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  1. Balance does sound interesting. It sounds like it at least keeps the Order or Chaos from completely obliterating their enemy. I'm tempted to be one just so I can somewhat be on both sides and backstab the ones that has more loot and resources. Kinda evil like that.
  2. I'll take 3 duelists and be on my marry way. Who can say no to gerbils?
  3. The last sentence reminds me of random battleground AV in WoW. If you played it, you'll understand what true face palming is.
  4. Same concern as you. Though they said that no one will be able to get ahead in certain campaigns (i.e. where you can't bring items), I'm afraid about how powerful people who play it all the time compare to casual players of the game. Or campaigns like the free-for-all will become over run by guild that all decided to join together in the free-for-all campaign.
  5. First post, don't judge. What are you guys most excited about Crowfall? The 'Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds' and Character Physics concepts really tickle my pickle. But I still hesitate donating a lot of money towards Kickstarter. This all sounds great on paper but I'm not so sure if this is going to be wrapped up all nice and neat in the end. Just some gut feeling I guess. What are you all most excited/concerned about?
  6. The fate of Eric future rest in our hands folks. We must not let him down. 100k to go men!
  7. This should be interesting, can't wait to learn even more about the game. Loved how you guys introduced the game little by little, but tomorrow we see the big guns. Let the hype escalate!
  8. I can already see it. Get 10 hamsters to dig under the enemies, set the explosives, then boom. It will be glorious.
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