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  1. Checking in as one of those that think solo farming should not be catered to. Equipping a guild is as much a guild activity as the pvp itself. Anyone that solo farms should do so with the assumption the loot they get will be lost. Any actual gains are gravy. Srathor has a guild (and in fact a full blown multi-guild alliance) to protect his farming activities. Here, the expected result occured. Srathor chose not to leverage his guild/alliance and got ganked solo harvesting. ------- As I've posted elsewhere multiple times, hold F to harvest is physically painful and manages to be a worse harvesting experience than even EVE. That said, even if they make harvesting a toggle so you can chat with friends or look around, solo farmer will (and should) get ganked regularly and lose all their stuff. It's a guild vs guild pvp game for a reason.
  2. There are lots of what appear to be fundamental holes in the economic model that have been pointed out repeatedly since KS. At the end of the day, trades need to be beneficial to both sides or they wont happen. Dregs PVPers need to have a reason to trade materials to 3-Faction players that have never seen a purple drop. If both sides don't have a reason to trade... the trades won't happen and the economy won't cycle. Will be interesting to see what happens as we get closer to launch.
  3. Nice video Xarrayne. Always a bit weird hearing your own voice recorded. I still need to review my recordings and there will be more this weekend, I an sure.
  4. I also agree that its hard to judge anything until after 5.3. I think it is undisputed that the game is poorly balanced at the moment, especially for melee classes. Once 5.3 is in full swing the community will need to start beating the drums for balance changes.... 3 months left to the stated soft launch target. Hard to do so until then.
  5. Factions create all kinds of problems... going to be hard to have a conlmbat model that functions with 5-man group friendly fire immunity and also when 1/3 the server is friendly fire immune. Factions massively compound the ability to spam mass CC without a thought or care. You're guaranteed to disrupt the enemy, avoid harming friendlies and CC immunity almost seems non-functional currently. If I was ACE reading my proposal, I'd worry less of the one cross faction guy (in a mass of unorganized faction players someone will shoot him) and instead worry about how everyone would be CC immune in a big 50v50 of CC spam because faction will have no central organization.
  6. Truth, the undisputed reign of Confessors coincides with the death of Myrm. When Blair nerfed Myrm into uselessness the only melee class that could hold down a ranged dps, kill it and survive long enough to be relevant was taken off the board. Ranged dps was much less of a terror when there was a credible melee threat. None of the other melee classes can reliably close distance and stay closed with a ranged dps. Just my own 2cp. I'm probably biased as an ex-myrm player.
  7. Blazzen and I have argued this point a fair amount. IMO, the issue is CC immunity needs to be more functional and actively discourage indescriminate CC spam. For example, in Shadowbane, CC immunity triggered immediately and getting CCED again during immunity countdown would refresh the immunity countdown to its full length. You wanted focused CC, not mass CC spam. Current CC immunity does not reduce CC sufficently and/or degrades back to no diminishing returns too quickly. I also agree that ACE has put all the mass AoE CC on slippery ranged classes and significantly deprived "tanks" of a role in PvP.
  8. Pretty much. JTodd has been bringing CF closer to SB as well with race/class split, disciplines, and actual consequentlial characer customization.
  9. I certainly agree this is a good place to start with the tweaks. A "catch-up" mechanic, not a "get ahead" work around. (Although, would have been nice not to have to spend 1.5 years just learning how to break rocks....still hoping they rethink the time to train the harvesting lines)
  10. Is the sky falling? No. Did JTC destroy Crowfall? No. Does the tomb mechanic need a bit of tweaking? Likely. Is the concept of a catch-up mechanic good for Crowfall (with a passive skill system copied from EVE)? Yes. See EVE skill injectors.
  11. Scorn's support Templar in action! Dolmar and I even gave him the opportunity for the spotlight. Good saves.
  12. Great Primer on the game. Didn't realize when we added you into some groups this weekend you were working on a big project.
  13. Hey Selenia. Long time. Spoke with BraveSirRobin when he was lurking the forums but haven't seen him in a while. Same -W-. I even wrote up the history. Catch us in discord if you want a hand getting caught up on CF and jumping in on some pvp/scrims.
  14. Agreed, it's a fair criticism of the current map. The incentive to hold the keeps will probably be "to win", but without windows of opportunity and longer invuln timers etc. The only thing that matters is last 1 to 2 hours. Hopefully they fix it for the first CW.
  15. On a larger and better laid out map, the keep should be your home not the beachhead. Also, once sieges have windows of opportunity and significantly longer invuln timers (say 12 -24 hours) they are how factions can actually progress in a campaign without losing everything they have capped to a solo rat and his buddy in the middle of the night.
