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  1. Another Victory Wednesday evening with capture of Sunset Keep from Chaos. Balance Faction defensed both keeps this evening against Order. Looking forward to more big fights for the siege windows over the weekend. Once again thanks to the other balance guilds diving in on this campaign effort: Clam Stacking Casuals, Free Reign, and FoE
  2. I've always thought the "kneel" mechanic as articulated was dumb. I do think there is potential for a GvG elimination (lose all your keeps/cities you're out) ruleset post launch, if the game has the population to support it.
  3. It's already been said by others and in part by the OP, but GvG free politics is the soft counter to large alliance zergs. Zerg X starts on server and represents 25% of whole server pop. The rest of the server suddenly has a good reason to get coalitioned up to counter them. If this game is successful and there are scores of guilds instead of three, politics is a soft counter to zerging. Coalitioning against threat will be common. Not every agreement to work together has to last forever, UDL/LoD/SiN playing every game hand in hand for last decade is an exception rather than a rule. Coalitions to react to a threat like CN in the OP's example and then disband once there is no common threat to fight each other will be much more common. Or maybe one alliance of players will get 51% of total CF population and kill the game, but I doubt it.
  4. The OP misunderstood the discussed mechanics in the stream.
  5. HP should get shifted to classes or vessels or levels. Getting more than 50% of your hp from gear is awkward.
  6. On your suggestion, Largest Faction "X" can put it's entire Zerg at the only keep open that day under your suggestion and win every single fight day after day. Simultaneous keeps means the days they leave to few behind, Faction X loses a keep. Geography, movement speed, communications, general chaos, all work to prevent Faction X from being able to win everywhere at all times. Any idiot can drop a Zerg at the only location on entire map going live that night.
  7. Your suggestion to make keeps rotate and go live one at a time would destroy the very strong anti-zerg mechanic of simultaneous keep sieges. A faction that is snowballing in numbers and points can't be everywhere at once. The effect only get stronger the more keeps on a map. Simultaneous keep siege should absolutely be retained for the 3 faction ruleset to reduce faction snowballing/Uncle Bob issues.
  8. Balance remains only Faction to never lose their home keep! Though it came damn close last night with joint push by Chaos and Order. Good fights to all, and saved by a the contested plant! More great fights tonight vs Chaos and Order and Restokins 70-80+ engaged. Shout out to the other Balance Guilds that have been helping with the Keep Sieges Clam Stacking Casuals, Free Reign, and FoE
  9. https://winterblades.net/history-of-winterblades/chapter-two/
  10. Captured Order's home keep on Tuesday! Now Order is frozen out of without any keep to call home! Was a massive three faction fight last night with 80 or so involved at Chaos home keep. Chaos managed to get the claim with all parties actively fighting at the tree room. Campaign finally started to snowball and lead between Balance and Order has opened from 10k to 15k to 25k+
  11. Successfully repelled both Order and Chaos last night in multiple engagements and retained both keeps! Special shout out to @galvia @Phr00t @ramuthrah and @jh0 that killed the banetrees at Chaos' home keep while -W- fought off Chaos and Order.
  12. Victory in the Second Campaign of 5.8 for Winterblades anchoring the Balance Faction. Looking forward to the sanctioned campaigns in January hopefully!
  13. I can see both sides on deathshroud vs Rez timer. Most folks don't want to lose control of their character and play experience and watch a timer slowly tick down for 5 minutes. Plus side, you can't get killed while combat ineffective. Deathshroud let's you retain control of character so you can move to the next rally point or run to a different bank and switch gear or switch discs while you wait for deathshroud.
  14. Don't Rez when it's dumb to do so. Coordinate your rezs with your guild. Fly to a different dragon statue to Rez. Rez and go thru a gate. Use Rez and then immediately recall while you're 15s invuln. Players need to use the tools available to them, rather than assuming they are helpless. Edit: can also simply mount up on a swift pack pig and be essentially invulnerable running around map.
  15. Deathshroud is effective at solving every fight turning into nothing but respawn spam because almost the entire cluster is within 60s of a respawn point. We no longer see res spam fights that go 15minutes and you kill the same people 3times over. Are there better solutions? Yes. Did deathshroud quickly solve the biggest non-performance related issue in 5.8 GvG fights? Yes, it did.
  16. Had a good run last weekend anchoring the Balance faction. And some great vids from Simicoswift
  17. Looking forward to the first Campaign and the 5.8 game loop. We've been testing Crowfall for 3 years now and Winterblades is very excited to see the game come together as we approach launch. Jump in our discord if you have questions or are running Balance. See you on the Field.
  18. 1) If there is no skills reset or if advanced recipes are granted more quickly (e.g. Making green level pips and +crafting station buffs useful) and/or 2) if exports/imports are less than say 25. (Or exports delayed to end of CW--was that in today's update??) Then folks will craft in CW. Without either or both of the above it will be the same it always has been for the 5.x patches--craft in the EKs.
  19. Farm gold. Buy gear from EK vendors like Aerynth Traders or the Arkadium. Relatively cheap and you don't have to worry about training multiple crafters for months to unlock everything.
  20. Factions: pre-populated locations on map generation that must be built up via the hippo mechanic. GvG/Dregs: free build like the EK.
  21. Angelmar


    Been like a year+ since I saw @BraveSirRobin on the CF boards. Welcome back!
  22. Support should just sign all their emails as Gordon, even if the executive producer is no longer handling support. ACE team was clearly committed when someone that high up was answering emails at 2am.... That or team was just really damn small. Great early PR.
  23. Good Meeting last night. Glad this was ultimately resolved. Good hunting to the new Orderly Knights of the Deathless Empire. See everyone on the field for 5.7.
  24. Winterblades will be joining the Balance faction for the 5.7 reset. We've historically moved factions for population reasons first leaving Balance for Chaos when Sugoi joined the faction at the start of the faction system and then leaving Chaos for Order when UDL Alliance (UDL/LoD/Sin/HoA) became more active. Were coming full circle with Sugoi's activity having fallen off and returning to Balance.
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