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  1. Not certain. But it fits with their paradigm of pvp and crafting. Those high-cap vessels will require rare resources from the Dregs and very skilled crafters.
  2. Character skill caps are based on the vessel. It doesn't matter how good your crow is, if your vessel lacks. The advantage of a veteran players is they'll be at vessel cap no matter what vessel chosen. Veteran players will have depth and versatility, while new players will only be at cap for one or two vessels types.
  3. It's intentional. It implies that assassins have little knowledge of animals. And thus will have a penalty with pet disciplines.
  4. Is there a transcript of this (and other videos)? Or is the info being entered into a wiki or FAQ somewhere? Watching videos is rather inconvenient for me; I'd much rather read the info.
  5. Okay, thanks. I'll go ahead and consume it. They really should improve the documentation about it.
  6. Thanks! Can you point to where a Dev or FAQ describes this? I'm slightly concerned because when I click the button to consume my bundle, I get the warning message: "You will not be able to recover your reward KS Sapphire Patron Early Bird once you click on consume". I don't want to lose my reward, so I don't click it. Since it's a (mostly) irreversible process, I don't want to lose something I'm entitled to.
  7. I'm a KS backer but I haven't followed the game closely. I have a package. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to consume it or not. Do I need to consume it in order to get its benefits? Specifically, will I be able to do the monarch and hero names if I do or do not consume my package? A brief search of the FAQs doesn't explain what consuming packages is supposed to do. Likely, I've missed some info, so please enlighten me.
  8. Suggestion: I'd pay money to be able to reserve more character names.
  9. Yes, this. Some players will need to keep in mind that crafting in Crowfall is PvP. All economic transactions and resource gathering is done by players in competition with other players. Even if there's an NPC at the point of interaction, it's a player-owned thrall. Asking for a single consolidated currency, defined by the game rather than the players, is asking for PvE easy-mode. Just as you have to face conflict with other players in the world over geography and resources, so will you have to face conflict with other players when you trade and craft. The game needs to step back and l
  10. I think every campaign will be crafting-centric. While the explicit goal may or may not involve crafting, only those teams that have the best crafters and combatants will win. Everything the Devs have stated indicates that EKs are more about socialization than gaining any large advantage in future campaigns.
  11. Except for some limited imports in some campaigns, all consumables including gear will be player made inside the campaigns. This means teams will need to have plenty of crafters if they hope to be competitive. Yeah, you can survive with broken hand-me-downs looted from corpses, but that means you'll be always a step or two behind those with crafter support. Remember, this isn't just combat game, it's combat and crafting.
  12. I don't think they actually get our email addresses until after the KS is over. So they can't do account linking yet.
  13. The problem with appearance customization via gear in two words: full loot. You have awesome armor? *gank* Not anymore. Don't expect to keep your gear, because you won't. Everyone dies sometime.
  14. That's only in the EKs, which are just playgrounds, social hubs, and trophy rooms. In the real game, the Campaigns, power will be contended, gained and lost.
  15. In the Dregs, crafters and less skilled combatants will agree to give their services to those who can protect them. But in FFA, such agreements are only as good as the prowess and honor of those involved. Expect at lot of conflict and backhanded deals. In GvG, if players are allowed to switch guilds mid-Campaign, there will be a lot of drama.
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