have been... The split in the team was bad for all concerned. RichV was the work horse that essentially both projects owe 85% of their code. Except probably Sysreq the rest of the team was needed just to keep each other cancelled out and RichV toiling along.
  3. 1) Deception, Game Launch in 2003. Rolled a gimp as hell Elf Assassin. Ninja Looted millions first 48 hours from freehold groups. Trickled just enough gold through to let the group keep going. Fell way behind the leveling curve; bank rolled a City! 2) Chasing Byr on one of his max run steal thieves for about 15 minutes. This of course being one of those times when Byr was not playing with us or was thieving on an out of guild character. Was fairly amusing under the circumstances. Probably had to be there.
  4. Significant difference between Conconction pots (free group buffs for everyone!, sans buff bot) and health/stam/mana pots. The introduction of the Stamina pot significantly changed how rogue classes played, and how one optimized a character. I liked the old stamina game better, but can see how many preferred the faster pace of power spam and stam pots. Passive group buffs (like priest bots/bards) are problematic in that they can easily be botted, and often aren't the most interesting class to play (not saying bards aren't interesting!) If they are a significant boost tho, they will become a required bot which isn't really good game design.
  5. The Temple of the Cleansing Flame (SB-Templars and Confessors) always made great lore/ideological punching bags. They were the dogmatic/blind faith/corrupt/evil menace that everyone could get on board with hating. Kind of like the SB equivalent of Imperial Stormtroopers or the SS. I think the lore/conflict overall will be poorer with out such factions... as much as I hate to admit it. Clearly we've only been given a taste of the Templar lore, but as written it seems... boring and vanilla.
  6. Interesting they chose to emphasize the Roman/Empire/Legionary aspect of SB's Centaur lore (which was mostly just in their names and ranking system); rather than the ranger/druid/nature/Plains Indian(native american) aspect which seemed to have been the major influence in SB. Still the Long Watch continues. Aut Vincere Aut Mori Yes, (but at least in SB) it was very well written fluff!
  7. Xanther, properly granted your well deserved and distinguished title.
  8. Import as much of the SB Dwarf lore possible. Was always a huge fan of the dwarves-as-living-rock of SB. Fitting Thurin's pseudo Sons again play a central role as they did in SB's lore. The Song of Mourning grows long.
  9. EVE is far more interesting to read about then play, which is unfortunate.
  10. I think someone already beat you to this subject
  11. Rawr! Seems like this isn't something to miss.
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