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  1. The game has made fantastic progress since my previous play session! Some of the basic interactions seem like they could be more fluid. Things like: Abilities, bar swapping, and harvesting have a delay that doesn't feel good while playing. All other players and creatures seem jerky at ~77-83ms. The Menus and Ui are stellar and seem like near finished products. It would be nice to allow movement while the character screen is up. I will be keeping a closer watch on updates I look forward to playing more!
  2. Sorry, forgot to lock the door
  3. Would this follow Sb? An extra source of food?
  4. The current concept art looks great. Not sure there is much else to say
  5. I think having the option to take it off would work but leave you vulnerable. Drop it or throw it on wagon \ mount?
  6. Riki

    Always Win

    I wouldn't do it without some sort of dynamic setup. Way too much work for me
  7. Riki

    Always Win

    I think the problem would be finding enough time to gather significant resources on both to make it worth your time. If you split your time equally you would only have half of your full potential. Like winning 50% on one account
  8. I'd like to see bolas implemented. I think a moderate slow would be reasonable instead of an outright trip.
  9. These worked perfectly! Thank you
  10. The idea of digging into a mountain has me excited. Seclusion until I am ready to venture out and fight
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