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  1. With relaunch of Shadowbane Emu I was wondering how many Race/Base Class/Class Combos there were in Shadowbane vs Crowfall. Just a fun bit of food for thought. Shadowbane: 12 Races, 4 Base Classes, 22 Classes 172 Unique Race/Base Class/Class Combos Available. Crowfall: 12 Races, 11 Classes 41 Unique Race/Class Combos Available
  2. One of the difficulties in suggesting balance changes in stealth vs anti stealth is its constantly changing and routinely bugged. Certainly some tuning is needed and maybe an overhaul. At points about a month ago, anti-stealth was ascendant with ability to pop stealth at 45m or so. Now changes seem to have it swinging the other way. I'm not sure ACE knows its final vision or balance for this mechanic. Track may still be a thing... Agent being a mandatory disc tho is not great.
  3. Order rolls back the Chaos Horde at siege of Infiltration. 11 -W- v 16 UDL Alliance with guards helping even out the numbers disparity.
  4. WTB Silvermoon. 5.8 is a month or two out. Great time to see some old faces and give CF a try.
  5. The last confessor falls. RIP.
  6. Timegating- it's definitely a problem. New Players will give this a week at most to get hooked. Not 30d+. ACE have said they won't address the New Player Experience until the game is feature complete and they're close to launch. Harvest- a ton to unpack on this one. Too lazy for real post. Bullet points are (1) Most folks agree a mine system is needed to drive PvP and supplement harvesting; (2) Harvesting being playable is highly dependent on map node density; (3) Most noobs and many guilds don't actually understand the harvest/gear system or how to leverage it--it can be very lucrative on time scales of 30 minutes to and hour; (4) The interdependency/Raph Koster stuff is wrong when applied to an open world PvP game (at least as to harvesting). A fraction of a percent of players want to be pure harvesters; (4a) Harvesting in a PvP open world is a PvP activity. Players need to be able to move smoothly and instantly between them--everyone should get a free harvest major disc slot; (5) Gear should not be free--this is a MMO not a MOBA. Group Size- yup, its broken (and/or healing needs to be radically changed). Been preaching for larger group size for a long while. Food - I don't really care about this system but it needs to get the hell out of the way of PvP. Having to open a clunky full screen UI to eat mid combat is terrible. CC/Healing/Antihealing/Ridiculous Numbers Sensitivity - these are all related and have to be balanced together (along with DPS). CC immunity being toothless means CC spam from N+1 is usually the answer. I actually would prefer stronger healing and very strong antiheal. If HPS is > non-focused and/or non-antihealed DPS, the game becomes less numbers sensitive as a smaller force won't instantly fall over. On any given night one side will have few more than the other... This isn't a MOBA. In Darkfall and Shadowbane taking a fight down 10% or 20% in numbers was not uncommon or unexpected--victory was still on the table. 25 vs 32 was not an automatic loss for the 25. It is in Crowfall. I don't want CF to have to crutch on instances combat like Albion--but the combat model feels like it would work better instanced. Balancing is also not ACE's priority, and I'm sure we will have massive balance overhauls before launch.
  7. Should be the free harvesting major rune slot they give to everyone so we stop having silly/false distinctions between PvP and Harvesting (in an open world where you have to PvP to defend the harvest site).
  8. Gratz to @ZeFx on another tourney victory.
  9. FORTAL KOMBAT! Three stand against the many at Black Mire. Great Video Xarrayne.
  10. The new player experience ("NPE") is awful. Without training in harvesting it is painfully slow. Eventually you can pull down thousands of ore per hour in a group, but its completely valid to point out that many noobs will never see that day if the NPE sucks. The Devs are aware the NPE is not great, but have said they are waiting until closer to launch to do polishing on it.
  11. @simicoswiftJump in our discord. Normally the answer is to message me there so we can chat, but I'm out of town this week so best to just ask around for one of the other officers in discord.
  12. Factories are the messiah per Blair. Maybe they will fix all, as they are advertised. I'm skeptical. 30+minutes per final combine, many minutes of which are just watching an arbitrary bar count down feels like a simple lack of respect for the player's time. Whether that's playing the RNG game to blueprint or is to make an item for immediate use. You can still have factories crafting with long craft time while a player is not present... The manual crafting time and factory craft time do not have to be related--they serve different functions. Certainly I hope they at least get rid of craft time of cooking, basics, and intermediates or they will lose a lot of people in the new player experience.
  13. There is no point other than wasting players time. 5.4 bug where all crafts took 1 second was one of the best ever. Lots of folks that didnt otherwise craft got in on the action.
