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  1. Ginko was asking for other perspectives. Above is a taste of my footage. Unlisted because I don't want folks searching CF and seeing this level of stutter frame-FPS.
  2. Couple of million experience points needed and all mobs were white so.... 1 exp point at a time. Doable for those Dwarves that had no alts!
  3. At launch experience rates two full days 8-10 hrs could easily get you to mid to high R4 (lvls 40 to 50), with a little extra or no interruptions maybe even R5 (50 to 60, lvl cap 60). Toss in another day and you're low to mid R5. Experience slowed dramatically/exponentially. 56 to 60 might take one to three weeks, depending on your access to high level mobs. Especially 58 to 60 was very slow due to lack of high level mobs. A character was pvp relevant if trained and geared at mid to high R4. Many/most characters were 55 or 56 and R5 was expected for a pvp toon. In combat power, R4s might be analogous in CF to folks with slag weapons and basic armor vs R5 in full blue crafted and high R5/R6 top end geared folks. ---- Edit: with the rise of chaos expansion leveling got faster overall with better availability of high level mobs and lvl cap went to 65 (2nd expansion 70). 1 to R5/R6 was possible in a weekend. Late in SB life cycle they increased xp rates and 1 to 60 or 70 was possible in a day.
  4. Looking forward to more fights over the holidays. Server is getting some decent population finally.
  5. [You can view the original Winterblades thread HERE. ~ Pann] A New Chapter Begins: We raise our banners for Crowfall and begin the latest campaign in our long history. Crowfall is the long awaited successor to Shadowbane and Darkfall, and Winterblades has been one of the most active guilds in the Crowfall Alpha from day one. Stable leadership, focused on creating a low-drama community focused on enjoyable openworld PvP, has made Winterblades a guild that has survived through seventeen years and multiple games. Around our core of veterans, we are inviting new recruits with a Guild-First attitude. Join us for the battles ahead as we approach Crowfall release and beyond. Who Are The Winterblades? The Winterblades is a community whose core membership was forged in the crucible of Shadowbane. The community has been around in various forms since Ultima Online in 1998, but entered into a new era with Shadowbane in 2003. Over the years, through skill, determination, and dedication, the guild developed into one of the most respected communities in Shadowbane. In Darkfall, Winterblades, along with The Shipwrecked Pirates formed the core of the leadership of Shadowbane Alliance based out of the Winterblades capital of Erinthel. Our History is an open book. From the dark days of defeat to the heights of victory and server domination, we’ve endured and grown. The strength of the Winterblades is the strength of our membership. We have always favored quality over quantity and do not mass recruit. We have a highly veteran membership, including multiple Shadowbane Community and Class Advocates and a deep bench of leadership with long experience with in game politics and the trials of open world pvp gaming. Our community is low-drama and dedicated and has been gaming together for over 17 years. The respect the Winterblades have enjoyed amongst our former foes is one of our greatest badges of honor. Our success on the battlefield, our stability as a guild, and the quality of our leadership can be measured not only by the members, but by the actions of our former rivals. We have had multiple guilds, that were once amongst our foes, sub or merge into the Winterblades after meeting us on the field. Victory is important, but how that victory is achieved is also crucial. We let our conduct speak for us. Maturity, Class, and Respect have always been important to us. How to Apply: If you are interested in joining Winterblades for the Campaign World tests pm Angelmar on the forums or join us in our public discord. We are only accepting applications from testers with access to testing at this time. During the testing and for live we will be focused on USTZ servers. We are also taking applications for any European gamers that want to play on the US servers. Interested players can join us on the field and run with us in Campaign World tests. There is a probationary period of 60-90 days currently where both the guild and the applicant have a chance to audition each other. Final decisions on ultimate recruitment will be based on field performance and most importantly how well you mesh with the rest of -W-. Our door of course remains open to former allies and enemies (and especially to individuals that were both!) from Shadowbane and Darkfall. Rulesets, Eternal Kingdoms, and the Unknown: The ultimate mechanics of the Crowfall campaign system are still largely unknown. Winterblades will be playing on whatever ruleset becomes the Guild v Guild platform (likely dregs) along with most the rest of the greater Shadowbane community. -W- will be there as the new systems come online PvPing, testing, and shaping Crowfall as it nears release. The mechanics of the Eternal Kingdoms (and how they will interact with the Campaign Worlds) are also still essentially open questions. Winterblades will always be focused on PvP and the Campaign Worlds (and maybe PvP in the EK!). The economic interaction between the Dregs and EKs is unknown, however we have a contingent of folks interested and invested in the the Eternal Kingdoms and the economy. As a guild that supported JTodd and Crowfall from the kickstarter, we have significant assets available from Citadels to Palaces to Parcels and will be monitoring the development of these systems as JTodd's vision for this mechanic expands. Join us in Discord or PM Angelmar. Some video from the Campaigns: 7 Winterblades v. 12 Sugoi 9 Winterblades v 14 Avari/LoD 8 -W- v 17 Sugoi Ride of the Legionaires; Eurocrusade! Playlist
  6. While playing on the campaign world (but not the EKs) there is a progressive memory leak. its a known issue.
  7. Based solely on this thread and the lack of 20x new General Discussion threads on how JTC/Blair broke Crowfall and the world is ending.... I'd say ACE must have had a pretty decent update.
