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  1. Victory in the Second Campaign of 5.8 for Winterblades anchoring the Balance Faction. Looking forward to the sanctioned campaigns in January hopefully!
  2. I can see both sides on deathshroud vs Rez timer. Most folks don't want to lose control of their character and play experience and watch a timer slowly tick down for 5 minutes. Plus side, you can't get killed while combat ineffective. Deathshroud let's you retain control of character so you can move to the next rally point or run to a different bank and switch gear or switch discs while you wait for deathshroud.
  3. Don't Rez when it's dumb to do so. Coordinate your rezs with your guild. Fly to a different dragon statue to Rez. Rez and go thru a gate. Use Rez and then immediately recall while you're 15s invuln. Players need to use the tools available to them, rather than assuming they are helpless. Edit: can also simply mount up on a swift pack pig and be essentially invulnerable running around map.
  4. Deathshroud is effective at solving every fight turning into nothing but respawn spam because almost the entire cluster is within 60s of a respawn point. We no longer see res spam fights that go 15minutes and you kill the same people 3times over. Are there better solutions? Yes. Did deathshroud quickly solve the biggest non-performance related issue in 5.8 GvG fights? Yes, it did.
  5. Had a good run last weekend anchoring the Balance faction. And some great vids from Simicoswift
  6. Balance Points Totals bugged out and reset. Seemed to coincide as combined assists rolled over to 1k.
  7. There are Motherlodes on these platforms half way up the cliff in every Adventure Zone and theres no way to get to them. Tried to do so on three or so. Another one in Naskigloko at 2040 3240
  8. Please implement a respawn timer or death shroud. Respawn points are everywhere. Most fights last a long time because players only stay dead for 60 seconds before streaming back into the fight.
  9. New compass is terrible location. Take the faction scoreboard using up prime real estate and 1)make it collapseable or 2)move it off to the side where you put the compass. The compass and group member locations is stuff used constantly to orient, move and, fight.... I do not need to always know the score (which only updates once every 15minutes) and eats a ton of screen real estate
  10. I'm okay with thr pure healer not getting bombs and making that hybrid path only. We will need to see how the DPS settles out on DPS druids. Hybrid druid losing wisp may be a bit much.
  11. Barriers are not putting the white border around the casters nameplate. Druid orbs we're not spawning/staying spawned correctly making it difficult/impossible to create druid bombs.
  12. First 5.8 build with actual message lag in fights. Something got switched from previous builds. Physics effects still going nuts. Tornados can cause fall damage on flat ground. I miss the mount already. Give us back 150% travel speed.
  13. First night we've seen msg lag during fights or even just running around. People look like they are jerking/teleporting as they move.
  14. Major Bugs: Players become unable to join groups and return "Invalid Target: Player Not Found". They bugged player can lead a group and invite people. Unable to form groups in EKs Had multiple fights in the ~30ish engaged range. FPS drops are hit and miss as are crashes. Some fights no issues at all. Other fights multiple crashes. It does seem to be related to AoEes. Both particle effects and the flytext/combat log creating going nuts and spamming scores of messages at once. Talents resetting....on death, on login, on removing a weapon mastery...whenever you look at it funny or want to rally. Minor Bug: lungs cannot be slotted in restored torso recipe
  15. DPS Druid very viable. Heal druid with orbs getting fixes online, likewise looking very strong. Healing yourself and the guy grabbing orbs at same time is huge. Re: Cleric vs Druid-- Cleric has better splash/group healing and "healing mobility" in that folks to have to come to the orb piles. Druids are also far tankier with greater escape/mobility/kiting than any cleric. 5.7 meta was a fluke over one class getting buffed far out of balance with everything else. The assassin nerfs look like they were too much in the other direction, when coupled with how the abilities were split out in the talent trees. 5.8 Druid is not in such a bad state as suggested here. Give it some more play time. The meta is still shaking out and changing as bug fixes go in.
  16. Can't send invites with text commands in EKs. If EK pvp is turned on can't form groups at all, including with the f to interact menu.
  17. Combat log is very buggy and doesnt capture heals or many damage abilities. Tested with a champion. Rend, Neckbreaker, whirling pain often did not write to the combat log for caster or target. When rend did write, it recorded as double hitting. Fly text not working so cant see damage or healing numbers. bleeds dont display fly text or combat log healing is very low... non-heal spec cleric can just keep pace with a single major bleed from rend.
  18. Cannot load campaign map. Tried a fresh install of the test server. Didnt fix anything. Map never loads. Zone map works.
  19. Looking forward to the first Campaign and the 5.8 game loop. We've been testing Crowfall for 3 years now and Winterblades is very excited to see the game come together as we approach launch. Jump in our discord if you have questions or are running Balance. See you on the Field.
  20. 1) If there is no skills reset or if advanced recipes are granted more quickly (e.g. Making green level pips and +crafting station buffs useful) and/or 2) if exports/imports are less than say 25. (Or exports delayed to end of CW--was that in today's update??) Then folks will craft in CW. Without either or both of the above it will be the same it always has been for the 5.x patches--craft in the EKs.
  21. Farm gold. Buy gear from EK vendors like Aerynth Traders or the Arkadium. Relatively cheap and you don't have to worry about training multiple crafters for months to unlock everything.
  22. Factions: pre-populated locations on map generation that must be built up via the hippo mechanic. GvG/Dregs: free build like the EK.
  23. Angelmar


    Been like a year+ since I saw @BraveSirRobin on the CF boards. Welcome back!
  24. Support should just sign all their emails as Gordon, even if the executive producer is no longer handling support. ACE team was clearly committed when someone that high up was answering emails at 2am.... That or team was just really damn small. Great early PR.
  25. Good Meeting last night. Glad this was ultimately resolved. Good hunting to the new Orderly Knights of the Deathless Empire. See everyone on the field for 5.7.
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