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  1. If that is their actual reasoning for why they can't stack fine. I think satisfying fix options are as follows for that case. Instead do some form of burst damage if a person already has a bleed. EX: If you hit someone with a bleed that already had one, instantly do 2-4 ticks of that new bleeds damage in one hit. (this helps for stacking, and building powerful bleeds) Convert bleed to a bleed + bleed debuff (Like you said, but this doesn't necessarily help for "Powerful" bleeds being blocked by weak ones.) They already have at least some of the first options functionality in pl
  2. Then maybe combine it with rare drops from those particular fields for crafting. So Dust is universally useful in quantity, but then you use the Rare drops from that harvesting system. Dust + Rare Blood + Other item = Skinning Disc component Dust + Heartwood + Other item = Woodcutting Disc Component This may snowball though as people get higher runes and thus easier access to rares and dust. So who knows.
  3. Just make it dust. "The essence of the dying worlds can strengthen your vessel just as much as it can strengthen your sword and shield." EDIT: Either that or make Dust + other rare ingredients part of crafting the runes from nothing. Think EVE crafting system making parts from nothing.
  4. If they cannot put in the effort to fix the issue with passive training (time gated essentials), I highly doubt they are going to create an active training system from scratch
  5. God, I hadn't even thought of that. Dual track training was a major chunk of the importance of VIP vs extra bag space / Respecs.
  6. Hmm, I did detect some of that but if that's how they view it, I'm not sure if they'd be better just quick revamping passives and removing heavy "gating" elements vs launching with a pure item/grind based progression. I've been trying to suggest that passive training should be about "layering" in new options over time rather than gating functionality. But I'd prefer they not rock the boat too much if they don't have a clear idea for the replacement system.
  7. That is my greatest concern, I've said essentially that the problem with the passive system was gating important elements too far back in passive training, this could have been fixed easily, but they opted to get rid of passive training altogether. Odd but understandable. This is a good change in the short term but passive training must be replaced with something that is not purely item / grind based. A lot of people kickstarted crowfall because of passive training. I wasn't one of them as I like active training more, but now with it's removal people are going "ok.... but you are going to
  8. As long as I've been playing knight having to 2 chain that ability has felt awkward. So we are 110% in agreement on that.
  9. Combining the Noble Blood 1:Yell -> 2: Buff into a 1:Yell+Buff would help a good bit for the awkwardness of rotations.
  10. I've been harping on this issue for months I think. There are at least 14 or more bleed abilties across 6 classes and 4 disciplines. People don't want bleeds to refresh existing ones, they want the system to work in a sane manner for god's sake. The swordsman gets an upgraded Obliterate bleed that would be nice if it actually was stackable in group fights. @thomasblair If you claim to have budgeted a certain amount of power to each class, why do you have 6 different classes ALL competing for a single DoT Slot? In what world does that make sense? Why would I even bother using a bleed abili
  11. Bleeds: Blair's explanation of Bleeds failed to address the actual problem with no bleeds stacking. Why build for powerful bleeds (Swordsman + Bloodletter) when someone elses left click bleed or instant cast ability will cause your bleed to not apply? Your DoT system is screwed up and you aren't addressing it at all. Theoretical vs Lost DPS or ability upgrades that probably won't even apply in any given 10 vs 10 is not a functioning system. "Oh yeah swordsman gets an upgraded bleed but it probably won't even apply in any given fight" is not good game design Blair. Removing
  12. <Question> Are there plans to further expand the domain system per class? Choices in the body of the talent tree, either via starting nodes or nodes in the middle. Included with Promotion nodes as part of the package. in the "domain branches" EX: Going from 3 choices to 4 or 5 <Question> When can we expect a second pass on the Talent trees? Some classes are still severely lacking. <Question> Will active play contributions be included to passive skill training at some point? Both worlds can be satisfied with passive training and
  13. I think Swordsman is in an awkward but functional spot at the moment because I've used it a good bit. I find myself building heavy survivability because the [Endurance] Sustain isn't enough. Your primary gains for going into swordsman is that you get 50% reduction in pursuit cooldown, 100% Crit rate in obliterate bleed and a critical hit % bonus on oath of will. Now that obliterate? Which is your biggest damage ability and is one of your upgrades for swordsman? It doesn't do jack half the time in fights because for the ten thousandth time. @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman"Bleeds don't st
  14. "You have one particular ability on one particular promotion that makes you run fast, therefore you are a mobility class and shouldn't fight on the front line" is very foolish thinking in the first place so I don't think ACE ever bothered with that. The Knight is not a mobility skirmisher when 90% of it's kit is for Stunning, bleeding or tanking and wears Mail / Plate. It's just that's how little effort they put into the Knights design and balance. "Oh we couldn't fix Pursuit's charge attack bug as it was previously so we just changed it to a run boost" and then people think the K
  15. Yep, that was great about keys. Sudden "OH CRAP I NEED TO BANK NOW!" drops. With the random world gen of Crowfall they could also randomly generate where the Chests spawn in "adventure zones" if those are still a thing. But NOT mark them on the world map so you'd actually have to find the things.
