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  1. So you want a barren game world that is nothing but trees, rocks, hills, lakes and rivers where the only things moving or doing anything at all is player characters? not a single AI controlled creature of any sort? Where is leather and meat going to come from for crafting? does it all grow on trees or do I have to mine for fish?
  2. I like that idea, it should be said though that all hostile NPC's in the game should be relatively easily dealt with solo or in smallish groups if you pay attention for a short while but be impossible to ignore. That pack of mobs running through high traffic areas should be dangerous enough to force players to deal with them or move to another area. Also players should not be able to run mindlessly through the world from A to B, NPC's should have a chance to daze or slow players if attacking from behind, deal enough damage to be a considerable threat and take enough time to kill as to make players prefer to avoid most npc's if at all possible. There should be none of this WoW npc's are almost never dangerous kind of crap.
  3. That's a big benefit of basing the game on voxels, each voxel can be auto-tagged based on a variety of factors and situations, inside a player house/tent near a player created fire can be warm even though there is a random blizzard outside causing players to take cold damage. The NPC AI and spawns can also be written to change behaviour based on the tags of the surrounding environment, NPC's no longer have a static spawn point and also wander the world randomly looking for areas(voxel tags) that match their preferences. Here is a video that explains it a bit more, this is for EQ Next a PvE game but it really doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to figure out how it could be made to serve a PvP game, any PvE in Crowfall will simply be a form of resource gathering after-all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs1EtESFC34 Another benefit of this type of system is that it's a procedural system requiring very little, if any human interaction to set up on new servers, simply modify a couple of the AI settings and turn it on, the system auto-populates the world with each type of monster in the right location. On the "questing" side I don't think there should be any at all, if you do have any they should feed the PvP somehow. Some basic NPC vendors that mimic player crafters, limited supply, limited creation capacity, post quests when crafting resource cache is running low, stops allowing hand in for completion and offering quests when resource cache full. If you the player, accepts the quest to collect 10 leather bear hides(the same ones used for player crafting) and his resource cache fills before you return you cannot complete it untill his resource cache runs low again, that might be in a day or two real time, just like a real player crafter.
  4. Probably not, if it does probably only just, don't expect to take part in large scale sieges without watching a slide-show. The reason I say this is based on EQ Landmark performance, Voxels inherently require a lot of Memory and CPU when compared to traditional games, add on top of that large scale mmo pvp and it really starts to add up. I predict 8GB of RAM for smooth play, preferably 16GB and a beefy CPU to back it up. http://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html your CPU should score above around 8000 on that list. Videocard doesn't really matter so much, the game doesn't look to be very graphic intensive.
  5. Slink

    Skill Refiner.

    Hardcap determined by your build, exactly what skills are available to you and what each skills max is for that character will be determined by Archetype, Advantages/Disadvantages, Promotion Class and Disciplines. Everyone will not have the access to the same skills and not everyone will be able to train them all to the same levels unless they have created an identical copy of the character. That being said I personally don't expect to see "+10 skill points in polearms" to result in more than 3-5% more damage. 100 skill points = 100 damage per swing 150 skill points = 125 damage per swing Skill points will still matter of course but they will rarely the be the deciding factor on who wins a fight. Also based on the 1 month training to 1-100 a skill it's going to take a very long time to max all skills on a character. Remember that skill training has diminishing returns so to train one skill to 175 will probably take 3-6 months since it's around 1 month to get to 100. Secondary and tertiary training will take 2-3 times as long respectively, depending on how many skills are available to our characters it could take 3-5 years or more to 100% hardcap every skill on a single character.
  6. Slink

    Skill Refiner.

    Where did you hear that there is a hard cap on total skill points? The way I've understood it is that there is only a cap on max skill points per skill, modified by various choices. You can theoretically max every single skill available to your archetype/promotion class given enough time. The only choices that actually matter in the long run then are Archetype, Promotion Class and Advantages/Disadvantages.
  7. Slink

    Skill Refiner.

    Why would it take 6 months to figure out whether you like that play-style or not? I seriously doubt that ACE will design the skill system so horrendously as to make the play-styles between 25 and 175 in a skill significantly different. The polearm "play-style" would be evident in the first week, if you make a decision to continue to train the skill even though you don't like it then sorry but you have to live with your decisions.
  8. Slink

    Skill Refiner.

    No daily cap on skill gains, that might have been referencing the active training aspect of skill training. Crowfall will have Passive training ala Eve Online and if it's anything at all like Eve it's going to take years to 100% max out every single skill available to you character. Keep in mind though that with diminishing returns on passive training the vast majority of the time is going to be getting that last 5-10%, getting from 90% to 100% will take significantly longer than getting from 80% to 90%. This type of system means that only the most dedicated and specialized characters get to godlike 100% skill levels in that particular skill. It mimics an "easy to pick up hard to master" type of system that doesn't require one to play 12hrs/day. There will be Active training, play by doing, but it will be limited to starting a new skill, active training will only get you the first 20 points or so, the rest has to be done via passive training. This is to allow new players to quickly get in a try things out without having to wait on passive training.
  9. Slink

    Skill Refiner.

    Personally I wouldn't be surprised if they try to keep balance patches, if any, confined to modifying disciplines. Disciplines aren't permanent so after making any necessary changes to them anyone can just drop it for a different discipline if they really hate it.
  10. Slink

    Skill Refiner.

