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  1. I have returned! And what exciting news to return to. ACE delivered on their massive reveal and listened to the community on character customization. I hope we see a lot more content dropping. Pm me if you interested in experiencing the new content with Winterblades. EDIT: @aeroch long time no see. Wtb more SM returning!
  2. Pretty accurate summation. After the first 2 rounds where we held the field we just could not apply the dps. Good change ups by CAL at the end and we'll fought. Between the 250msg and lag spikes and me failing with the new aiming checks i was pretty ineffective with my nets. Clearly need to switch to templar. Good Fights CAL.
  3. very much pre-alpha over "early access". Steam "early access" games are usually near feature complete.... Crowfall is definitely not there yet.
  4. Counts in the Number Sensitive video are confirmed by nameplates throughout. Thats the whole point of the video is how rapidly very small numbers can shift fights dramatically. Its an unlisted video, its not very exciting. Just an interesting scenario with number differentials. Why post the video here? It was an error. I had only skimmed the thread. I hadn't actually watched your video and was just responding to your interesting comment about the unfortunate fact that CF boils down to numbers of fessors/horses/templars.
  5. 9 Sugoi are outnumbering the 5 -W- and have rolled the Order side back to their temple. The call goes out and Winterblades gets 11 online and the Sugoi/Balance tide is pushed back to their temple. Next 50 minutes is back and forth fights at Sugoi/Balance Temple. Numbers peak at about 15-16 each. 9 Sugoi+6 randoms vs 12 Winterblades+3-4 randoms. Credits and namelist & number count here. My edited down version: SOL's Full 50 Minute Fight:
  6. Just my perspective/video essay on this issue. This is an old unlisted video of a pretty random moment where the numbers change by small amounts (1-3 people) and the fights swing wildly: EDIT: Just watched Sir George's video & Fuzzy Math. Lol.
  7. Numbers, and the fact that even a small (1-3) number advantage often completely flips the outcomes, has been a disturbingly consistent feature of CF combat.
  8. Something like that. Gratz to CAL they got 1 kill and delayed our scrimming agenda for 10 minutes.
  9. CAL crashed our scrims a few times and couldn't make any progress with 5 on 12-14. They did come back persistently from the temples. Personally, i liked their attempts to try and snag a kill by double druid buffing Yumx's champ. Blair has much scorn for the Champ AT, even with damage boosts it doesn't have the HP to not fall over or be forced to run away. The hide in the house stuff was creative. Tornadoes go over them instead of in :(. When I dived my group in I called a retreat as soon as we got hit with the Ult spam and got out except littleone on her fessor. We walked away leaving CAL to their house and went back to scrimming. CAL eventually went back to trying to hit us in the open to no effect. Clearly, we need pop-up houses added to crafting to help deal with numbers disparities.
  10. Some Videos of what we've been up to the last few weeks. 2 Winterblades v 5 Sugoi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-n86SjZjvI Some small scale fights vs Sugoi that escalated. First Sugoi recruits and later some of the more usual suspects Endless Fight! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX_8b50RD_U Over 80+ Minutes of constant combat condensed into a 24 minute package. Sugoi and Winterblades (+3rd party crashers) slug it out in an endless stream of fights. As the folks fall on the field, they are immediately back in combat fighting amongst the dead on the temple... and so it goes. Requiem for Flies | 3 Winterblades vs 5 Sugoi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icvazxjq8Lo A fun video. This was a snap test that we happened to get some fights on. Turned out to be the last one before ACE finally patched out the long standing (since December) healing bug-come-feature, that doubled healing on Cows (and later Templars).
  11. Proto was rockin the cute (or at least smooshy-faced) cat sigs a lot during kickstarter. He's uncharacteristicly a lurker these days... waiting for CF to be more of a game and less of an alpha test.
  12. Since ACE declined to host any FFA servers in NA so Winterblades went on Eurocrusade on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to CAL for joining us in -W- TS for some larger scrims on Sunday.
  13. Winterblades will return to champion Chaos. I should be available to assist with organizing or one of our other officers.
  14. Great news. Keep pressing ahead ACE. With 24/7 servers and hopefully some goals, this looks more and more like a game. Going to have to take balance (minor tweaking) and performance more seriously once you launch this level of service. Let's keep ramping up....I'm still hopeful for soft launch by fall/winter 2017.
  15. Your provider is unfortunately pretty bad at response time. It's been a week since the forum upgrade and the 500 errors started.
  16. Can we get the links updated from the crowfall front end directing to the forums. Even the "contribute on the forums" link after logging in is not updated.
  17. Thanks to Keaggan for generating this event. After a slow start we got a few fights in on FFA East. I believe at peak we had 30+ fighting. Glad Winterblades could assist in getting folks organized and getting thw fights rolling. Congrats to v00d0/Hyriol for claiming the first bounty in CF. Edit: also gratz to Hyriol and Cyjax (Legios) for tying for champions of the 30+ individual melee at the end.
  18. @jtoddcoleman I know in the past you have commented that ACE had insufficient resources to do the deep character customization from SB. The skill system we've seen was superficial at best. It is thrilling and to see that ACE recognized the importance of this issue. The system laid out by Blair appears to be a giant leap in the right direction. Thank you for continuing to strive to reach the full potential of the Crowfall vision and honoring the trust of your backers. Great stuff JTC, Blair and the rest of ACE.
  19. The pips classes vs resource pool classes being seemless seems a bit of a stretch but hopefully we are willing to wait and give ACE chance to make a first pass at it before we knock it.
  20. A good step in the right direction. Nice update Blair/ACE.
  21. What a tease. Just press that post button Pann! We already know the Disc update exsists now... We promise not to hold any editing errors against you.
  22. Have you set a time and date yet?
  23. The DEV tracker has a link to the discipline update but when you click on it, it says no permissions to read.
  24. Any magicbane player should be able to assist. I will check my archive tonight.
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