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  1. Unfortunately we all face these situations as we grow older and those of us that have been gaming for a long time probably have lost at least one person we played with over the years. These games allow us to escape the real world, but occasionally reality hits us like a sudden lightning bolt from the sky even in our fantasy worlds. I wish nobody had to face the loss of family and friends. I still remember the days of playing with the Winterblades in Shadowbane oh so long ago and I am very sorry for your loss.
  2. Hello Reign Here is a picture from that HD bane you were talking about.
  3. I played on deception from day one to the day it was shut down and we transferred to the Vengeance server. I was GM of the KoA Nation, which is the main city of Acheron on your map (and later became just KoA) I loved that server and both the allies and enemies we had on it. Much better than the garbage we dealt with on the Vengeance server afterwards. We were pretty much the largest nation left on the server when Deception was shut down. I guess that was as close as anyone could get to "winning" the game in an MMO, lol. I added a couple of pictures. The first is from the beginning on Deception right after we placed our first city. This was around day two or three from when the server opened up. The second picture is months later right before the deception server was shut down.
  4. Originally I pIayed Diablo when that came out, but I mostly played Ultima Online on the Lake Superior server for years. Shadowbane was the first MMO to get my attention and pull me away from UO and I never really went back.
  5. Im still here and nowhere near as melted down as some people seemed to think I was. I just really disliked EB and cant stand groups that play the way they did. Amusingly though I disliked KGB more because at least EB never pretended to be anything other than what they were, while KGB played at being everyones buddy, and it took EB and KGB basically allying on some level to take us out. Part of the downfall of Shadowbane was due to groups like EB as far as Im concerned. I remember EB openly admitting they played to literally ruin the game for everyone else and cause as much misery as possible. That doesnt keep people playing and more and more people just walk away till eventually there is no game left to play. By default the KoA Nation ended up being the "good" guys, not because we really wanted to be, but because many of us wanted to fight against the things that we thought were adding to the slow death of the game (along with the bugs and other weird stuff) I cant be too melted down by what happened years ago. At the time it was stressful, but we pretty much won the first server we were on, Deception, and didnt come too far from doing the same on the second server, Vengeance. EB did a good job of outsmarting us in the end and they won.
  6. I also received the email yesterday and I am a Amber backer like just about everyone else responding here so far. Once you receive the email the process is very simple and takes literally two minutes to complete. The part Im not sure about is that my account shows Beta Group 4 Access once I entered the code, but Amber patrons should be Alpha 2 Access since we receive everything from lower tiers in addition to Amber and Gold backers are Alpha 2. Im unsure if this is an error or not since Beta Group 4 could be alpha testers for all I know.
  7. If you get some more free time I would love to read more about the background of Shadowbane. Its very interesting.
  8. This is a interesting topic that Ive thought about in the past and for me there are a couple of reasons that stand out as to why Shadowbane eventually failed. 1. It was ahead of its time. The idea behind Shadowbane was awesome, but the pieces never seemed to completely fit together. It was like they made a game that the technology of the day wasnt ready for. The rampant bugs/exploits, things they just couldnt seem to fix, and lag from hell when hundreds of people were fighting together did not help the game in the long run. I remember playing back when it came out imagining what the game would be like if it came out 10 or 15 years in the future. 2. Griefing. Now obviously I know the theme behind Shadowbane was Play 2 Crush and it was a hardcore pvp game, but one thing that almost all MMO's with real pvp seem to struggle with is the extreme griefer element. Im ok with pvp, pk's, and all of that fun stuff, but some guilds took that to a unhealthy level. We fought against groups that literally would say they played the game just to make you quit the game and they did everything they could to make your life in game as miserable as possible, while also using every exploit in the game to do it. This just isnt healthy for a company that exists to make money, even if the game is a niche title not looking to be the next World of Warcraft. Over time players dont want to deal with this and they walk away from the game. Even in traditional MMO's that are not hardcore the same issues pop up. Over time people move to other servers or walk away from the game when the environment becomes too toxic. When I played Shadowbane our nation was the "good" guys, not because we really wanted to be good guys, but more because we wanted to play in a way that made the game remain fun, it kept players in the game, and possibly brought in new players too. This put us in direct conflict with the worst "griefers" at the time because we just didnt agree with that playstyle being good for the long term future of the game. The newer next gen games really never were a part of why I eventually left the game, and I honestly dont remember almost anyone in the nation really saying that was why they left, but I do remember a lot of people discussing things related to my two points above. Shadowbane was both my best and worst MMO experience. I will always have fond memories of that time and am really intrigued by the possiblities for Crowfall (or Crowbane).
  9. You just had to bring up the part about being old...
  10. I laughed my ass off when I saw this. How many of you are still around from the old days?
  11. Funny you should mention KGB. We had a odd relationship with them.They did a good job of playing all sides and pretending to be friendly with us for a long while and our interactions with their nation made us start to wonder what the heck was even going on with them since things they did sometimes just didnt make any sense. They were still a good aligned nation so we tried to make the best of our relationship with them. At the time EB was slowly taking out everyone with KoA and KGB being the two biggest nations to stand in the way. Eventually one day KGB bitched out and secretly sided with EB behind our backs and everything went downhill from there. We never really saw that coming since EB was literally about as evil as you could get in a game and groups like KGB and KoA were actively fighting against that so even though we thought KGB was a little shady we never thought they would literally ally with the biggest griefer guild on the server against us. I used to give EB crap for their playstyle because I always believed it slowly chased people out of the game and was one factor in the downfall of Shadowbane, but I have more respect for them than I ever will a two faced guild like KGB.
  12. None of us really know for sure what this new game is, but when it was first announced they used Play 2 Crush which is how Shadowbane was described when it came out too. I just dont believe that is a coincidence.
  13. I brought my nations shield out of retirement with all these old Shadowbane players on the forums. The things that could be done with todays technology and a game like Shadowbane excite me. A big shout out to any old players from the Deception or Vengeance servers!
  14. I can put my differences aside as long as you were not a member of the Evil Bastages on the Vengeance server years ago. Members of EB need to burn. I pulled my nations shield out of retirement just for this! Actually Im hoping the technology out there now will give us the kind of game Shadowbane should have been long ago. SB was a really good game, but it was ahead of its time and didnt quite work as well as we all wish it did. I would love to play with all the old guilds again in a new SB type game, even my former enemies....*sigh* Galahad Former Guildmaster KoA Nation Deception Server Vengeance Server
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