  16. "If the defenders succeed in protecting their Keep, there is a 10-minute window of invulnerability in which no new Banewood Trees can be planted. . . . Keep in mind that ALL of the above timers are adjustable – we’ve set them purposefully slow to facilitate testing of the Siege mechanics" @jtoddcoleman I think you mean purposefully fast timers. I don't think anyone believes 10 minute invuln/recovery period is a "slow" pace for consecutive sieges.
  17. Fun fight vs UDL. Winterblades was roaming into Chaos beachhead but it was clear there weren't going to be any good fights with our numbers advantage. UDL rallies and -W- matches their numbers for a set piece slug fest at the foot of Chaos' Temple. Good Fights All. Looking forward to sieges this weekend!
  18. Section VI. E This section needs to be conspicuous and bolded. Truly death and respawn deserves it's own title heading. The summoning back your corpse at the big central statue is Very Unintuitive. Your first login teaches you to go to the class statues when ur a crow. Most noobs experience their first deaths in CF as if alpha test is a full loot environment. This can lead to rage quits and negative word of mouth buzz--especially for the majority of gamers that aren't from EVE, Shadowbane or Darkfall. Just my 2cps from reading noobs in global chat since October 2016.
  19. At the funeral I spoke with one of Wes' law school buddies regarding the donations to the law school (he gave one of the eulogies). Dozens of members of the bar and several judges attended Cool's funeral. We've been following up and I've updated the OP with more details regarding the donations to the law school. Contact me if you have any questions.
  20. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must announce that Coolwaters a.k.a. Charles Wesley 'Wes' Fowler passed away suddenly this past weekend. This has been a stunning and devastating loss to Wes' Family, Friends and the Winterblades community. With dedication, wit, intelligence, and sometimes sheer stubborness, Wes was one of the beating hearts of Winterblades, helping our family grow and succeed over the last 16 years. As part of the greater community, Wes employed his great talents as a Shadowbane Moderator and as the community Sentinel Advocate for the Shadowbane focus group. One of his great joys was theorycrafting creative builds to break the current meta (though he hated the use of the word "meta" with a passion). Many such ideas made it out of the Winterblades skunkworks to the greater community through Wes' guides and posts. In Crowfall he continued his tradition of community advocacy whether on the forums or off them. Be it in the development partners, testing feedback, or general forums Wes was prolific in his posting as part of the greater community. While he played many games that we tried out over the years, nothing got him anywhere near as excited or fired up for a debate as Crowfall as many can attest to. His impact will certainly leave a crater of absence. An enduring love of gaming and competition were not Wes' only pursuits. Although, perhaps cliche, he really did have a flair for life. He enjoyed life and had no "chill"--there were always pictures from his latest adventure. Often this meant something crazy, possibly reckless, and a whole lot of fun. Ziplines. Motorized skateboards. Very large hills and motorized skateboards. Wakeboarding. Surfing. Brazilian excursions. Spearfishing with Sharks..... Likely more hobbies that didn't make the news. Needless to say Wes lived life with vigor, elan, and a side of adrenaline. Wes shared his excitement with many of us when he hosted the Winterblades meet up in July. The shared memories of that week are now bittersweet with his unexpected passing.At request of his family in lieu of flowers they are asking for donations in his name to Wes' alma mater University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law Moot Court division. Regarding donations, Wes' Friends and Family are working on raising funds to create an endowed scholarship for the winner of the top Oral Advocate in the Moot Court program. Wes competed nationally in Moot Court and won the top Oral Advocate at his school. His law school friends and members of the bar in Memphis are getting some big donations lined up. Any donations direct to the school should also be tax deductible. Winterblades internally has already collected around ~$1,000 to donate. If anyone is interested you in contributing you can PM me directly and I can provide details. His obituary can be found here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/commercialappeal/obituary.aspx?n=charles-wesley-fowler&pid=186443823&fhid=17199
  21. Some, but not all, of this is a product of no skill training (200% crit damage? Yes please.) and lack of high end weapons. Some of the stacking mitigation will nerf even a live environment fessor to hitting for 50 dmg a fireball, but... in the down time when stuff is on CD, folks could get blown up for thousands of dmg in 2-5s. We don't have that kind of burst dps anymore with slag weapons and little training. Who knows what the training trees will look like in 5.3.
  22. Fixed! Undead Army can certainly put as many as HoA/LoD, etc. In the field.
  23. Active Alpha Guilds: Winterblades, Caldera, Sugoi, Undead Lords Its a short list. Woolly's crew, LoD, HoA, UDA, can put 2-3 on the field. Thats about the whole test population.
  24. Speak of evil and it will appear. Apparently works on 65 con elf scouts too.
  25. Angelmar


    Death to pets, voxels, and "real" physics. All 3 are kickstarter era missteps, imo.
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