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  1. Permadeath is something that i hope for. While yes i know its not the favorite opinion on the main stream. its something that i think could really be great built into an mmorpg. Games need consequences, and quite frankly losing some monetary value or losing some piece of equipment doesnt cut it for me. you can always get that stuff back. but at the same time i think if your a solo player you should be able to obtain a power or armour or anything really that can give you n advantag over a group so you have a chance.
  2. I sincerly hope this is not a knockoff SB or any other game. I hope this is a game that isnt like any other and that everyone starts off a newb no matter how long you've played MMO's. I mean obviously elements of the game will remind you of other games, but if the whole game makes you think hey this is just like (enter game title here), then this game will be a failure.
  3. I would love to see a 1 char x account game.
  4. i really hope there is no cash shop. To me that is the equivalant of cheating and at the same time means you will never beat the game unless you spend hundreds of dollars. You should have to pay for the game one time and thats it. Id be okay with a subscription based game also if that means they will be doing events. But if its a subscription based game dont make us pay for the game initionally.
  5. i would love to see full loot, even if it is a gear bassed MMO. Can you imagine some player with this awesome gear set, going after a weaker player and then losing? To me that would be great. It would create a challenge in a game that i have never encountered before.
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