  8. The game still needs a lot of work to qualify as a "game". Lots of folks are bored of the 5.2 milestone (even though it's not really complete). Everyone is waiting on 5.3 to save us all.
  9. Checking in as one of those that think solo farming should not be catered to. Equipping a guild is as much a guild activity as the pvp itself. Anyone that solo farms should do so with the assumption the loot they get will be lost. Any actual gains are gravy. Srathor has a guild (and in fact a full blown multi-guild alliance) to protect his farming activities. Here, the expected result occured. Srathor chose not to leverage his guild/alliance and got ganked solo harvesting. ------- As I've posted elsewhere multiple times, hold F to harvest is physically painful and manages to be a worse harvesting experience than even EVE. That said, even if they make harvesting a toggle so you can chat with friends or look around, solo farmer will (and should) get ganked regularly and lose all their stuff. It's a guild vs guild pvp game for a reason.
  10. There are lots of what appear to be fundamental holes in the economic model that have been pointed out repeatedly since KS. At the end of the day, trades need to be beneficial to both sides or they wont happen. Dregs PVPers need to have a reason to trade materials to 3-Faction players that have never seen a purple drop. If both sides don't have a reason to trade... the trades won't happen and the economy won't cycle. Will be interesting to see what happens as we get closer to launch.
  11. Nice video Xarrayne. Always a bit weird hearing your own voice recorded. I still need to review my recordings and there will be more this weekend, I an sure.
  12. I also agree that its hard to judge anything until after 5.3. I think it is undisputed that the game is poorly balanced at the moment, especially for melee classes. Once 5.3 is in full swing the community will need to start beating the drums for balance changes.... 3 months left to the stated soft launch target. Hard to do so until then.
  13. Factions create all kinds of problems... going to be hard to have a conlmbat model that functions with 5-man group friendly fire immunity and also when 1/3 the server is friendly fire immune. Factions massively compound the ability to spam mass CC without a thought or care. You're guaranteed to disrupt the enemy, avoid harming friendlies and CC immunity almost seems non-functional currently. If I was ACE reading my proposal, I'd worry less of the one cross faction guy (in a mass of unorganized faction players someone will shoot him) and instead worry about how everyone would be CC immune in a big 50v50 of CC spam because faction will have no central organization.
  14. Truth, the undisputed reign of Confessors coincides with the death of Myrm. When Blair nerfed Myrm into uselessness the only melee class that could hold down a ranged dps, kill it and survive long enough to be relevant was taken off the board. Ranged dps was much less of a terror when there was a credible melee threat. None of the other melee classes can reliably close distance and stay closed with a ranged dps. Just my own 2cp. I'm probably biased as an ex-myrm player.
  15. Blazzen and I have argued this point a fair amount. IMO, the issue is CC immunity needs to be more functional and actively discourage indescriminate CC spam. For example, in Shadowbane, CC immunity triggered immediately and getting CCED again during immunity countdown would refresh the immunity countdown to its full length. You wanted focused CC, not mass CC spam. Current CC immunity does not reduce CC sufficently and/or degrades back to no diminishing returns too quickly. I also agree that ACE has put all the mass AoE CC on slippery ranged classes and significantly deprived "tanks" of a role in PvP.
  16. Pretty much. JTodd has been bringing CF closer to SB as well with race/class split, disciplines, and actual consequentlial characer customization.
  17. I certainly agree this is a good place to start with the tweaks. A "catch-up" mechanic, not a "get ahead" work around. (Although, would have been nice not to have to spend 1.5 years just learning how to break rocks....still hoping they rethink the time to train the harvesting lines)
  18. Is the sky falling? No. Did JTC destroy Crowfall? No. Does the tomb mechanic need a bit of tweaking? Likely. Is the concept of a catch-up mechanic good for Crowfall (with a passive skill system copied from EVE)? Yes. See EVE skill injectors.
  19. Scorn's support Templar in action! Dolmar and I even gave him the opportunity for the spotlight. Good saves.
  20. Great Primer on the game. Didn't realize when we added you into some groups this weekend you were working on a big project.
  21. Hey Selenia. Long time. Spoke with BraveSirRobin when he was lurking the forums but haven't seen him in a while. Same -W-. I even wrote up the history. Catch us in discord if you want a hand getting caught up on CF and jumping in on some pvp/scrims.
  22. Agreed, it's a fair criticism of the current map. The incentive to hold the keeps will probably be "to win", but without windows of opportunity and longer invuln timers etc. The only thing that matters is last 1 to 2 hours. Hopefully they fix it for the first CW.
  23. On a larger and better laid out map, the keep should be your home not the beachhead. Also, once sieges have windows of opportunity and significantly longer invuln timers (say 12 -24 hours) they are how factions can actually progress in a campaign without losing everything they have capped to a solo rat and his buddy in the middle of the night.
  24. "If the defenders succeed in protecting their Keep, there is a 10-minute window of invulnerability in which no new Banewood Trees can be planted. . . . Keep in mind that ALL of the above timers are adjustable – we’ve set them purposefully slow to facilitate testing of the Siege mechanics" @jtoddcoleman I think you mean purposefully fast timers. I don't think anyone believes 10 minute invuln/recovery period is a "slow" pace for consecutive sieges.
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