  14. This is just my opinion, but this is a fantasy giving CF current combat systems. This mechanic will be a numbers/zerg multiplier. The side with the numbers will push the smaller side back and any losses for the larger crew will be instantly rezzed back. I could be wrong though. Guess we will see in 5.5 and test it at the small scales we play on in the 10 to 20 a side range.
  15. More like 30s minimum. 5s in a the big 25+ a side fights is pretty easy to get so long as folks aren't literally fighting on top of your corpse. I'm very skeptical of this new death/rex system. Not sure what problem it solves.... Can see problems it creates tho. We will have to get our hands on it and see.
  16. One of the strongest melees in the game. Fairly noob friendly to get started on with enough depth to have room for the truly adept to master. Flexible, provides off healing, execution/spike dmg, CC, high HP..... Incredibly strong in groups, even small groups.... This isn't a dueling game. Folks need to get over that. Want to talk about buffing a melee? Lets talk about the poor Myrm, nerfed into oblivion before his time. RIP.
  17. Winterblades has a policy against PvP exploits. Beyond the apparent irony in the video, for those of us in -W-, the whole situation is even more ironic in that Scorn is one of the most dedicated testers and reporters of bugs. It appears this effects any passives that can be placed in the harvest tray. We certainly aware of the log-in/log-out hijinks that can get you passives from 3+ major disciplines, but were not aware that simply having stuff in harvest tray is carrying over into combat trays. Apparently UDL was not aware of this bug either: Venark: https://youtu.be/AVxjxqeVGI4?t=71 5 Combat Passives + 1 Harvest (Mental Fortitude, Forest Whispers, Fortuitous Blessing, Sturdy, Overwhelming Odds + Spotting) https://youtu.be/n9U1ZsVRbNs?t=104 5 Combat Passives + 1 Harvest (Fortuitous Blessings, Overwhelming Odds, Noble Purpose, Sturdy, Slow Growth + Spotting) Paindotcom: https://youtu.be/8UrzdVXbs7U 5 Combat Passives + 1 Harvest (Second Wind, Furious, Sturdy, Relentless, Spite + Spotting) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f60TuS1B-s&t=157s 6 Combat Passives (Second Wind, Uniform Leather, Spite, Sturdy, Relentless, Axemaster Berserker ) ---------------- Caldera apparently likewise unaware: Yumx: https://youtu.be/TM1MnCFFO7c?t=22 5 Combat Passives +1 Harvest (Taste for Blood, Leadership, Punch Drunk, Glass Cannon, Sword Ward + Spotting) ----------------- You can also find spotting (harvest passive) in lots of folks videos as active while in combat: Tinnis: https://youtu.be/st1u96AlPHU (assumes demon pact) Wildone: https://youtu.be/-f9_DI_suzI Blazzen: https://youtu.be/fBx4BF25Va0?t=80 (assumes demon pact) Phylor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN6Vf2JRTRQ
  18. Nice fight and vid. Sorry I missed it. One of the few the servers were able to handle in 5.4 without crashing.
  19. With 5.4 and the generally unplayable lag in GvG there has been an uptick in carebearism within Winterblades. Many new shinies have been forged: Tark's entry is a trio of swords in his Templar Arc: Gradishar however claims MVP for greatest volume crafted and top damage (though the judges deducted points for lack of creativity in naming): My new toy, courtesy of Gradishar:
  20. least on the character I tested on it was 1 Con = 4 hp, if I recall correctly. And yes, like many stats/gear the benefits are significant enough to be relevant. If you got 30 levels, spent all 3 pts in CON every time you'd end up with an extra 360 hp.... about one extra swing from a basic attacks worth. They will do a balancing pass on all the systems in the future. Currently ACE is still just trying to get new systems built and out the door.
  21. Recruitment Thread updated.... since the text was last updated pre-campaign worlds!
  22. Community called that Wood elf rangers with 60-70M range + 2x 18m teleports+spammable ultimate would be broken. Turns out it is broken. They will do a balancing pass eventually but its not the priority until the game is more complete.
  23. I volunteer to have my Myrm un-nerfed and granted the old myrm C back ------- I haven't really noticed a epidemic of druid bomb deaths.... think I've died to bombs 2-3 times.... over 1.5 years of testing. That said, as a general principle one shots are a bad idea. Just not sure this is where I would spend the very very limited dev resources devoted to the occasional balance pass.
  24. Great completion of project of Coolwaters. Nice Tribute. Thanks Xarrayne.
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