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  1. If the god was aligned with a different guild it would kill the main guild, pretty sure you cant control them to that degree? This is a pretty nice idea, maybe you can add a player life to whatever your sacrificing to let him essentially play as the god? But after that his character is dead. On top of that you could have a "reverse ritual" to let him play again with a debuff or something?
  2. I am assuming if you guys see one of the gods coming at you, you would almost definitely run away. I assumed they would mostly be used for breaking into castles/leveling forests kinda stuff. What if they can only do it once? Or it costs more every time they do it? Also, if a guild is going to spend 500 dollars on a single campaign im totally okay with that because anyone who doesn't like it can just go play a different campaign while they support the game. Its not like other games where spending 500 dollars is going to be a huge long term investment. Eventually all that money is going t
  3. Crowfall is a buy to play game, so to make another character on that campaign they would need to buy the game again. Why? I think it could be a great idea, its not like they have to do it. Its 100% their choice and if they do it they can just join a new campaign to keep playing. How would it result in bad things? if this was implemented in, say the dregs. Couldn't it work out fine?
  4. Does anyone else think this would be really cool? One guy sacrifices his life in a permadeath campaign so his clan/friends can get a bad-ass god to rain down destruction?
  5. Please put the "Add a “divine summoning” system, where a team can perform a complicated ritual to summon one of the Gods to wreak havoc on a Campaign world" in with "You want to try a world where each character only has one life – meaning that if you die once, you are permanently banned from the World? (I call this idea “Campaign Permadeath”)… Sure, let’s try it." That would make that whole campaign.
  6. Does anyone here remember the gw1 halloween/festive events? Thats what i want to see. Even a whole campaign for each holiday could be cool
  7. Will this be a thing? I'm getting worried because in all the pictures/videos the characters all look the same. To me this is absolutely 100% necessary.
  8. the amount of want for horror in a mmo is unfathomable.
  9. This is a good rendition of this idea, and i can see it working quite well What if the % allowed to take back is only of a certain item, it could make each campaign pretty diverse on the price of different items and resource battles?
  10. Why not leave bodies lootable on the ground forever even after there's nothing left to take? If the Campaign is going to be destroyed eventually anyway whats the downside of leaving them there, you could even make mass graves but that kind of requires the picking things up system or atleast a push/pull type deal. Maybe some sort of corpse explosion spell could be incorporated.
  11. This all sounds really cool, different magic should be really opieop in the right situation. Lets say you get a choice between a fireball or a frost beam. You pick the fireball and its a huge fiery ball of slow moving doom that does some serious aoe dmg. Great in castles and close quarters where it can hit and explode really quick, but get into a big field and you need to apply some skill to make that fireball effective. Alot of the stuff in your post is really cool! Something like this could be pretty cool if depending on how you did it you could change certain aspects of the spell.
  12. Maybe you need more then just above ground defences , make a moat out of lava/water. Fill in the ground around your castle with stone or something. With a physics engine like this i think if something is op someone else with come along and come up with something else op that counters it.
  13. I think is one of the coolest things ever. The possibilities are endless! Digging a huge cavern under a castle for it to fall into, Drowning people by trapping them underwater. I cant handle more hype
  14. Hello! I am in the same boat as you, I was super excited for Archeage but it turned out to be a bust. I sure hope Crowfall isn't the same
  15. Hello everyone! I just saw a post about this game on reddit and checked it out. I have been dreaming of a game like this for so long, i am 17 and watched my brother play games like asheron's call and vanilla wow while growing up and have never seemed to get the same enjoyment out of a game as he did. Lets hope this game changes that, and its looking very promising so far. I'm very hyped to meet you all and play the game.
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