    What skills are you referring to? The way I've understood the system is that Archetype, advantages/disadvantages and Promotion class are the only permanent choice's that actually matter, all of these aren't skills and are encountered very early in a new characters life. After that if I happen train to 100 in a skill it doesn't mean I have less skill points to allocate to other skills. Archetype, advantage's and Promotion system determine what variety of skill's you can train, the less permanent disciplines add more variety/buffs to those skills on top and every single one of these skill can be maxed. In a system that allows you to max every single skill available to your character, what need is there for skill-point refining?
  11. Slink

    Taxs = Farming

    The way I understand the Tax's and upkeep system is this. Upkeep needs to be payed on land and buildings in each EK, more land and buildings means more upkeep needs to be payed. This responsibility falls on whoever has control of the land or building, this could be the Monarch or it might be the responsibility of his/her followers. This might be different for each EK depending on the agreement between the Monarch and his followers. If you don't pay the upkeep then the land/buildings slowly fall into disrepair and are unusable, if this goes on long enough the land becomes a forest and cannot be used for anything until the overdue costs are payed. Tax on the other hand refer's to player transactions. As it appears that Crowfall will not have any type of cross-server/EK type of auction house then all transactions will be limited by location. If you want to buy something from a player you either have to go to that player directly, or to an NPC merchant/shopfront that that individual player has hired. A Monarch of an EK can set the tax rate for their EK, and thus collect taxes from any and all player transactions that occur within. Monarch's and guilds will want to create the most popular marketplaces within their EK's in order to attract the most players and merchants, and thus increased income from taxes. Players and Merchants will go to the most popular EK's, with the lowest tax rates and sufficient marketplaces/shopfronts to buy and sell.
  12. Pretty sure ACE have said that caravans/pack-mules will be player controlled, either you ride them or you tell them to follow you, that and a "stay" command. If you get too far away they start to move again to try to catch up to you. If attacked they will try to run away. Caravans will likely not be automated NPC's you send off to another town but rather just allow you to transport more resources as inventory space will be limited.
  13. I'd like to see a system with charged ranged attacks tied to aiming speed. Most ranged attacks would require charging, say 3-5 seconds to reach full charge, if you release it sooner you deal less damage, much like drawing a bow or conjuring a fireball. When not charging attacks your aiming is free just like a normal shooter, even if you have a bow out since you aren't holding it ready to release. If you hold the charge for too long (2-3 seconds at full charge) then your reticle starts to shake or drift more and more until eventually the attack backfires or releases on it's own, would be interesting to see spell casters blow themselves up every so often . When you start to charge your ranged attack your movement and aiming speed gets progressively slower the longer you hold it, this is to simulate the difficulty of conjuring a large spell or holding a fully drawn bow. This type of system still allows people to kite and fire quickly with bows and/or spells but those attacks will only deal a fraction of the damage they would deal at full charge. It also removes the ability for people to "360 no scope" a fully charged bow while running away from you, "360 no scope" might be acceptable with guns but just try that with a fully drawn 100lb bow. You can still do "360 no scope" if you so choose but you just can't charge your attack before-hand thus it will do a fraction of the damage of a fully charged attack. It would need to be balanced so that full charge abilities deal enough damage to be worth the risk/time though, you could also have varying degree's of aim assist to make it easier to hit at low charge and harder to hit at high charge. Different abilities other than generic attacks could also be incorporated into this aiming system, imagine activating an ability half way through charging your bow in order to imbue your arrow with Fire or Ice then releasing when you're ready. Or maybe while charging a generic Fireball being able to activate different abilities to turn it into a "rain of fire" aoe instead, or a "wall of fire" barrier, or an "explosive molotov" type fireball. I highly doubt Crowfall will have a Darkfall, ice-skating, full power, twitch shooter style of aiming system. Too many people would feel like Jihan here.
  14. Something like The Witcher? All potions could have varying levels of toxicity included in them, chug too many potions too quickly and you start to suffer for it, potion use has both risk and reward tied to it. The higher your toxicity levels the the worse the detrimental effects are, also toxicity would decrease over a long time (10 minutes to an hour?) when not consuming potions. A system like this can also cater for a wide variety of different quality potions of different types. Potions could have varying levels of both beneficial effects and toxicity, high powered potions with low toxicity become extremely expensive and thus their use can only be justified in the most important of battles. Potions are still valuable and everyone wants them but the stacking effect is limited due to toxicity of the quality and types of potions you use and how much toxicity your character can handle, there could even be disciplines and/or advantages that increase or decrease your toxicity resistance allowing you to use more or less potions in a short period. Some potions could even have effects that only work at extremely high or low toxicity levels, consider a strength potion that would normally give you +10 str but if you go over 75% toxicity that stat is boosted to +30str but you start to suffer -1% max health per second(will not completely kill you though) until you lower your toxicity to say 50%. Potion use has short term consequences! Add this type of system on top of the system hinted at by ACE that potions can be broken inside your bags before you even get to use them and I think you have an interesting consumable buffing system. Keep consumables in the game just make sure that there is a risk vs reward tied to them other than just the cost of the consumable. Potions/consumables aren't necessarily bad, endless stacking is bad and so is micro-transaction based consumables. Edit: after typing this I finished the thread to find someone already suggested this....my bad.
  15. What exactly do you mean when you say "master a profession" what does that encompass? not what it takes to achieve mastery. What does someone who is already a master of a profession in your eyes do? what can they do that others cannot? what is it that actually differentiates them from the general masses apart from a title? What criteria is used to determine whether someone is a master or not? Also please remember that with the way the character progression system has been described it is likely that to become a "master blacksmith" you will need to sacrifice some of your potential in other aspects such as combat. To become the absolute Best Blacksmith possible in the game will likely require you to pick a very specific combination of Archetype, advantages/disadvantages, Promotion Class and Disciplines, thus limiting your effectiveness in other areas. Want to do everything? then you will have to choose a jack of all trades, master of none route. Want to be exceptionally good in X or Y area then choose accordingly but suffer the consequences...just like real life.
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