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  1. Bumping with a video from not too long ago.
  2. From my perspective. With my internet trying to get me murdered all night
  3. My Perspective of the fight. Granted I was having some severe internet issues so I had some bad lag spikes all night. Overall though I didn't do too bad.
  4. Absolutely agree. Simply uncapping AoE and keeping healing as it is could change the blob ball-meta that we are in right now. If people are forced to spread out, it leaves melee classes more space to catch their targets or differentiate them from the zerg ball.
  5. Not sure about bags, but proc items were things that crafters could make to occasionally trigger effects. Like a sword that had a 10% chance of doing bonus fire damage or an amulet that would cast a protective buff on taking a hit.
  6. I'm glad everyone at ACE is ok. It's been rough in Texas and Louisiana.
  7. WHY would you add it, listen to feedback that was almost 100% "It's neat but just too high" and then decide to TOTALLY remove it devs? What are you smoking? Are you just flinging crap at a wall and seeing what sticks? Seriously?
  8. Agreed. Currently Forts have not enough to them and similar for pigs. Combine the two into a much more robust system I say.
  9. I had a similar idea a while back. Wherein forts were actually pig spawns. During the "Active window" several pigs would spawn initially and then several more during the hour. From there they would need to be escorted out to be turned in. So you'd have to both defend the fort and escort the pigs out. The guards and walls serve primarily to protect the pigs resources (which would replace the current chests) It's fairly similar to your idea but requires less mechanical changes as spawning the pigs in the fort courtyard is far easier than making them path to a fort in a randomly gene
  10. <Question> When are you just going to delete the Knight from Crowfall?
  11. Everything @Durenthal Said above. Top 5 likes and why New lobby is good, but could be easier to switch between world bands. Vessel upgrade system is nicer than previous, upgrade stats are still confusing between vessels Class Domain changes were good. Discipline class / domain changes seem good Top 5 Dislikes and why No actual balance changes. What was weak before is still weak because of insignificant changes. Bleeds still don't stack. Strong classes were given even more good options that eliminated their weaknesses.
  12. I understand. I'm just trying to think of a scenario where I would take Vitality over Martial weaponry if I only had that 1 extra point in my build. This may be fixed by saying that the Vitality node itself just needs to be buffed to make you tankier? More Con or Health? It could just be me, but I think it may be the case of Vitality being underwhelming vs Martial weaponry. +5Con / 5% crit damage doesn't seem as neat as +24% power efficiency and +5 dex
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