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  1. Good fights, sorry I missed them. I watch Coolwater's recordings and heard similar comments on the respawn. Especially for balance respawnining in the middle of the field.
  2. You want replies with ranked lists of 2 or 3 names for each category (incase of rejections, etc.), correct? If all submissions are rejected will you be following up with that backer?
  3. One of the fights from last weekend. I have a backlog of video editing.
  4. Mass is important. Maybe ACE can thread the needle here. They get an early access testers $50 either way. Seems to me the game is still months out from a point where I could turn to a friend and recommend it. When this thing goes 24/7 down to the Beta 2 level... there will be a lot of folks on twitch, reddit, Facebook, etc. making and spreading such judgments and hype. I hope it ends up being good PR.
  5. The news that ACE is continuing it's progress and building infastructure towards 24/7 is exciting. What is not exciting is the idea that ACE anticipates 1000s of 24/7 play testers and intends to provide them with the game in its current state. Very little content and laugable balance. 24/7 "testing" with thousands of players is the new release given the success of Steam Early Access titles. This is not the Crowfall I would want the general public experiencing, reviewing, and telling their friends about. I hope ACE does not take the step to 24/7 lightly. I would hope ACE heavily restricts access to the 150 or so die hard fans that have been testing the last 1.5 years, and open 24/7 up when the content and progress is there to make the effective Crowfall Early Access debut be a successful PR hype-generator.
  6. This is actually a good question. Player A has the requisite 1.5 yrs of skill training and is a master ore miner. Player B is a noob with no training. Between node health 100 and node health 25, Player A is the only miner and thus biggest contributor, but the runs out of stamina. Between node health 25 and node health 0, Player B (noob) does 70% of the damage and Player A (trained) 30%. For purposes of the final node health 0 and all important crit roll whose skills are used? Player A who has done well over 75% of damage to entire node, or Player B who happens to have done more damage between node health 25 to 0.
  7. I believe this was reported in the bug thread already.... I sincerely hope this is a bug or the next SB wipe is going to be brutal. 160% power cost if you're lucky.
  8. @blazzen disagree the problem is gone. The problem is players abusing the voluntary combat toggle to dance in and out of combat while still being in "combat range". E.g. a fessor dancing around a knight or behind rocks etc. It's fine to do so, and accomplished players get the benefits of outofcombat while on range of hostiles, but there needs to be a risk in doing so. It also makes runners less of an issue, although with more ranged roots and snares this is finally being mitigated in other ways.
  9. But who will be Matt and will the GL have flashbacks to former games? I couldn't even read the Sanderson books, practically caricatures. Good luck with your recruiting and guild.
  10. Dizzy down is fine in the context of combat and folks trying to dance in and out of combat or run away. It's just exceptionally punishing to harvesters. The harvesters already are at significant disadvantage having no combat skills (if they trained into harvesting) and are likely low on stam and surprised. The whole increased damage and knockdown is a bit overkill. @Kirchhoff yes burst damage is also exceptionally high right now and healing relatively lower compared to prior stages of CF. This compounds the issue as well.
  11. Good fights Chodie. It was a nice escalation from dropping a few Sugoi harvesters, Sugoi logging in more and picking off a few of ours and then finally that led to the 8v8. Glad we got to see Sugoi on Corruption as a group. You had a nice run there on low health and recovering. See you on the field!
  12. We had a nice 8v8 vs Sugoi last weekend. One of my favorite videos thus far.
  13. Still broken. I had it working briefly yesterday.
  14. A couple of fights from recently: Hold the Line! 4 Winterblades vs 7 Sugoi (from the first weekend of Disciplines) And a couple of smaller fights: 4v4 Winterblades vs Sugoi
  15. Blair, we appreciate you and ACE responding to feedback re: weapon effiency and investigating. Although this is not the direction that I think is balanced under current mechanics (the high resource cost on weapons completely breaks the myrm and is rough on the knight), that may change with future updates. Either way it is good to confirm that the numbers are a "feature" rather than a "bug".
  16. A lot of great points made so far. Legio is a decent kit, but he's not what I consider unbalanced. Especially compared to the unbalanced state the game has been in previously. Healing reduction was very significant. The amount of CC flying (fessor still queen of the battlefield) around and the damage out of runes like troubadour are kicking out. Also generally agree 2v2 or even 3v3 is not the place to balance. Even in SB there were hard counters that would be unbalanced at that scale (trying to jump a deflar, with a rogues for example). Also... like vect said, massive new content dump. Stuffs going to be unbalanced. Not like this is myrms one shotting people with instacast abilities like the good old days.
  17. Some amazing fights there at the end this weekend. Discs living up to the hype. Looking forward to more. I am a fessor now (RIP my poor Myrm, ye have been nerfed). Brand new and untrained! If you happen to be running with us on Order or on the receiving end and interested in joining PM me.
  18. When you hit compose new, in the message portion you cant type anything and the only option it gives you is "insert other images".
  19. I have returned! And what exciting news to return to. ACE delivered on their massive reveal and listened to the community on character customization. I hope we see a lot more content dropping. Pm me if you interested in experiencing the new content with Winterblades. EDIT: @aeroch long time no see. Wtb more SM returning!
  20. Pretty accurate summation. After the first 2 rounds where we held the field we just could not apply the dps. Good change ups by CAL at the end and we'll fought. Between the 250msg and lag spikes and me failing with the new aiming checks i was pretty ineffective with my nets. Clearly need to switch to templar. Good Fights CAL.
  21. very much pre-alpha over "early access". Steam "early access" games are usually near feature complete.... Crowfall is definitely not there yet.
  22. Counts in the Number Sensitive video are confirmed by nameplates throughout. Thats the whole point of the video is how rapidly very small numbers can shift fights dramatically. Its an unlisted video, its not very exciting. Just an interesting scenario with number differentials. Why post the video here? It was an error. I had only skimmed the thread. I hadn't actually watched your video and was just responding to your interesting comment about the unfortunate fact that CF boils down to numbers of fessors/horses/templars.
  23. 9 Sugoi are outnumbering the 5 -W- and have rolled the Order side back to their temple. The call goes out and Winterblades gets 11 online and the Sugoi/Balance tide is pushed back to their temple. Next 50 minutes is back and forth fights at Sugoi/Balance Temple. Numbers peak at about 15-16 each. 9 Sugoi+6 randoms vs 12 Winterblades+3-4 randoms. Credits and namelist & number count here. My edited down version: SOL's Full 50 Minute Fight:
  24. Just my perspective/video essay on this issue. This is an old unlisted video of a pretty random moment where the numbers change by small amounts (1-3 people) and the fights swing wildly: EDIT: Just watched Sir George's video & Fuzzy Math. Lol.
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