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    Deathadders reacted to Anthrage in My hope for 6.4 to Live   
    Following the full wipe, I'd like to see a 1 week campaign, zero imports, 30 exports, following by a 1 month campaign with something like 15 imports and 50 exports. Let us give things a proper test and get some useful data on how things actually play out without any kind of head start.
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    Deathadders got a reaction from Mysticraven in Being Different Will Push Success   
    Can you provide some suggestions on how you think this game can improve?
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    Deathadders got a reaction from Mysticraven in Being Different Will Push Success   
    I don't really understand what your trying to get at. Instead of complaining about the game why don't you give some reasoning behind your statements. Someone who states they have a large experience of pvp mmos, you don't seem to provide any actual ideas or suggestions on how to make the game better, instead you attack people that have been playing Crowfall longer than 1 year minimum. How would you make this game have more diversity? 
    I never played Shadowbane, but I have played Crowfall on and off since 2016. If people are telling you your builds wont work, at least ask them why instead of attacking them that they are stupid or something, they are telling you instead of laughing at you struggle while getting deleted by these "elitist" which are just honestly people that have played the game longer than you. I would say a majority of the community is in a age group for 30+, therefor most of us have been around the start of the MMO genre. 
    The Crowfall community itself are good people that will help if you ask, sure there is internal drama between the large guilds but in general most of us are on good terms with each other and most of the guilds have been in alliances between each other. The dev's listen to use unlike many other mmos that have come and gone,
    People with your attitude have come and gone, but hopefully if you decide to stay, you can change your attitude.
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    Deathadders reacted to Surelia in EU Dregs Campaign begins Wednesday 4PM CEST   
    My personal expierience in the first LIVE Dregs-Campaign (EU)...
    What I liked...
    there was always something todo even 4 am I was not safe, yes most unlikely to get ganked while doing a Pigrun, but it happened (7 Players online ^^) after getting stomped alot having a good fight really boosted moral, emotional rollercoaster is nice if there are not only downs not ideal decisions in city building costed a lot of more work/time, lesson learned, choices matter building connections with other Guilds setting and achieving goals together theorycrafting about divine favor and executing plans with results having a lot fun and laughing besides some salty tastes What I did not like...
    having a too strong, well trained and executing enemy / not a gameissue still too low playerbase on EU / not a gameissue fotm frostweaver doing so much dmg and screwing performance not retaliateable status bug in some situations strange portings in the keep too clear information in EVENTS-Channel, I think spawnannouncements & guards under attack should be enough information too much too good geardrops out of chests no uncommon minordiscdrops no detailed information about how divine favor points are generated Overall it was a great expierience and I have to thank ACE once again for bringing up an EU-Campaign. Looking forward to the next one, hopefully soon!
    Special thanks to
    Caldera for having us as Guests for this Campaign, Vanguard and Nordic Marauders for beeing strong and sometimes fearcausing enemies that are not unbeatable, 4g_Guys for the cooperation that worked pretty good, all my Guildmates for the good time, @jtoddcoleman for giving us an EU-Campaign, the ACE-Team for the relentless work! Now lets get prepared for the last fights tonight...
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