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  1. I think that's for the best, as your own arguments work against you... You have never played Tera at a high level so how can you say anything on the matter? See what I did there? But regardless I feel like you are arguing for the sake of it, MULTIPLE people have pointed out differences in why they think the skill level is higher in Tera (while not trashing WoW) and you give arguments like the above... I think the main take away is that hopefully Crowfall stays in an action combat direction (not necessarily Tera-like) and doesn't revert to a WoW style combat system.
  2. Probably this. How would a centaur mount anything, I feel like they will be the Worgen of Crowfall (mount-wise)
  3. I think you are missing the point. Actually hitting a skill shot vs a auto lock on and cast a spell... What takes more "skill"? As Deioth said everything like cool downs and tactics that WoW does Tera does, the huge difference is that you HAVE to land the abilities to do damage... Thus a "more" skillful game. Not sure how much clearer you can get...
  4. WoW needs a different type of skill, the skill where you needed to know when to pop the right cool down and burst etc. I believe the OP was talking about hitting or aiming your abilities, and the chance to miss making it more "skillful" in a different aspect
  5. Holy hell if you think WoW was MORE skillful than Tera you have lost all credibility... No Tera wasn't the best game, not even the best combat but damn you had to HIT skill shots, WoW is tab target spam your abilities. and EVERY game has a range limit... No idea why you even brought that up...
  6. I think of it like this and hopefully I am right... RL money shouldn't effect gameplay and if it does I hope they still do skill>items so that way money won't play a tactor in PvP
  7. I agree there are real dangers, I really just wish companies would just release a FULL game rather all these alphas and what not, betas would be fine to test server load but make them free and for your "loyal" followers then sell the game, micro trans, etc. Having them use their own money will make them want to make a great game so it will sell, if they have our money already... What is their motivation?
  8. Posts like this are sad, as others have pointed out how do they make money? Define "win", you mean I can give them money and I "win" right away!?!? Omg sign me up!! Facepalm -.-
  9. I feel like it will be better to have levels as it just feels better to level up, and there should be some content you have to unlock as what's the point if you have everything at level 1(first starting). -levels should not increase your "power" ie you don't gain +10 attack just bc you leveled up -certain abilities will be level locked (doesn't make them better than your other abilities tho) -more people will be willing to fight a higher level than run away if levels don't mean anything power-wise, thus more PvP
  10. I REALLY, like REALLY hope levels don't mean as much in crowfall... As they do in other games. Skill>gear>level Levels will give you access to more abilities but they aren't necessarily "better" (my hope) Getting levels is some PVE carebear "stuff" that shouldn't factor into a PvP fight Just my 2 cents tho
  11. As others have pointed out friendly fire is there, but my hope is that even if people do Zerg, a handful of skilled players will be able to take them on. Now obviously numbers will eventually wear down even the best players but at least you could take out 5 kids before you die in a glorious rain of arrows Also if one or maybe two people can cap a point as quickly as 5 or more then objectives could be taken everywhere and the Zerg grp will have to split.
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