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  1. Ranik

    Knights Role?

    Knight at the moment is lacking in most categories. It's been begging for a rework that the devs don't seem to want to bother even trying. They'll just break and fix Duelist / Assassin / Ranger again for the 12th time. The Knights abilities are slow to cast and don't even do that much damage when they hit on swordsman.... let alone Sentinel or Secutor. Swordsman has decent-ish damage on single target purely due to executes and is lacking in survivability and speed now that pursuit was gimped. Sentinel has good CC but sucks overall at staying alive to apply it. Secutor has a gimmick AoE build but is otherwise boring to play compared to a just as tanky Templar. Overall the class is lacking and it's not really worth playing over a Templar. Right now it needs to stay right in someones face over a long period of time to do damage.... in a game where the people you are trying to hit can teleport 20-40m away, vanish to stealth, retreat into their group stack etc etc. This stems from the fact that the class is essentially unchanged from Hungerdome 1.0 days. Tweaked endlessly but never actually looked at by the devs and reworked.
  2. I've been saying the map needs a major expansion like you wouldn't believe. Maybe as part of that they need to refactor player owned cities from Small keep, large keep, Castle. To include a lot of keeps on the smaller side scattered throughout the world for small guilds. Perhaps even making a new keep type that would be "Unappealing" for larger guilds to own. But that would be hard to do without city maintenance costs in game.
  3. This, and the core Knight class needs more sustain or survivability than merely endurance heals on crappy stun abilities. Paragon / Scrapper are Mandatory for Swordsman / Sentinel Right now just to not die.
  4. <Question> Knight Revamp when? <Question> CC changes are making group fights awful for melee characters that must expose themselves to more CC. Combat "Uptime/ On target time" is incredibly low for melee classes in large battles already. What are you doing to remedy this?
  5. I'd say Mail should get 20-30% Control defense depending on Quality of the mail armor and Plate should get 40-50% depending on quality of the armor. Then I'd revisit Mail and Plate proficiency for ALL promotion classes. Generally stripping plate from ranged promotion classes. And stripping mail proficiency from all promotions that aren't Melee or a ranged tank Promotion (Frostguard / Sanctifier) If they added CC reduction to Mail / Plate and left it easily accessible then it would defeat the purpose.
  6. <Question> Passive skills were taken out and long term progression has vanished. What will you be replacing it with? <Question> What measures to add infected / dregs content have been taken? HD is not core content.
  7. Somewhat likely. The devs have made fundamental mistakes that they will never be able to account for without removing and revamping parts of the game yet again. I fear they will revamp the game straight into the ground without understanding what early decisions lead to poor results.
  8. Top 5 likes and why about 6.520 UI Changes are nice. Including the F10 to hide FPS / Ping Counter. Make more of those permanent options to hide FPS / Season indicators. HD is interesting and fun, but still lacks integration into Dregs. Performance is getting better and Sieges are getting to be much smoother. Top 5 Dislikes and why about 6.520 CC changes are brutal for Melee classes: you will spend 50% of your time stunned. Melee needs to get improved Retaliate or Resolve mechanics vs ranged classes to compensate for having additional risk having to get within melee range to do damage. Predictable siege gameplay: Weak Siege engines and the current short 1 hour window leads to boring predictable sieges. Extend the window by 30 minutes to an hour, increase ALL siege weapon health by 5x-10x while reducing their damage. In theory this will make the "bombardment" stage of sieges a lot longer and create more gameplay for the defense and attack of the siege weapons. Boring Campaign Maps: Maps right now are too boring and predictable. Each zone is a Keep / Fort siege zone with littered outposts and small mob camps. Siege zones should remain as they are but "Adventure zones" need to make a major comeback. Create Adventures zones with no forts, keeps or banks. It should be highly risky to enter an adventure zone, put Massive mob camps inside of them where all of the special mobs can spawn, remove those special spawns from the small camps and migrate them to only the Adventure zones. Create dungeon sub-portals to isolated mob heavy dungeons. Weak and boring mobs: Mobs are insanely weak and boring. Take a look at a Normal, vs elite vs captains. Normal is a joke, elite is also a joke, and captain is about where mobs should START. Re-tool all mob strength and respawn time so that even normal mobs are about as strong as captains and their loot is upped considerably to start. People should be interested to see ANY NPC's right now instead of thinking "I'll have to swat 50 of these flies to get enough gold to do X" Lack of Content for Newbies: Devs need to create a Personal Divine favor system for each player. Each week or season the players would get 5 Divine favor cards to pursue (+1 option for VIP players) The weekly cards would be randomly pulled from a large pool for every player. Each player has the option of completing up to 2 of them each week/season with mini rewards unlocking for each of those completions. Further, for every completed divine favor card, the player would contribute slightly to their guild / factions conquest points. This will give non-sandbox players, newbies and bored PVPers something to do in downtime or when there is not much activity as well as getting people out in the world doing things in general. The combination of Personal Divine Favor, Better campaign maps / Adventure zones and NPC mob adjustments would make all the pre-existing content in CF a lot more fun and effective for Newbies and veterans alike with hopefully not much Dev work needed.
  9. Bumping with a video from not too long ago.
  10. From my perspective. With my internet trying to get me murdered all night
  11. My Perspective of the fight. Granted I was having some severe internet issues so I had some bad lag spikes all night. Overall though I didn't do too bad.
  12. Absolutely agree. Simply uncapping AoE and keeping healing as it is could change the blob ball-meta that we are in right now. If people are forced to spread out, it leaves melee classes more space to catch their targets or differentiate them from the zerg ball.
  13. Not sure about bags, but proc items were things that crafters could make to occasionally trigger effects. Like a sword that had a 10% chance of doing bonus fire damage or an amulet that would cast a protective buff on taking a hit.
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