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  1. I understand. I'm just trying to think of a scenario where I would take Vitality over Martial weaponry if I only had that 1 extra point in my build. This may be fixed by saying that the Vitality node itself just needs to be buffed to make you tankier? More Con or Health? It could just be me, but I think it may be the case of Vitality being underwhelming vs Martial weaponry. +5Con / 5% crit damage doesn't seem as neat as +24% power efficiency and +5 dex
  2. Early feedback is that these feel too samey, and I think nodes should differ more than this. Martial weaponry // Vitality +5 Dex +5 Con 24% Power Efficiency +5% Critical damage That's the only difference between those. And 24% power efficiency is a lot better than 5% critical damage. @Elik I like that the bundles are more "Rounded" and include various things. That's good. But they are maybe too rounded in the above examples
  3. I can see why they have it capped but Thorns being capped at 75 and Bonus thorns being non-existent is an odd setup. Regardless of that, In the OP I was speaking to Retribution strikes actual ability to do damage. It just feels meh when you do the swing itself. If they did 2-3 of the following... Buffed number of targets from 1 -> 3 Increased Damage of hit Decreased cooldown Added an ability chain rather than a single use strike. then I think Retribution strike would be less awkward in rotation. Look at Valorous Strike pre and post abi
  4. We killed the guard before and after that but I just wanted to create the shortest clearest video possible. Guards in the castle had a 12-15s respawn timer
  5. Honestly I can see the Knight promotions being reworked that way if the devs wanted to put in the effort. They made a close range confessor with Sanctifier, they can make a long range Knight. Keep Swordsman as DPS (Current swordsman) and Crusader (Secutor + Sentinel) would be fairly easy to do dev time wise. Then give the new "Sentinel" Ranged tray abilities on the promotion node and some useful ranged abilities. Currently it feels like Knight is stretched too thin between it's abilities being hastily repurposed for each current promotion class. Currently the sentinel has the odd
  6. @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman @ACE-Tiggs @Rhea Knight Feedback In short the Knight is lacking in Damage, sustain and design across the board. Anything the Knight can do other classes can do better. The Knight is poorly designed compared to other classes and has remained so from lack of attention. It's design has remain largely unchanged since hunger dome days. It may be in need of a total from the ground up rework like the assassin got, the worst thing that could happen is if the Knight gets another half baked "We'll improve 1 or 2 abilities" change that leaves the class mediocre for an
  7. Yep. They gave zero indication they had made progress on the replacement for the current "Placeholder" passive system workaround. And showed no indication of anything content wise. They basically said "Well we are going to reinvent character creation YET AGAIN" It's a good change but once again does not address lack of CONTENT!!!!!!
  8. <Question> Why do the devs constantly dance around all of the glaring problems, honest negative feedback, 95% accepted player recommendations and all around extreme lack of balance to find small nonsense fluff questions to answer rather than digging in deep and trying to save this game or give players an idea that you actually understand whats wrong with it? Seriously, players need to know you actually understand, pointless platitudes have been uttered for far too long now and Devs seem to have high level design ideas in mind that have no actual basis in how this game is play
  9. During this "Balance pass" either (A) Pit gets brought in line with nerfs to it's overperforming areas or (B) Every other class has to get buffed in both damage and healing Now which of those options is more feasible with limited dev hours?
  10. Rehabilitate is bugged or the tooltip is incorrect. The Stamina to bonus HP is not working.
  11. This. Justice is ironically the most useless domain for all the Knight promotions. Battle should be the standard I think
  12. For the thousandth time. Remove mobile banking. It never should have been added in the first place.
  13. This, post your idea rather than fishing for views.
  14. Object rendering distance is atrocious and pop in is 40 feet away. It's awful all around. Combat sound is broken and not working even if you restart. Performance in fights feels awful. Lots of dropped inputs, attacks not hitting, status effects not landing. Compared to previous patch the feel of combat has gotten atrocious.
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