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  1. Winterblades will be joining the Balance faction for the 5.7 reset. We've historically moved factions for population reasons first leaving Balance for Chaos when Sugoi joined the faction at the start of the faction system and then leaving Chaos for Order when UDL Alliance (UDL/LoD/Sin/HoA) became more active. Were coming full circle with Sugoi's activity having fallen off and returning to Balance.
  2. This statement is accurate. It does omit the ~3month+ time to get to this level of training at 3x training. And the 9 to 10 month time it will take at 1x speed at launch. Noobs playing the game aren't going to wait 10 months for fall/winters (25 to 50% of a CW) not to suck. That said ACE made it clear they are watching this issue, but want to give it more time to play out. I'm confident they will make changes if we continue to see steep player drop offs in fall/winter as the beta begins.
  3. Current system allows corpse camping and makes rallying a force after a battle loss a pain in the ass. The prior system of respawning at a fixed location was superior. If we could have set a respawn point rather than it being whatever was closest (but not too close) it would have been better. The set respawn system is also the type of system used by other "throne war" games: Shadowbane, Darkfall, EVE. The crow fly back system discourages getting a 2nd fight and rally, if the victor are determined to corpse camp.
  4. This has always been my thought on the AoE cap arguement. There are better ways, IMO, of making the game less number sensitive (even to small disparities). Actual CC immunity/DR that punishes mindless CC spam and increasing HPS and counter play with black mantles being big two.
  5. As has been discussed in previous threads (I believe the last one on numbers sensitivity was a Blazzen thread), very strong heals and strong black mantles are another mechanic that helps with numbers disparity. Kills thus require coordination between the dps and the mantler rather than just CC spam and dps. The current balance between HPS and the black mantles changes with every tweak to stats and support power (or the recent assassin attack speed buff). The 500 HP discipline black mantles are not significant enough 5.6 with everyone in max 75% resist plate+overwhelming odds. This runs afoul of the "firehose healing" debate, which I think the forum masses are wrong on.
  6. Physics Effects are stupidly high tossing folks around the field. CC spam is just as effective as always. CC immunity is still a joke (and always has been). They nerfed armor resistances reducing time to kill. They wiped skills so crafters can't make high end armor (or high end weapons--might be a wash). Skills like assassin black mantle that are flat numbers and don't scale are disproportionately stronger now with lack of skills and SP on clerics. Training imbalances can lead to very long CC effects (e.g. You're CCed by someone who has focused on unlocking +CC length nodes and target hasn't trained the counterbalance CC defense node.) The game is far too numbers sensitive as has been complained about for several years. Personally, the old stuff from a year ago felt better combat flow wise... But that's not a difference of a month.
  7. If you're going to give a history lesson start at the beginning. Conquest of what is now modern "European Russia" in the 860s by Norse clans under Rurik and founding of the Rus and Rurikid Dynasty based out of Novgorod (followed closely by cadet branch of the Rurikids out of Kiev in Ukraine--the Kievan Rus). Then mix in 1200 years of dictatorship and expansion. A mongol invasion or two. The Teutonic/Livonian Crusades. The long struggle to overthrow Swedish Hegemony of the Baltic. The Great Northern War (RIP Baltic States). Innumerable skirmishes/wars with the Ottomans Empire. The partitioning of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. (RIP Remainder of Baltics+Poland) Napoleonic Invasion and Alexander I as Savior of Europe. (RIP Finland) etc. The decadent West occasionally delivers on actual education.
  8. Given the Travian games country list posted by Miraluna, he has to be from Belarus (Russian client/puppet), Ukraine (actively being invaded by Russia), or Moldova (Russian client/ divided state with separatist Russian autonomous region-Transnistria). None of those 3 are EU members though, so might just be confusion. Every other border state with Russia is on the Travian games list. Does Putin know you're trying to Play on the decadent Capitalist servers?
  9. Get your 3am capture crews ready.... Cuz that's all that will matter with a 24/7 points system as described in the CF stream.
