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  1. Like I have said before, Can you elaborate on why you think the alliance system is trash and how you think it should be fixed. One thing that is good about it is the fact I don't attack alliance members. Before we didn't have the alliance system so we had to really avoid friendly fire. The game is designed for guild vs guild. Dregs campaign is guild vs guild. There are other game modes that are world vs world ( Balance, Chaos, Sun) which would be towards newer players until they find a guild. The game revolves around guilds. I also think that the fort can be siege every 2 hours is not a great idea for dregs campaign due to the fact that it would be annoying to stop what your doing just to protect the fort, your gear would be destroyed and you wouldn't have enough time to go and get new gear let alone re build the fort walls etc. Your a new player to crowfall, most of us here have been through many revisions. We have played where forts were able to be attacked 24/7, we have seen every 2 hours, every day ect. Please next time you don't like a system explain why and how you think it should be changed. It doesn't help the devs if you just say it sucks without giving a reasoning behind it.
  2. Can you provide some suggestions on how you think this game can improve?
  3. Mysticraven I don't really understand what your trying to get at. Instead of complaining about the game why don't you give some reasoning behind your statements. Someone who states they have a large experience of pvp mmos, you don't seem to provide any actual ideas or suggestions on how to make the game better, instead you attack people that have been playing Crowfall longer than 1 year minimum. How would you make this game have more diversity? I never played Shadowbane, but I have played Crowfall on and off since 2016. If people are telling you your builds wont work, at least ask them why instead of attacking them that they are stupid or something, they are telling you instead of laughing at you struggle while getting deleted by these "elitist" which are just honestly people that have played the game longer than you. I would say a majority of the community is in a age group for 30+, therefor most of us have been around the start of the MMO genre. The Crowfall community itself are good people that will help if you ask, sure there is internal drama between the large guilds but in general most of us are on good terms with each other and most of the guilds have been in alliances between each other. The dev's listen to use unlike many other mmos that have come and gone, People with your attitude have come and gone, but hopefully if you decide to stay, you can change your attitude.
  4. Quick question. What happened to weapon disciplines and minors (750 support power) that were removed from earlier versions the game? Will they be implemented back in and what was the reasoning behind it?
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