  16. Yep, I was talking about that a few weeks ago. The different tiers of keys and chests showing up in the world and at times dungeons led to more PVP activity. Getting a "Key" was always a very nice drop and led to in game activity worth doing
  17. Yep, the dungeon only has to be a small subsection with loot chests and lots of tough mobs. Currently NPC's in general are pathetically weak and all need a buff. Once they are buffed, make dungeon specific ones that are even harder. Like captain level strength minimum.
  18. They have portals that lead to other zones, They could recreate Darkfall's style of dungeons fairly easily with the tools on hand I feel.
  19. I also believe that locking out core functionality is bad and people should instead be passive training for upgrades. I'd say core functionality is the ability to Fight / Harvest / Craft and currently some of the important bits in Harvest / Craft are tucked away in training. In my example above of a passive training wishlist. Core functionality was "I can use X race, Y class and Z1-3 Domains." but then you can add more to that core functionality by layering more onto the existing stuff. +Promotion domain, +1-2 more domain choices, +more passive unlocked race / class abilities
  20. The passive trees are dead boring and generic as can be.... so what I'd like to see with the passive trees is as follows. Racial Trees- Stat bonuses while on that race body Racial passive or ability upgrades. EX Human goes from +1 hotbar slot to +2 hotbar slots Extra Active racial abilities unlockable. EX: Human gains [Rallying Cry] group gains 5% damage and power efficiency for 10s Class Trees- Stat bonuses on that class Extra domain unlocks per promotion. "If you chose Paladin, you will automatically gain X domain" 4th / 5th unlo
  21. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like the mechanics of Crowfalls character building, Race + Class + Talents+ Promotion + Disciplines + Stats. It's a good start but needs to be opened up far more than currently. Every Promotion should have at least 4-5 domains to chose from, not just 3. Go all out. I like the random world generation and decaying worlds in theory, though they currently lack variety and all look the same. More terrain types, more clustering mechanics in the random world gen (like forest tile clusters or mountain clusters) to create uniqu
  22. I too would like to LMB click and generate AoE Traps at 60m that stun, bleed and debuff healing. That seems great for small scale. I am trolling somewhat if that weren't obvious.
  23. "yeah they are ruining sieges, but the trick is to not stand on their AoE which can spawn on you at any hit. Don't bother trying to tank it. Just run away!" 😂
  24. Vitality- +450 Health is not enough to take a node for. Increase the health granted by 2x-3x or give Stamina / Energy as well. Hardiness- +100 Resist and 15 Health Regen is not worth taking a node for. Increase resist all to +300 or so and give something other than health regen. Resolve VS Endurance VS Spite Resolve- Once every 90s, when you are at 20% and almost about to die. You will heal. 1200 HP, + stam and energy Endurance- Every time you stun or knockdown someone you will heal 750 health. Spite- Every time you are hit by Stun / Knockdo
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