  10. I certainly think that is fair. The most surprising in doing the math was Aelfborne with 27 and I have trouble thinking of any big standouts.... but there are so fun "candy" toon options. Aelf Blademaster Warrior, Aelf Blademaster Warlock, some stance dance Crusaders. (For any non-SB folks that read this Blademaster is actually a discipline, but its so significant it may be another class or mini-class) Here is the breakdown for the curious Aelfborn: 27 Aracoix: 12 Centaur: 10 Dwarf: 6 Elf: 23 HalfGiant: 7 Human:30 Irekei:17 Minotaur: 3 Nephilim: 16 Shade:12 Vampire: 9 ------- Total: 172
  11. With relaunch of Shadowbane Emu I was wondering how many Race/Base Class/Class Combos there were in Shadowbane vs Crowfall. Just a fun bit of food for thought. Shadowbane: 12 Races, 4 Base Classes, 22 Classes 172 Unique Race/Base Class/Class Combos Available. Crowfall: 12 Races, 11 Classes 41 Unique Race/Class Combos Available
  12. One of the difficulties in suggesting balance changes in stealth vs anti stealth is its constantly changing and routinely bugged. Certainly some tuning is needed and maybe an overhaul. At points about a month ago, anti-stealth was ascendant with ability to pop stealth at 45m or so. Now changes seem to have it swinging the other way. I'm not sure ACE knows its final vision or balance for this mechanic. Track may still be a thing... Agent being a mandatory disc tho is not great.
  13. Order rolls back the Chaos Horde at siege of Infiltration. 11 -W- v 16 UDL Alliance with guards helping even out the numbers disparity.
  14. WTB Silvermoon. 5.8 is a month or two out. Great time to see some old faces and give CF a try.
  15. The last confessor falls. RIP.
  16. Timegating- it's definitely a problem. New Players will give this a week at most to get hooked. Not 30d+. ACE have said they won't address the New Player Experience until the game is feature complete and they're close to launch. Harvest- a ton to unpack on this one. Too lazy for real post. Bullet points are (1) Most folks agree a mine system is needed to drive PvP and supplement harvesting; (2) Harvesting being playable is highly dependent on map node density; (3) Most noobs and many guilds don't actually understand the harvest/gear system or how to leverage it--it can be very lucrative on time scales of 30 minutes to and hour; (4) The interdependency/Raph Koster stuff is wrong when applied to an open world PvP game (at least as to harvesting). A fraction of a percent of players want to be pure harvesters; (4a) Harvesting in a PvP open world is a PvP activity. Players need to be able to move smoothly and instantly between them--everyone should get a free harvest major disc slot; (5) Gear should not be free--this is a MMO not a MOBA. Group Size- yup, its broken (and/or healing needs to be radically changed). Been preaching for larger group size for a long while. Food - I don't really care about this system but it needs to get the hell out of the way of PvP. Having to open a clunky full screen UI to eat mid combat is terrible. CC/Healing/Antihealing/Ridiculous Numbers Sensitivity - these are all related and have to be balanced together (along with DPS). CC immunity being toothless means CC spam from N+1 is usually the answer. I actually would prefer stronger healing and very strong antiheal. If HPS is > non-focused and/or non-antihealed DPS, the game becomes less numbers sensitive as a smaller force won't instantly fall over. On any given night one side will have few more than the other... This isn't a MOBA. In Darkfall and Shadowbane taking a fight down 10% or 20% in numbers was not uncommon or unexpected--victory was still on the table. 25 vs 32 was not an automatic loss for the 25. It is in Crowfall. I don't want CF to have to crutch on instances combat like Albion--but the combat model feels like it would work better instanced. Balancing is also not ACE's priority, and I'm sure we will have massive balance overhauls before launch.
  17. Should be the free harvesting major rune slot they give to everyone so we stop having silly/false distinctions between PvP and Harvesting (in an open world where you have to PvP to defend the harvest site).
  18. Gratz to @ZeFx on another tourney victory.
  19. FORTAL KOMBAT! Three stand against the many at Black Mire. Great Video Xarrayne.
  20. The new player experience ("NPE") is awful. Without training in harvesting it is painfully slow. Eventually you can pull down thousands of ore per hour in a group, but its completely valid to point out that many noobs will never see that day if the NPE sucks. The Devs are aware the NPE is not great, but have said they are waiting until closer to launch to do polishing on it.
  21. @simicoswiftJump in our discord. Normally the answer is to message me there so we can chat, but I'm out of town this week so best to just ask around for one of the other officers in discord.
  22. Factories are the messiah per Blair. Maybe they will fix all, as they are advertised. I'm skeptical. 30+minutes per final combine, many minutes of which are just watching an arbitrary bar count down feels like a simple lack of respect for the player's time. Whether that's playing the RNG game to blueprint or is to make an item for immediate use. You can still have factories crafting with long craft time while a player is not present... The manual crafting time and factory craft time do not have to be related--they serve different functions. Certainly I hope they at least get rid of craft time of cooking, basics, and intermediates or they will lose a lot of people in the new player experience.
  23. There is no point other than wasting players time. 5.4 bug where all crafts took 1 second was one of the best ever. Lots of folks that didnt otherwise craft got in on the action.
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