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  1. For some classes they actually put in work to redesign a bit. For others (Knight) they just ported the already broken / useless stuff Like HP regen and potentially got rid of the useful stuff (Break the Law CD reduction) 😂
  2. Actual territory control and having to use territory for certain siege or resource logistics would be interesting compared to what we have now. Planetside 2's territory control had issues but led to very good "What can we do right now? vs What should we do to set up for later? Gameplay. It also created realistic "Fronts" where people could go to expect PVP. You don't NEED to fight on a front at all and people would still be free to hunt for harvesters in the backfields. +1
  3. Going back to Darkfall. You NEEDED to to keep up with gear loss / decay. Currently It seems like decay and loss itself is too slow. But as far as solo farming to make up for decaying gear and keeping enough mats to stay equipped. It's way too difficult and dangerous to go alone at any time. Stealth is too easy to gank people farming as loot pinatas.
  4. They need to nerf stealth as a mechanic across the board and increase map space SEVERELY to accomplish that, so far they've shown they aren't willing to do this. If I try to solo for light harvesting or PvE I feel like I have to take Mole hunter just to stand a chance vs any given Slayer.
  5. The addition of Retribution slash to that pool may be good if as you said the ability itself is made worthwhile. Previously it was very meh compared to it's other Blademaster abiltities. Yes, Hopefully Valorous Strike is worth something as well. I just don't see them modifying much considering what they did to the stat nodes, hence me at least trying to post that a quick port doesn't fix much of the existing class issues.
  6. It honestly looks like the Knight was just ported over to 6.2. I don't think they understood that Break the law was the only thing that allowed you to spam your mediocre abilities fast enough for them to be worth something. And no, they seem to think Health Regen is useful in nodes of +10 Regen, rather than +50-100 which might actually be useful.
  7. Swordsmanship being a wonky occasional buff that only works for 1-2 of your abilities is garbage. It needs to do something better than occasionally buffing my handful of sword based attacks. LMB / Obliterate / Valorous Strike. Have it generate retribution to potentially stack with Retribution slash, have it unlock a new retaliate that bleeds or debuffs everyone nearby, something or anything in addition at least. This is also one of my points of concern, Bleeds do not stack and the Swordsman is going all in for Bleed. This is not a rework if all of that potential is wasted. Yep
  8. Something like "Resolve heals 1% max hp + support power for every CC effect applied" would work a long way for people to either build support power, max HP or both.
  9. I think once 6.2 goes live, I'm going to make a huge write up on Knight / Templar as those are the classes I'm most familiar with. It'll be easy to color code Nodes on the map by how essential they are. From "too important to not take" all the way down to "Feels like a waste and would only take to get what's behind it" I just hope that they looked at the Knights abilities in general rather than just reshuffling things (which it looks like they did). Previously Swordsman knights had 50-60% of their DPS in obliterate. Now it looks like they gave a new execute ability but are over-doi
  10. Fine +750 HP / +50 HP Regen. That's as low as I'll go. I would hope it's percentage based as IIRC the Knight doesn't really have significant support power anywhere in it's talent tree.
  11. All they'd really have to do is bump the +450 up to +850 or +450 / +5/10 Health regen and it would at least be less of a wasted stat block.
  12. Ok lets see, 9 Weapon damage + 75 AP = 16.5 Weapon damage total So 16.5 Weapon damage vs 6% Base attack damage and 15% critical damage OR 450 Health vs 450 Health and 15 Weapon damage The first option is not too bad and may be about equal...... the second? That's a complete joke and somebody should really rethink +450 health as a "Tough choice"
  13. @ACE-Tiggs It looks like some of the puny Knight stat-blocks from the previous talent tree weren't really looked at in any way shape or form. 9 Weapon damage / 75 AP or +450 Health VS Why does the assassin get the exact same Health increase with an additional +150 AP? It seems like once again the Knights just kind of been thrown together haphazardly....
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