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  1. I'm surprised (and at the same time, rather not surprised) no-one's brought Elken into the argument. Since, (unless they're running off some resemblance to reindeer in that respect solely) they'd suffer from the same poor case of 'unimpressive presence bias' as beast races would in most other games I imagine, what with having a lack of antlers and yet nothing unique to show for in exchange. That said, not entirely bothered about the gender locks as they are now. If there's a lore-related reasoning behind them, let them be.
  2. The point I was trying to make is that I shouldn't have been of two minds playing that game... the stuff you describe, I'm expectant of in tab-target MMOs and can easily adapt to that as I've been doing so for years on end. In the heat of the moment though, where I'm swinging my sword willy-nilly (actually a fair bit more coordinated than that, but you get the drift...) in what feels like free-form, I can be forgiven thinking it's just a matter of turning away and hitting my directional based escape in a pinch. It just makes for a more fluid experience, ya know? Nothing about it being 'hard' heh.
  3. I heard mention of TERA, which is music to mine ears. I would hate it to be more like GW2's... HATE eet... that quasi tab targeting trash, eww (I can't honestly tell you the amount of times I've used a leaping ability to get away... only to realize I hadn't untargeted my initial quarry and leaped straight back into the fray.) Honestly, MMORPGs should go one way or the other: traditional hard target format or full action combat imo, and none of that hybrid nonsense. Just my two pennies worth.
  4. $250 Amber tier, which could stand to rise if I decide to pull out of another project whose prospects are looking none too hot. Ideally I'd like to bump myself up to Sapphire, but we shall see... well shall see.
  5. This gets definite plus points for sheer cuteness, with the resolute vibes woven in in tow... (and ever so suddenly, shades of Redwall) but my heart is still with the deers; perhaps more literally than I would like. A probable alt' though, that is fo' shure.
  6. As a lover of all things cervine, to say that this was a relative no-brainer would be the understatement of the year. The only thing I remain torn over is the fact they're archers, and I hate those normally - I do dig the predatory aspects though. Och well, can't have my cake and eat it too (clustered with scrumptious bloody gibs as it is too... *sigh*) Still! It's so happening.
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