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  1. Nice, hope to see paysafe as a payment option
  2. With this i would like to pay https://www.paysafecard.com/en-uk/
  3. Will the paypal and paysafecard have the same rewards as kickstarter backers?
  4. I dont have a credit card or a paypal, paysafecard would be great payment option for me
  5. Seguramente es lo que haga al final, esperar al servidor europeo para pagar, total... queda mas de 1 año para el lanzamiento en america
  6. Nice! Would be great to have a paysafecard payment option too
  7. Good news, paysafecard would be another option? Is good be able to paid in more ways, more money incoming
  8. Espero que pongan compras alternativas, como paysafecard, cuando salga el juego para los que no tenemos tarjeta de credito.
  9. If i buy the game now in kickstarter, will i be able to play in eu servers? Or is only for access of NA servers?
  10. It would be nice to know this, i want the "Arcane Weapon Recipe set" and being able to play in EU server
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