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  1. I have to agree with some of what's said in this thread. Currently skill training feels like a chore. I have to spend a considerable amount of time / effort to unlock skills that I don't want, to get to skills I barely care about to get to skills I actually do want. The structure currently where you have to unlock 4 pips per node and 75% per tree to move on is overkill considering we are now using real training speeds instead of 3x and nodes don't seem to be progressive in cost. The quickest fix would be to change that to progressive cost per node (Ala EVE as others have said), 3 nodes to unlock the next node, 50% completion to unlock next tree and THEN worry about restructuring the trees. And restructuring is a must for some portions of the trees as well as better explanation for how much 10 points of resistance or attack power translates to in game.
  2. Going to agree with the OP here. From pretty much any PVP mmo I've played in the past, the ability to dictate when, how and if the fight happens is the single most useful thing. So when the devs gave out stealth and move speed bonuses I cringed as they had walked right into the two biggest quagmires of any open world PVP MMO.
  3. You simply choose the base class and level it. Each level you get at least 3 attribute points and two talent points. Once you get far enough into the talent tree, probably around level 20 or so you reach the last three "Branches". Those three branches are each a promotion class, and once you take the first node of that branch you are restricted from the other branches on that Vessel.
  4. Strange, other harvesting is working fine? Ore, wood?
  5. I'd like a DPS testing dummy that would report your DPS after you stop attacking.
  6. Take some awesome combat footage that is relatively clean and straightforward and not too much of a cluster-f@*! that people can't understand what's happening. I'm sure if we make gifs / webm's out of it and post it on places like Imgur we can also do a little to promote the game / pimp our guilds at the same time on places like imgur. Not a bad idea @DocHollidaze
  7. Ooh that's interesting. Certain parcel types have a bonus to various crafting trees. And the idea of leveling up crafting benches by upgrading them. Both great additions I'd say. Mire / Swamps / Graveyard for Necromancy Swamps / Herb areas for Alchemy Mines or mountains for Stoneworking / Blacksmithing etc etc That would give another reason to not just instantly spirit bank materials back to the EK but instead craft in campaign world. And would make an item crafted at a special location all that more valuable and the location itself worth fighting tooth and nail for. The sword crafted in "The Demons Pit" has an extra 20% fire damage, the potion from "Druids Garden" has an extra 25% duration. Srathor I really can't +1 that idea enough.
  8. I think a lot of what we see in the future will be redesigns of existing systems to be more class specific. Remember promotion classes? Neither does ArtCraft. In the future disciplines may likely fill that role because at the moment anything past 1 discipline is largely a waste. A players hotbar is already so crowded if you equip more than 1 discipline you are sacrificing class skills for maybe 1 skill out of 3 on a discipline that you find useful. What I'd like to see is a lot of redesigns of disciplines in the future to reduce clutter and encourage more Promotion class style disciplines, where they are direct upgrades to existing abilities some classes have. Either that or make it so that you can plug discipline abilities into certain class skill chains. Which would be an amazing if difficult to design and balance option.
  9. Please tell me that second picture with the flowchart will act as a screen where you can put all the materials and craft from raw mats. That'd be a lot better than jumping from recipe to recipe.
  10. The skill system and how to slot skills / passives is a must for new players. The crafting system could use a quick 5-10 second explanation on the experimentation system and as Tinnis said basic gear vs advanced regarding crafting difficulty.
  11. I can wait on the Frostweaver as it's always better to let classes cook until they are done, but I'm also very curious about the Advantage/Disadvantage system. Especially considering it's tied heavily to attributes which are quite gimped at the moment.
  12. Seconded, I think actually looking at the classes, what roles they are SUPPOSED to fit in and suggesting how they could be changed to better fit that role is far better than just saying classes are too similar. (Though it is fairly true)
  13. Yeah insanity like that is possible. I still feel like there should be a consume cooldown on the skill tomes. Maybe 2-3 tomes per week at max. It double's training speed for new players and vastly slows down shenanigans like dumping 5k into an account.
  14. I like the skill tomes but think they are a bit unrestricted as far as alts are concerned. Maybe add heavy diminishing returns to using several skill tomes or several tomes from the same account in a two week period? IE Player A is using his alt to generate skill tomes every 3 days and feed them to his main. The first skill tome starts at 100% effect - Current tree %. The second tome from his alt is now at 70% effect - current tree %. The third will be 40% effect - current tree% etc etc.
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