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  1. Hey there - I don't recall the guild name Blood of Kin .... but was the all centaur guild DoA with Kiger? I was originally in GoW with Sogarth'all on Entropy. Then Crime Syndicate as well. I think on the RP server I was in the all dwarf guild with some of the CS guys.
  2. I hope it will have the thrill that I felt on Chaos!
  3. Being from the same stock, I'll just agree with this...except I never played with MaT so I'll replace with Sogath. Sogath was a great guild leader and a very friendly dude in real life. skorp was the best commander I have ever witnessed ... So smart, so cool under pressure. Kiger is just the guy you always want in you group. There was a time we had all 3 in vent and that was probably the pinnacle of SB for me.
  4. I would love to hear this. I missed a % heal on Kiger once... ONCE!
  5. It got locked... right when I was going to break out this nice piece of gear: Holrom Amulet of the Gods -10 to sexlife +5 proselytizing https://vimeo.com/16950846
  6. New account here, I wish I had known to use the same email... is there anyway to merge these accounts? Forum account
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